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Computinghost Not Allowing Payment From Nigeria. Why and what did we commit to deserve this ill treatment?

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I tried hosting my client's website on Xisto - Web Hosting. Everything was going fine until I reached the checkout page. One look at the accepted countries drop down list and my enthusiasm was crushed. NIGERIA is not in the list ... I searched for a few African countries and couldnt find them there either. Why is this so? Does it mean that I can never be able to host my websites on Xisto - Web Hosting or Xisto - Domains?

I would like a prompt reply on this issue so I can decide whether to search for another web host to use. My client is on my neck to get her website hosted and I was hoping to partner with Xisto - Web Hosting to get this done. I still have some lingering websites to host and if this one goes well, i will have to stick with Xisto - Web Hosting for all my web hosting needs.

I have had my website hosted freely by Xisto in the past and I really commend on the reliability and speed/performance of their servers...which is why I am paying now.

Please help me ...... ASAP.

Thank in advance for your anticipated help and support.

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Is it just Xisto - Web Hosting ? or many other sites/services online banned nigeria ?I see paypal, clickbank, dreamhost, justhost, and list goes on...sites banned nigeria and some african countries. Reason is because of the fraud activity going online from these countries. 4 in 10 email spams are from nigerian servers, so i think it's clear why most of the online services ban nigeria.Let's come back to topic and see what can be done for this. First about your registration as there is no nigeria mentioned. You can personally contact admin and assure not to abuse service then he might let you in. And second about payment processing you can try other payment processor if possible. Can you open google checkout account with your credit card ? if so, let xisto//Xisto - Web Hosting know about this and they might use your payment from google checkout to their account. Also see if 2checkout works for you. I'm not official xisto employee so wait till you get reply from opaque or other support team members.

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