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  1. You cannot forget closing the laptop lid (and forgetting that it now doesn't sleep when you close the lid) and letting it overheat and cook while in a bag. Not a personal experience, just a story from a friend.
  2. My favourite would be Kapersky especially for the fact that it uses very minimal memory when running. That said, I am currently running Comodo and have absolutely no problems whatsoever with it and its free which is a bonus.
  3. Also be sure your running a compatible version of windows. I found out the hard way that you cannot remotely connect to a windows XP HOME PC but you can connect from a home version. I.E. You can only connect to Professional versions. I am not sure how this works with Vista, but my money is one it only working with Business/Ultimate.
  4. I prefer Gmail too! I like the simplistic layout of their website, plus i can access my emails from everywhere (with POP and IMAP)!
  5. Hi,I am just starting to play around with Postgres SQL and have stumbled apon a problem.I have a table that has quantity's from 'orders'. I can run the following query; SELECT prodID, description, SUM(quantity) FROM orderItem NATURAL JOIN product GROUP BY prodID, description ORDER BY SUM(quantity) DESC LIMIT 1 ; which gives the the 'top selling' product and displays only the top selling product. What I would like to work out is if there is two 'top selling' products, how can i display only the two products (or more products if they are all equal first)Thanks
  6. also, make sure you have your firewall configured to allow access to your computer on port 80.The easiest way to find your IP address is to open Command Prompt (i.e. Start > Run > cmd > Enter) and type in 'ipconfig' (without quotes) and hit enter. This will display your current IP address. You should then be able to enter that into any other computer on your network, if that wont load your page, try the port forwarding for your router/modem as pyost suggested.If that fails to help, check you have basic communication by pinging the server. If this doesn't work - you have a basic communication problem which you have to solve first!Good Luck!
  7. If you look at the posts I have made in the last week or so, none of them have been deleted. Very strange
  8. My posts weren't deleted (that was the first thing I checked). I am just wondering why all my credits went down.
  9. I have just recently changed over to Kaspersky and I now think that is much better then Norton. Kaspersky's memory usage is a little on the high side, but no where near as much as Norton had on my computer.The other thing I like is that Kaspersky's subscription charges are less then Norton, only by a little, but it all counts! Overall, i believe that it is a good solution and their support is great!
  10. Just a quick question, does your myCENTs always go to negative after earning over 100 and before they are deposited into your account? I just made a few posts, which would have pushed me over the 100 mark, i then had a look at my myCENTs and I had -102ish. a few moments later, I'm back to ZERO. and in my billing page, my credit balance as gone down! Which leads me to my next question, what is the transfer time from myCENTs to Credit Balance? Also, I have just noticed that myEarnings have just gone down too!Sorry if these have been answered already, 11 pages on the new system thread is hard to go through!
  11. Its just amazing how addicted people can get to games like this! But now you can also have another place to get addicted to - Xisto Which really isn't bad at all!
  12. I have played Habbo and Runescape before. They are a little bit of fun if you have not much else to do.Having said that, I know a few people that I could say are addicted to these websites and spend lots and lots of time on there. (Too much if you ask me!) I do agreee on your rainy day statement though, they are a little bit of fun when there isn't anything else to do!Habbo and IMVU seem to be more of a online community to chat and talk with others whereas runescape looks to be more of the game and adventure game. If you are up for a bit of fun and want to get yourself into a game that you can start and stop whenever you want (i.e. only on rainy days) then runescape is a good choice!
  13. My suggestion, like khalilov is to make the website yourself. Start off with some simple pages and experiment with code until you are confident enough to start something more ambitious. The best way to start a website is to decide what it is going to be about (usually helps ) and what you are going to write about (i.e. what pages are you going to have). I find it best if i have all my material prepared before I start work on the site - it makes it easier later! Once you have done that, it is best to decide on a layout that you can use on your website. It is best to keep the same layout throughout your entire website. There are many websites where you can get 'templates'. these are the easiest way to get a good looking site up and running in a short amount of time! all you need is some material and some time. If you are only starting off, your websites aren't going to be 'amazing' but you can work on that. Practice more the of 'code' and you can start making more interesting and complicated websites! Good Luck These scripts, apparently, are ASP.NET scripts. This is only what I have heard - so don't quote me on that.
  14. Thank you, everything seems to be working fine now! Although, it is interesting to see that my database allowance has gone down, and with the amount of databases i used to have, it now reports as '8 of 1 databases used' :rolleyes:Thanks for all your help!
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