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  1. Do the ipconfig /allor if you are old skool.... winipconfigyou ip address is on Status of you network connection, click the 'Properties' button and do the same for the 'Internet Protocol Version 4'. You can adjust you IP addresses here.
  2. Just get the required video card for the board. Do a google search for your board that other people have customized. Make not of the video cards they use. Maybe you can get some ideas. Especially some insight on the PCI-Express, the motheboard implementation, and the power requirements.I use a program called Everest Ultimate Edition which was formally AIDA32, and now is renamed to aida64 extreme. This software has helped me identify my motherboards and components for quite a few years.This is especially true when I have to narrow down similar graphic cards and performance capabilities. :PLevimage
  3. Hi.Me personally I've done work for companies and non profits which usually use Norton, McAfee, Trend Micro. I've also seen some oem's use limited or lite trial versions of from the respective vendors. Me personally, since I do computer consulting and troubleshooting, I usually use what the OEM vendors has installed on the workstation or laptop till the evaluation subscription runs out.In the mean time I take note of how the program runs. Is there a performance hit, is there unnecessary scanning when I'm trying to accomplish anything, does the software background scanning/cache engine competing with me? I also let the program do it's updates and occasionaly I run some myself. I HATE THE NORTON PRODUCTS OR ANY OTHER SOFTWARE OTHER THAN THE OPERATING SYSTEM REQUIRING A REBOOT. I check to see how much of a typical download size takes, etc. and what permission are required for the software to install it.Looking at the customization options and features are a big plus for me. The more control I have, the more happy I am. I use to like the ablility to create recover disk/cd's, but that feature is always almost removed from modern packages. I HATE THE SUITES WITH ONLINE BACKUP THAT CANT BE CUSTOMIZED OR DISABLED.Once the trial period is over, I notice Norton and McAfee although still running and providing limited protection till that last update, is nearly disabled. All options, reports, histories, and manual update/scans are not selectable. (You can still initiate scanning by right clicking a SINGLE drive letter to scan).What's left is just a software suite with is not operating at it's intended capacity. Strange though 3rd party programs report the software still does program updates but not the virus definitions. The software is more annoying now, it always connects online even more that when it was activated, and keeps pushing out ads with the first option selected to redirect you the website or be reminded later.ONE MORE THING I HATE IS WHEN YOU TRAIL AV SOFTWARE SUITE TRIES TO IMPLMENT A FIREWALL OR NETWORK DETECTION/HANDLING, AND YOU HAVE YOUR OPTIONS DISABLED. TALK ABOUT BAD PLANNING FROM VENDOR. I ALWAYS HIT UP HOTSPOTS AND WIFI'S IF I CAN GET A SIGNAL.Then all the pros and cons are added up, and you get your 1st virus or un removal spyware infection my typical means, or you are tired of all the hoop la. Just uninstall it and try AVG Free Edition, or AVIRA, or which ever package is FREE and possible has the best support for 32 and 64 bit modes, Windows Vista/7 optimizations, and support for multi-processor or Mult-cores.Be weary though one of the FREE AV suites (not going to mention which one) had a problem after a reboot which rendered your Windows 7 64bit operating system disabled, till the patch came out. I'm not sure if it was a Live recovery CD or the actual av suite, cause I'm still on my trial.I haven't posted in a long time and well that's what I have to say about the topic. :PLevimage
  4. I've seen some old school hard drives that were the size of 1 foot square with many platters. It looked like an old phonograph with mirror like disks.
  5. Yeah, I'm wondering if the older browsers, although let compatible with newer technologies could they be faster than never browsers with online protection running in the background. If so, then the bottleneck is programing. A thing to query is the browser and software (anti-virus suites) If they make use of multiprocessing and processor/ram resource sharing or implement some sort of caching to offset speed/responsiveness issues.
  6. If given the opportunity I'd update the bios any day. If doing it for a client, you have to explain the risks associated with the procedures. I think the PROs out way the CONs.Usually if it is a BIOS release, then it is something the original equipment manufacture would like to rectify but couldn't before the product left the factory, due to product to market time, through finding out by testing/consumer feedback, better implementation of hardware discovered or for future compatiblity with newer technology or standards.There was one time I had to jump a BIOS. I was glad it was not for any of my clients but was for my ABit Fatal1ty board. So I have two of those boards now. That was the last time I did a rush bios job without carefully reading all the requirements 1st.There are also some 3rd party bios companies out there that can flash your bios chip or you can buy a preflashed bios chip. I never had to use there services, but I guess that may very from country to country.Well that's it for now, unless someone would like to add to the subject.levimage
  7. If you do get errors make sure you know which RAM sticks have the errors. If you do the test with four (4) or two (2) sticks of ram in your PC/laptop make note of it. Then take a out a pair if you have four (4) and test again; or, if you just have one, take out one and run the memory test again. I know this may take time (time consuming) but you are trying to identify which memory stick is out of commission. Which is giving errors. Also if you need to RMA the stick. A photo or LPT print out of the screen might also help expedite the return/replacement. Hard disks also have a temperature, a failure rate, and a life span called Mean Time Between Failiure (MTBF). So this should also be taken into consideration when you are using a drive which has been out for sometime. Usually I notice the number one problems from hard disks are incomplete shutdowns or power failure as a result of bad power supplies, laptop battery going dead or power outtage. Also some troubleshooting utilities also do not turn off the hard drive properly when you have to force a shutdown with the hard drive light still spinning. What I hate is that hard drive light blinking as a result of antivirus searches, caching programs, and anything that requires excessive use of the hard drive, especially when I want to make my laptop sleep or shutdown, cause you are usually interrupting a process. Dont forget your thermal paste. Looks like it can get quite expensive in your step (4) and Step (5).
  8. Just give us the Make and Model of your laptop. Based of that i(we) can get a general idea what problems you might be having. People here have a considerable experience when it comes to identifying and resolving issues. If you give us some feedback we can give some ideas and suggestions as to where to start. This might also help you save time and money... and even another format and reinstall.To date I have taken apart about 10 laptops. Most of them were old and obsolete, so i got a chance to work on them without worrying about breaking any components - which are usually plastic or from rolled thin aluminum like metals. I have fixed maybe 2-3 laptops.I will say this. There comes a time when the price to replace something like an lcd screen along with upgrading the memory, hard drive, and reinstalling an OS or upgrade is not really worth the cost of fixing the laptop. I just have to inform clients to take it as a loss. Or even buying a more recent used laptop with no problems as an alternative to acquiring a new laptop.Hope this helps.Levimage
  9. considering your from the philippines you could start out by posting some of your interests, what kind of web site you would like to make if you're gonna make one. And something I'd be interested in would be some pictures yourself and where you are from. That would be cool and unique in itself.Levimage
  10. On the processors, I think if you are gaming, try to get a Dual Core processor with the most amount of GigaHertz (GHz) you can find with the largest amount of cache you can find 4MB, 6MB, 8MB. Quad, & Oct core processors are not really gonna make a difference when it comes to gaming. It may have to do with the coding of programmers, their knowledge of 32/64 code operating systems, the limitations of the game platform, and the level of DirectX and specific hardware call features supported by the setup.Memory is beast itself. Typically more is better, for DDR to function I belive the ram has to be installed in pairs to get computing and processing benefits of double bandwidth. Just upping the memory from a setup with one (1) stick of ram to a setup with two (2) identical pairs does make a difference. If you are maxing out the ram on your setup, look to you manual and OEM whitepapers in addition to other peoples experience online. Online calculators are great for finding something that will physically fit in your motherboard but do not count for such subtitlies as as voltage range, latency, and performance profiles which are limited by your motherboards chipsets.Rather than follow all the forums religiously dedicated to customizing / optimizing/ overclocking ilk, I do my own research. It may not be the best source put at least it avoids all the ilk, the propaganda, the marketing, the obsolesce store inventories, and the crediblity gap that you find when you're doing a product return for taking in the advice of 'Best Buy/Geek Squad' kid who swears by his family or close friend, or in an unfortunate event RMA a product from 'Fry's Electronic'. I go to wikipedia. I lookup many topics, 'memory standards, processor architectures (intel, and amd flavors), memory board buses, graphic processors (ati and amd flavors), and other standards like memory cards, and interface technolgies.
  11. Is there anything out there that can make an SDHC or microSDHC in a memory to usb adapter bootable? I was curious. I can then always have spare device at my disposal and always on hand like, in my cell phone in case of emergency. Also on the subject as their been any effort to make a USB bootdisk with the possiblility of password encryption in the boot process or on the opening of files. So there would be no need of company data or personal data becoming public. So in the event something comes lost there is no need to worry about intellectual property getting in the wrong hands.
  12. I tried installing to give it a shot. Nope doesn't work for my setup. Then again it could be my laptop is too new. Maybe it will work on 32bit OS with an older browser. After clicking everything possible on the site i could not find a page with the recommended system requirements, even in the forums. I just glanced at the total reads and replys from some of the the buggy/error like topics. I came to the conclusion that this software is still in the works and their community is still growing or using hardware from the Quake era. Rather than wasting time trying to figure out this free game, I just deleted my account. The apparent value in time lost not getting it to run after 6 plugin installs/uninstalls/repairs, closing and opening the browser, logins to website, and clicking numerous EULAs. Complete waste. I probably would have been better off digging in my archive of retro cd cases for the game, and install/run the original in an virtual os. Levimage
  13. That's pretty much it when it comes to new games coming out. To use the lastest Direct X. To make use of ATI and NVIDIA's cards new graphics/processing capabilities. To make use of 64bit processing in gaming. Running video cards with 1GB or more of memory. Multi-processor setups. Not to mention all the new specifications and motherboard capabilites your are locking yourself out of when it comes to still running XP. Sure XP can be had almost anywhere on the Internet, but to have real hardware productivity now days you might want to consider the upgrades. Unless you are some Linux fanatic who just happens to a be a very adept video/hardware programmer in the industry with all the funds and free time to dabble with code, your best bet is to just upgrade. I upgraded. I just fall back on XP when i comes to running old software via M$ Virtual PC - which is a Free download. Levimage
  14. Don't i repeat dont' ever get your lady mad when you have your laptop out, when your laptop on, and especially if it's within her reach. Also othering common sense thing which is probably overlooked, don't use your laptop when you are drunk, drinking, and when you having or at a party. Believe me... I heard some stories.
  15. I'm not sure about running virus software in safemode or not. Sure there are certain troubleshooting situations where you really cannot do a thorough clean in windows and safemode would be an option. Really what you should learn how to do is use recovery cd's/bootable usb images to assist in the removing of computer viruses/annoyances outside of the Windows environment.Also I found out it is best to update your antivirus and other internet security software in a seperate session from running your windows, installed software, and hardware updates. If you try to do multiple things at once without a reboot between different tasks... you may be asking for future trouble. I'm noticing this with Windows 7 and updating of hardware and software when you first connect to the internet.Levimage.
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