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  1. Oh I am also missed. Happy Birthday Xisto.So what is birthday resolution of this year?
  2. where the hell are ya? happy birthday man!

  3. If you know how to remove and insert RAM modules on your mother board, then just remove them once and insert it again, mostly your problem will be solved. Most of the time a damaged RAM will cause problems like that, so just check it once.. but just little careful when doing so..
  4. No, it is not possible to create a connection without a username(as far as I know and my experience with databases concerned). But you can leave a password blank.The default user for MySql database is root and password is blank (means no password). So, if you have already created a database with the name help, then create a connection using root as username and password is empty string. Ask me if you have any other doubts.
  5. You're welcome buddy. Ask me if you have any other doubts, I am glad to help.
  6. Change the following code, it will work in internet explorer. Remove that image/ico, its not a valid mime type. Try the following code instead. <link rel="shortcut icon" href="Pics/favicon.ico" />
  7. Yes, the small icon that appears in front of url is favicon. It is very easy to add favicon to your site. You can use any image, just don't forget to crop it to some size like 16X16 just keep the following code in your <head> tag of page. Replace href with your image source, and type as per your image, like image/gif for gif etc.. <link rel="icon" href="image source" type="image/png" /> There are lot of sites available on internet to generate your own favicon in .ico format, if you prefer ico favicons.One i found is Favicon. Try it once
  8. I dont know how you designed your database. If you designed it on your own, then i think you have a users or some other table in which the username and password of the user is stored. So in that table add another field with name status. If you know enum field, then make it enum field with values active/blocked. When a user registers in your forum make it active by default. And when you need to block some user then change the field to blocked with some script in your admin panel(guessing you know how to do). Then in your login script, when comparing username and password with sql query, also you add sql code to check whether the status is active or not. If the status is not active then don't allow the user to login. I think you understood the basic concept. If not please ask your doubts and i will explain in detail.
  9. You should have a minimum of 5 posts for your mycents to appear. Now you have posted only one. Please post some posts and then wait. Your mycents will appear at bottom of your profile information
  10. How is that possible, content appearing some times and hidden some times? At least did you figured out the reason behind it? if so please share with us. Are you using any CMS for your site? Is that causing the problem?
  11. Well, mysql_query will not give you numrows. The result of mysql_query will be a resource array. If you want to count the number of rows use mysql_num_rows($result) instead. Here $result is the result of mysql_query(). Actually I didn't fully understand what you wanted to do. So please be specific next time, and post the errors you are gettting..
  12. I agree contactskn, nobody wants to take risk like this if it costs their job, But if your friend doesn't like to do anything against his problem then there is no reason in his worrying. He just have to go with the flow. And he should accept the fact that unless he will do something, nothing gonna change.. So just tell him, its very common in our country and stop depressing. I would like to tell you something. In our country Everybody wants change, but nobody wants to be a part of it. Hey its not personal, and nothing offensive, just my feelings... I hope everything will go softly for your friend..
  13. I don't hate Microsoft word that much. But I didn't understand the incompatibilities between different versions of word documents. Once I faced a really embarrassing situation when i took an important document to somewhere else, where a different version(probably 2003) installed. And when i opened my document it showed me modern art...
  14. I think, these days governments jobs are not suitable for honest people. Though any of my friends are not working in any government offices I had seen plenty of government offices where bribe will play important role in completing works. A school children in our country knows that we have to pay something to get some work completed. And people are used to it now a days. So these employees are feeling it like a right of them.We don't know when it will change in India. But these days ACB is actively riding offices if there are any complaints about corruption. If your friend interested suggest him to meet or call any ACB official.
  15. Like others.. Saturday is my favorite day.. It gives me a feeling that I will be free tomorrow.. I can sleep late, watch movies full night and i can do anything without any tension.. and Monday is the day i hate... from my childhood.. Monday I have to go to work again...
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