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  1. I have a strange problem in outlook 2003. Whenever I delete emails they don't show up in the deleted items folder. They appear to get deleted immediately. Is there any option to make them first appear in the deleted items folder?
  2. I'm doing a mail merge from excel to word.I am able to get all the information needed from excel to word without a problem.In excel, I have a formula that gives me a number of years with decimal points, so I round it off to 2 decimal points, which is what I want.Now the problem is when I link it back to word for the mail merge it gives me like 10 decimal points. I only want 2.Can anybody help me out with this?
  3. deepod

    Retrieve 1

    Hi, I am tring to get one single cell from a database. The primary key is username. I want to store the single cell in a variable called $charity. The code below seems to work. However, this outputs to the screen the answer. I want to store the answer in a variable. $query="SELECT charity FROM `users` WHERE username='$username'";$result=mysql_query($query);$row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result);echo $row['charity']; Notice from rvalkass: Code needs to go into CODE tags. List of BBCodes.
  4. deepod

    Db Transfer

    Hi, i need to know how to transfer a MySQL database from one domain to another ... i understand that i can use phpmyadmin to do this using the export and import functionshowever, when i tried to import the datafile generated by the export function, i got an error saying that i do not have permission to access the databasedo i need to create an empty database + admin user before i can use the import function at the new domain? or am i missing something else i need to do?
  5. that really helps Dre - it sounds like you know what you are talking about:rolleyes:
  6. Hi ,D-Link DIR 655 router has a USB port. Is that port for printer or the external hard drive? Thank you very much for any help.
  7. Hi,I have a wireless broadband connection that is being distributed around my house using a belkin adsl wireless router. I connect to the internet through 2 machines. One is a laptop with a wireless card running XP and the other is a PC running Vista and connecting with the Belkin Usb stick provided. I have no problems connecting but the internet is slow slow. I am on an up to 8mb package with virgin, but i have done several speed tests and im not even reaching a megabyte. Also on my laptop every so often the connection speed drops heavily, the internet hangs and then seems to pick up again and carry on. I have tried re-setting the router and speed still badAny suggestions ? Notice from BuffaloHELP: This is the last time a short topic title will be managed by a moderator. Please make your topic title as descriptive as possible.
  8. deepod

    If Statement

    Hi,What is the formula for an IF statement to hilight any value or text, if that value appears more than one time in any given column? Using conditional format in excel:rolleyes:
  9. Hi..How do I make a cell change colour if it is edited? As far as I tried conditional formatting does not work in this case:rolleyes:
  10. I recently bought Command & Conquer: The first decade (the multi pack) and began downloading it but in the middle it stopped and came up with this message:CRC error: The file C:\Program Files\EA Games\Command & Conquer Red Alert II\RA2\ra2.mix doesnt match the file in the setups .cab file. The medium from which you are running the setup may be corrupted; contact your software vendor.What should i do?I have Microsoft Windows XP professional and vista:rolleyes:
  11. Yes, I have checked the cables and everything seems to be ok
  12. HiI think I have a spyware infection. The symptoms are as follows:"Windows Antivirus" message screen keeps on popping up from an icon on the task bar announcing that windows has detected spyware and suggesting downloading of antispyware. Occasionally another "Windows security Alert" window also pops up warning that the system is making copies of system files, etc. I am also unable to access control panel.Can somebody help ?
  13. Hi,I own an acer aspire 5570 laptop with vista home premium on it. It was a display model so i didn't get any cds.I have recently tried to install WindowsXp on a partition, which I did because my internet router wasn't support by Vista, anyway i installed xp but then find a few devices xp couldnt run(i tried to find drivers on the Vista parition but couldnt) so I then formatted that partition to remove XP.. but now the computer wont boot up into vista. Won't boot up into anything.I know i could do a system repair using a vista disk, but i dont have one . I have a friend who has a copy but dont know when ill get a hold of himI've tried to find a vista boot disk, but cant, tried to find a repair disk from Acer for my model, but no luck.can anyone help me?
  14. HI,, I am about to attempt my first database project. I want to create a small community that is similar to a myspace application but there will not be more them maybe a hundred friends in it. I am trying to figure this out. I would need to create a database for this. A few questions.1. there will be a login becuase it will be members only, is this a completely seperate database or should the database be one whole unit.2. there will be a place for a picture, a few songs, a couple links to different websites that they like, maybe a short video, ....this should all be in the same databse i assume.3. I am using godaddy for my hosting, do i create the database then use php to put things in and take things out or should i use php all together to create the tables as i go, which brings me to my final question.4. if say i set this up with 100 slots, and then a 101st person joins, how do i work this in.I know its a lot but i have been using this forum for years and have always gotten the help i needed and also learned a great deal.
  15. I have a RCA RTD207 home theatre system. Everything works fine, except to hear the voices in the movies we have to turn it up pretty loud. All of the background effects are really loud then. Any know a reason or way to fix this? Can't really afford to get a new theatre system right now:rolleyes:
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