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  1. I have two EVGA cards 1. GTX 660 Ti FTW Signature 2 2. GTX 670 (stock reference) I'm going to sell one of these two and keep the other for a gaming rig i'm building but am wondering which one to keep. The GTX 660 Ti runs quieter and cooler...
  2. totally agree - leaves zero footprint on host machines
  3. ah i see... didn't realize it was the client only... great tool though babyftp
  4. there's portable version of Filezilla which can run from a thumbstick
  5. http://store.steampowered.com/hardware/ hopefully steam will help increase game development for Linux
  6. I'm looking for a simple video editing tool (Haven't worked with any before) for cutting/editing video files What i want to do is simply cut portions within video files (flv/mp4/mkv etc) and then merge the wanted parts together... simply removing unwanted portions from within the video and then rejoin the needed parts cheers
  7. Steambox is coming out soon - gaming box based on Linux + steam
  8. hehe i will not try it then on mine
  9. hahaha yes try that on your PC - lol
  10. Anyone here using Steam for gaming on their Linux installation? How are they with Gamepads? thinking of trying it out but noticed that Ubuntu 12.10 is the supported one i think... Anyone using LinuxMint 15 with Steam?
  11. wow i want one of those - great for vacations back to the Pacific Islands... amazingly beatiful
  12. I think one of the factors would be to do with the Network available. Different regions/countries have different types of network systems. I think here in New Zealand we don't have CDMA networks anymore, closed last year. Another could be just a marketing scheme allowing variant options for customers to choose from, and also some phones are a revised version of the previous release adding on few more hardware enhancements/down-grades. Example LTE availability in different versions of the Galaxy lines of devices...
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