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  1. As you may know, I left Xisto last month.I've decided to come back here, not for hosting but for the forum! I'll be posting around again.So hey everyone, you're stuck with me again!
  2. I heard fish...Seriously, we were watching a German disection video in Science a few weeks ago and aparantly we come from fish. That's why we have lungs in front of everything else.
  3. Well, bye, I'm really going to miss you all and this place.I've terminated my hosting and now there's one last thing to do, click the logout button, for the first and last time (lol never logged out before)Bye, I'm going to miss the place!PS, if you happen to want to read anything about me or from me, http://www.itsstephen.com/ should be done in a week or 2.Cyas
  4. Yeah you may like it while you can use it...Messenger plus is packed with spyware, I learned that the hard and expensive way.I wouldn't ever recommend it to anyone.
  5. Then why post?And for god sakes when you're quoting someone KEEP THE QUOTE TAGS AROUND IT
  6. Well, my time has come... Tomorrow I'm leaving Xisto, I'm not going to cancel my hosting just yet, I still need to backup my site.Today I bought hosting, I just can't seem to find anything to write about here anymore.I'd just like to say thanks so much for the great hosting, I'm still going to recommend you for free hosting. I'd like to thank everyone for their help and their support and giving me something to do!Also the admins, you're so helpful, remember that problem I had last year? Not sure if it was my fault but OpaQue fixed it! And way back last June or something when BuffaloHELP accepted my application when I seriously thought it wouldn't be accepted. Vujsa for being nice and making my appreciate Joomla (lol). Never talked to m^e before though.So, goodbye, I'm going to miss the great community! The forum and the people, I've learned alot from here. It's actually really sad to leave. Good luck in the future everyone!After tomorrow I'll be leaving and cancelling my hosting (please don't do it yet for me, my internet is going too slow to download a backup), I'll probably come visit every so often.Don't miss me too much
  7. Why are you trying to get the word warez out so much? UBB is a forum, not just for warez, my school uses it. Zip, it's a compression type which almost everyone uses, I have thousands of them on my computer which happen to not be anything warez related. Winzip, it's used to create zip files, not warez. It's an illegal copy of a commercial program that someone has uploaded and is available for free. Please don't tell me you just go downloading playing with warez 24/7. You mentioned Gozilla. It destroyed my computer a while back... For some reason, I don't trust you, sorry.
  8. Habble, you make a template, or if you don't know how, you use someone elses. Do you actually even know what "joomlola" is and how to use it? If you don't understand it, you're not going to get far with it. I made a site (along with the template) that uses Joomla, http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ except I made it months ago and since I've gotten better with Joomla. I'm not going to help you, I don't have time and before you do anything you need to actually make a template for a site like normal first with XHTML and css.Skekad, Joomla is nothing like dreamweaver. Dreamweaver is just for creating website with a WYSIWYG editor or code, and puting it all together and adding content manually. Joomla is a CMS (content management system) which handles most things for you. You create a template, set it up on a server and write content with the editor. It's quicker than using Dreamweaver.I'm thinking of making a Joomla resource site, my components/modules/plugins, my templates (free and commercial ones) and help/tutorials.
  9. When you are quoting someone, you actually keep the writing in a quote and not make a post before it with the quote in it.In all your posts you don't actually use the quote, you just copy and paste, so you get credits for it.Hacking is stupid if you ask me. People who have no heart just go doing it and have a little laugh, not realising they may be destroying someone inside. Usually it's the like freak nerd nerds that do it, because they think it's cool. 1 thing for them, it's not. It's illegal, it's mean and it's stupid.
  10. I'd like to some day be a web designer, I'm interested in the graphical side of making websites and CSS and XHTML.I myself don't really want to work for a company or own a company, I just want to make websites for small and large businesses for a few grand (you can get that and more, it pays well). I'm not even in college yet though so I still have a few years until I can really start anything and do more with myself besides working at maccas, LOL.Also I'd like to use Joomla where possible, great CMS and I'm quite good with it.Thats all just me though and it sounds like you mean hardware stuff, insides of computers are boring if you ask me, and like I've always said, I'm a software person!
  11. Yep! It's getting cold down here now, winters coming soon!
  12. I used to use this all the time, it was a great program!I mainly used it when I was downloading Linux distros.The only thing I don't like is that it uses almost all of your internet speed whether you have it on high, medium or slow. I didn't like using it because of that.I only used it when I had dial up, since I got broadband about a year ago I don't use it anymore, it's faster and easier just to download things straight through Firefox!
  13. I'm from Tasmania which is that state/island down the bottom of Australia. We were attached once, lmao.
  14. Most distributions of Linux are free and open source, there are some commercial ones which in my opinion are pointless.The pros pretty much are that it is more customizable, free and web things (besides asp and .net and that) are built around Linux.The cons are that it doesn't have any of the better commercial programs for it and you have to find worse equivilents for it. Also it's not widely supported, servers are probably the main use but it's not generally used on home computers because it takes some learning and getting used to.
  15. I asked for this once except it never got replied to. I lived with it, lol.I did tell vujsa once though and he said he didn't see it but he said he would've done it if he saw it so I dunno catch the attention of an admin. He also told me that you can just delete the public_html folder and make a new one, but make a new cgi-bin folder in it.
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