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  1. I bought a Dell Studio 1435 laptop, an year ago. The LCD started flickering after about 4 months of usage. Initially it lasted for a few minutes after being turned on. The effect was localized to the bottom of the screen. Increasing the brightness reduced the flickering. So, I didn't ask for technical support from dell. It was only in October (7 months of usage) that I called up dell. By then the Laptop was completely useless because the flickering had given way to a fluorescent bulb like glow which kept increasing & decreasing. Neither time nor increasing the brightness had any effect on the screen now. The system being in warranty, Dell replaced the LCD without any charge. The service was quite quick too. I started noticing occasional flickering on the same day of the replacement. But, it was very minor, like 1 in a day lasting for a second or so. 3 months down the line, the flickering started again. It was still not permanent as on the previous occasion. But because my warranty was running out, I called up Dell & again they replaced the screen & it's circuitry. After a month of usage, it started flickering again. The flickering, like before, would dissipate with time or increase in the LCD's brightness. A month after that, which is now, the effect seems to be permanent. I did get a 2 year extension on my Limited Warranty so it should be replace again (fingers crossed). But, I don't understand where the real problem lies in. Surely, it can't be the LCD because it has been replaced twice. Dell's engineers are happy to replace the kit. But they didn't say a possible cause as to why this would happen. Could it be the power supply, or using the Laptop on a bed is the cause? I don't quite like the positioning of the heat vents. They are covered up by the LCD's bottom half when the lid is open. Has anybody else had this problem?
  2. I bought an HTC HD2 Smartphone. Its a powerhouse compared to my previous one - the entry level, HTC P3400i. Here's a comparison of the two. It has all the features I was looking for and more. The GPS & 1 GHz Snapdragon processor being the main attraction for me. I had been waiting for it's price to drop for a while now. But it was only when the old set started having problems (like ringtones not playing, etc) that I decided to buy it. It did burn quite a hole in the pocket, being 3 times the price of the P3400i.
  3. It seems like it is such a controller with 4 x 1 TB drives. If RAID is enabled, the total capacity of the drive drops. I would have bought this thing if if had RAID at 4 TB capacity. My company requires a RAID arrangement for our CVS repositories & JIRA server. They were unable to find a RAID controller in the city. I will recommend this to them. Which is the most optimum RAID configuration in terms of reliability, effective disk space & recovery from disk failure?
  4. I saw a 4TB HDD on ebay a few days ago. It was marked as RAID. Don't we need multiple Hard Disks slotted into a RAID controller to actually be called as RAID? Or could it be that this device has multiple 4TB drives inside it (seems kinda unbelievable to me)?
  5. What are the differences (in terms of features corresponding to PHP) between the Windows Hosting & Linux Hosting packages (particularly between WPA & Logic Plan), given that WPA also supports PHP. Will the .htaccess file work if I use WPA's PHP? I noticed, WPA has HSPHERE CONTROL PANEL. Is it inferior to CPanel? I don't use the cronjob feature yet. But, there should be an equivalent feature that allows a certain ASP .NET script to run at a scheduled time, correct? The thing is that, I want to move into ASP .NET hosting. But, in the meantime, I would like to keep my existing website running.
  6. I had to ask Xisto - Support to install SVN. You could request the same. Although, I am unable to get SVN working remotely, either through the http/https protocols or svn/ssh+svn protocols.
  7. I submitted a ticket asking for KSH support to be enabled on my account, just like you said. After the payment, I believe SSH was enabled on my account. SSH & KSH are the same things, correct? Also, I used putty to create the repositories. Following my request, SVN was installed globally on the server. svn+ssh protocol seems to be working when I try it through putty. It is an issue with TortoiseSVN's customized plink which acts as an SSH tunnel.
  8. Subversion has been installed on the server. I am now having trouble in accessing repositories remotely.â¨â¨ Here's what I did:-â¨â¨ Use svnadmin to create a repository. For ex: svnadmin create ~/src/myappâ¨â¨I didn't create it inside the public_html directory because I don't want the files to be accessed from http.â¨â¨ This creates an empty repository, correct? Now, I am trying to commit my files to the repository. To do so, what URL should I use in TortoiseSVN?â¨â¨I tried the following command from shell to check if svn is working.â¨â¨svn list svn+ssh://maxotek.net/home/myusername/src/myappâ¨â¨I entered the password when asked. This gave me a warning: stdin: is not a tty.â¨â¨When I try to browse the repository by using TortoiseSVN using the url: svn+ssh://maxotek.net/home/myusername/src/myapp. It asks for the password and then shows an error message: Network connection closed unexpectedly. For this, I followed the instructions and enabled the ssh tunneling option for TortoiseSVN.â¨â¨I also tried the http protocol. When, I use the URL: example.com/home/myusername/src/myapp, it shows the error OPTIONS of ' example.com/home/myusername/src/myapp/ 200 OK. I suppose, this is because the repository is not located inside the public_html directory.â¨â¨So, I created another repository using: svnadmin create ~/public_html/src/myapp. Again tested that the repository exists with the following URLs:-â¨â¨â¨ snv list svn+ssh://maxotek.net/home/myusername/public_html/src/myapp⨠snv list svn+ssh://maxotek.net/public_html/src/myapp⨠snv list svn+ssh://maxotek.net/src/myapp The first URL one worked with the same warning: stdin: is not a tty. The rest showed an error No Repository found in ...â¨â¨I now try to access the repository using: example.com/src/myapp/. TortoiseSVN shows an error, Repository moved permanently to maxotek.net/src/myapp/; Please relocate.â¨â¨What am I doing wrong? How do I access my repository from TortoiseSVN?
  9. I came across an article that describes how to setup subversion on a shared web host. Can you please go through the steps and let me know if this can be done successfully at Xisto? If so, I would like to add SSH to my hosting plan. How do I do that? I can't find a way to do this via Xisto - Support.com.
  10. Thanks for the response, guys. I have a script to manage uploads/downloads of my own. But, I need to be able to commit, rollback, etc, the files from inside visual studio or any IDE that supports SVN. Visual SVN plugin integrates the client end of Subversion into Visual Studio. They provide a windows only server side implementation. I tried OpenSVN which fulfills my needs, but is too slow (when uploading files) to use. Then there is Google's implementation of SVN and SourceForge. Both of which require that my projects be open source. So, they are out of the question too.
  11. I have some Visual Studio Projects on which I work from home & office. As of now, I transfer the files in between the two using a pen drive. What I want is an online system where I can upload the changed files after I have worked on them and download them back on the other end. Another thing I need is the ability to store previous versions of the file. In short, Xisto is to act as the server which stores the most recent copies of files for synchronization and version control management. Subversion (SVN) seems to be the best option for this. But, I am at a loss on how to get it's server end working at Xisto. Edit: By Upload & Download I mean to be able to commit, rollback, update, etc - just like you have in CVS or other such tools.
  12. Can I use Xisto as a repository for my project files? And if so, how do I do that? A beginner's guide to the process would be helpful as I am not that familiar with linux commands (I heard it requires Shell access).
  13. I have an XFX 8600 GT graphics card and Dell Studio 1415 Laptop which supports HDMI. What cable do I need to use to direct the output of my desktop to the laptop so that I can record gameplay videos without sacrificing game performance? Also, I am not sure if my graphics card supports HD output. How do I determine it?
  14. Once again, I am looking at you guys for advice. The last time I did was when I joined this forum. Having recently completed my graduation, I'm on the lookout for a job. I did get a PHP developer job but didn't join the company because it was extremely small and the workplace was a person's house. Also, the pay was extremely less, Rs. 3,500 (~70 USD) per month. 3,500 here in Kolkata is a lot more than what it is in Mumbai, Bangalore, etc. But still, it was very less. I had a tiff with the people at the placement division because of this. I stated that the company was not fit enough to be called one; courtesy of the poor infrastructure. They didn't like my comments and told me to look for a job on my own. So, I have been trying through various job portals (Monster, TimesJobs, etc). All I have got until now were scams asking for money from myself. I was banking on an interview from my friend's company which is based in mumbai. But, the interview is still largely at bay. The thing is they only hire B-Techs and I am not one of them. What I have, is a lot of experience (extra-curricularly - 3+ yrs) in developing .NET based applications on my website maxotek.net. I also learned Web development using (PHP, JavaScript, CSS - 2+yrs) while trying to setup this portal for my softwares. Its my firm belief that I deserve a better job, even during the time of recession. By better, I mean, the company should have a good system in place where I would be able to learn and not just work like a mule. Salary is not that important and I am ready to work for less pay, but in a good company. My earnings from maxotek will help me out on this one. Despite the fight with the placement division, they are still trying to get me interviews in a good company. I am quite thankful to them for their gesture. Just a few days back, I was asked about my Core Java skills; to which I stated having learned it as part of our curriculum but having no real experience with projects. So, I wasn't sent for this interview. Before this though, I was asked if I was interested for a VB .NET developer job (pay 6K - 8K INR). I had said yes and was told that I would be called for the interview. Its been over 10 days now and that interview is no where to be seen. Another option I have is that of setting up my own company. In fact, it is my ultimate goal. But, before I do that it would be better to learn how the corporate world works. Then there is the uncertainty about the availability of projects. A client of mine (from maxotek) says he will be able to provide projects of around 10K - 20K USD (with a little share in it for him). Its very lucrative but risky too. Once a network of satisfied users is set up, I believe there is a guarantee of sustenance. But, is it worth the risk, until then? What do you guys think?
  15. I'm having the same problem despite having 30+ earnings. I think mine was because of inactivity, as I hadn't posted in a while. It could also be because we haven't purchased a hosting package yet. I was waiting to complete the new version of my website which is being built from scratch. The current site has a lot of cluttering in terms of databases used and with the new hosting packages having restrictions on the number of databases you can use, I wanted to start afresh with the new website. It seems the old Credits system has finally been dumped and as such, people who didn't order a hosting package have gotten suspended. I'll just order one now.
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