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    Soccer, skiing (twin tip), web designing, clothes, friends, family and pets. =) But I am not really good at anything, besides handball and soccer. Love it!
  1. That is so cute. Just one thing, even though I do know that "Blue Bear" is supposed to be written like that - I always write it like "Bluebear." See? Skills ha! Well Twilight is awesome so you can not blame me for wanting something like that, but still thanks a lot for that "uber cute" signature.
  2. Hello, fadillzzz and welcome to Xisto. As most users are here for the hosting I am assuming that you are one of those? If so, the first thing you should do is to register at Xisto using the same email as when you signed up here at Trap. As you probably know your posts earn you something named myCENTs, and when you have earned a hundred of those they will be transferred to your account at Xisto - where you can use them to purchase hosting as well as other services. The amount of myCENTs you earn per post depends on the quality, so you should try to avoid lots of one-liners or spam. It would be great if you told us a little bit more about yourself. I always like to know the basics of our members, like what their hobbies are and what country they live in. It would be nice, but it is your choice. Anyway it is great to meet you, welcome to the forum - and enjoy your stay! Make sure to read this. That is the first place you should look when you have any questions - or you can search the forums or ask some of our members. I talk too much. Enjoy the forum.
  3. I have an Acer laptop myself, and I do have the same problem from time to time. If I close the lid (?) after turning it on and using it for a while, and then return later to use it again; the lights are there but the screen is black.
  4. They have sugar in their hamburgers and even in their salads. That is enough information for me. No thank you. There are some times that I eat a McFlurry or something like that - but there has been ages since I ate a hamburger, fries og Chicken McNuggets. McDonalds is quite cheap, but there are other places here where I can buy food that tastes better. A lot more expensive, but I will rather pay a lot money for something that is awesome than pay a small amount of money for... McDonald's food.
  5. Super late response, but I know about Slovakia. We had to learn the biggest cities, mountains, rivers and so on at school. Can not really remember anything at all though.
  6. Hi, what's up with "A.S.M.A"? :lol:

  7. Wow, lots of replies. Anyway I downloaded a trial of some Pinnacle software - it beats the Windows Movie Maker (everyone else in my class use that one) so I am happy with it. I only need it for a short period of time so it does not matter that it is just a trial. I also found a audio software that I can use to remove background noise. (Audacity) It works just fine, happy with it.
  8. I have some videos that I need for school, it is a project... and the sound is not so good. The quality is great, but there are some sounds of a fridge or something similar in the background. It is highly annoying. I would like to know if anyone know of a free software where you can remove some of the background noise? And the only video editing software I have is WindowsMovieMaker. The problem with that is that it only has one area/line/place where you can add the sound. I need at least two; one for speech and one for some background music. All my trials have expired, bad time for that to happen but that is the case. Anyone that has some suggestions?
  9. Congrats Mich! I have been here for a little more than a year now - I think I joined 30. December 2007. It seems so weird, does not seem like I have been a member here "that long." Oh well, if no one makes me mad and continue MOCKING ME (Hint hint) then I will probably stay here a lot longer. Hope to see you too, Mich.
  10. That show is so much fun, not very special - but I still like it. I have been to London probably... a million times, I have taken the tube a thousand times and I have never seen any ghosts/spirits there. Hmmm... I do believe in something that we are not able to explain or see, but I do not really know how to name it. Ghosts would be a close thing. It kind of scares me to think that I may be trapped on this earth after I pass away. Do not even get me started, I am still young.?
  11. You boys are full of rubish. If every single girl on this planet suddenly stopped wearing make-up, then you would hate it. Make-up is used to improve your looks, not change them! But come on, there is a reason why everyone wears it. They want to cover up things they are not satisfied with - or improve other parts. I think it is funny when everyone says "Girls should not wear it at all, they should look natural - that would be nice." WELL some of us look like something rotten that is found on the botton of the ocean without it. Yes, some overdo it and would look better if they toned it down - but most of us is nothing like the "natural beauty" without it. Even in movies when the players are supposed to look like they are not wearing make-up, they wear lots of it - and would not look all gorgeous if they were completely natural. My rant.
  12. Well I doubt is hard to create a multi-coloured cake. I thought I would give it a shot, but if so I would not use this recipe. Honestly I think some of the ingredients can not be found here. What a shame. Thought I would just bake a normal cake and just colour it in sections.
  13. I already kind of greeted you in the shoutbox, but once again welcome, alberto. I already told you to sign up at Xisto, not sure if you did it - but I hope so. Make sure to read the read me / help topic. Try to write good, quality posts - avoid spam and one-liners. One-liners are considered as spam. Though some of them are okay, just try to keep the number low. If you have any questions you can ask in the shoutbox, create a new topic or take a look in the read me / help topic. I do not know what else to mention, I am sure I have forgotten something. I do not really know why. Good luck at the forum, and enjoy your stay! PS. I wrote this before anyone else, but I type so slow so I came third.
  14. Welcome, shaykins I acted like you when I were a new member - I did not really know what to do or where to go. The shoutbox is always a nice place for some quick help, but if it is more complicated you could try the help topic or create a topic of your own. (You should read the help topic right away!) If you use some times you will figure out where you can find categories and topics that suits you the most. I believe I have not even visited all of them, wops. Try to avoid spam and one-liners, a couple are okay, but try to make them a minimum. Good luck and hopefully we will all see you around.
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