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  1. k_nitin_r

    Rip Off

    I've been thinking about saving money by buying a pre-owned vehicle, but there are always concerns about reliability. Typically the reliable old cars are bought off other people who are either friends or family - in all other cases, the vehicles are sold because they eat through batteries a couple of times a year, or there's a crank shaft that keeps falling apart. I've never had any problems with factory-fresh vehicles, but I find it annoying that the odometer reads about 8-12km when the car has just been delivered. I'd like it to start from a perfect zero, so the odometer reading would be like a story of yet another chapter of my life. There's a sentiment that's attached to every bit of it when one holds on to it for more than half a decade, and having that little extra on the odometer skews things a bit.
  2. Unless auto-arrange is checked, the icons shouldn't be moving about on their own. I just ditched the desktop icons and added the desktop toolbar to the task bar so I get to choose what I want from a list, just like a Start Menu. Apart from keeping the desktop neat and tidy, it also lets me see the entirety of my desktop in the solid color that I set it to be (nope, I don't have a wallpaper and I don't want one).
  3. In the spirit of the title of this thread... O' thou art the moderators of Xisto, thee behold immense power in the lea, guards against spam so artsy, and ye create new topics with glee. Let's pick a day of the calendar and name it Xisto's Moderator day and pay our respects to all the moderators of the present and the past, and hope the forum grows with burgeoning goodness.
  4. k_nitin_r

    Forum Alone

    Speaking of hot weather, we've got the mercury running at up to 38 C most of the time in this part of the world. The humidity actually makes it worse. Physical labor is just something that young folk today were taught to not do. They are taught to do intellectual tasks instead of resorting to brute force, but I'd love to see some telekinesis when they get a flat tyre and have to stop along the side of the highway. Nothing beats some heavy muscle when having to change a tyre.
  5. I like the dark layout, but mostly because I have an HP ProBook with Windows 8 that always runs at full brightness - apparently there's an issue with the driver for the Intel 4000 graphics adapter. It isn't my primary laptop though.
  6. Lately, it seems the Internet has been flooded with pictures of sloths. They are ape-like, slow, have long claws, and always have a smile. Some people have been rescuing them from the wild when sections of forests are being cleared and they have successfully been able to thrive out of their natural environment. They are picky about the kind of food they eat, so that's usually a bit of a challenge. In addition, there are two different kinds of sloths and their food varies depending on the kind you are looking at. Sloths are not aggressive and they are slow enough for you to step away if you think one is agitated. Their long claws are used primarily to hang from branches, so it's unlikely that you'll see one attacking you with its claws. With enough care, you should be able to make your home a temporary shelter for a sloth.
  7. I have a Sony Cybershot HX-20V and another Sony Cybershot HX-200V. Both of then are from the same generation but target different audiences, so it may vary from the one you have. When you turn the dial to the M setting, you can control the ISO and exposure. Set a higher number for the ISO and lower number for the exposure to get a brighter picture. The white balance is found when you press the Menu button to make the picture seem less yellowish and more bluish. Both settings should help.
  8. Ah, DeviantArt! They've got the largest collection of art on the Internet right now and they are the biggest artist community. They also have an online drawing tool, though there's little that one can do with it that comes even close to the kind of stuff people post on their site, unless it is for simple drawings. What we'd need is talent, Photoshop, and a tablet with at least 16 pressure levels to come up with stuff decent enough to post to Deviant Art.
  9. Looks like it finally did post to the forum. BTW, I haven't seen any new posts from you in a while. Is it spring already? Here, we've got pretty unpredictable weather - cloudy on one day, bright and sunny the other. Occasionally it drizzles or we have hail. We even had sand storms (nothing like Mission Impossible - they made that one up).
  10. I got the Intex it-tb240fm TV tuner today and it was dead-on-arrival. The thing never worked. They did proudly print a Made in China on the bottom of the box though. It isn't the only defective electronic product that I bought recently that had to be returned to the store - a Dell Inspiron laptop had to be returned twice... once because the product inside the box didn't match the specifications, and the second time because the product was actually defective and would randomly go bzzzzt and go dead.
  11. Is it raining deers? Nice reigning deer, BTW. It's about time that somebody posted something on the Internet that isn't a cat or a rescued dog.Where is the backdrop of the image from? It appears to be from an RPG game.
  12. Entrepreneurs are often successful because of their leadership. Leadership is of two kinds - task-oriented and relationship-oriented. The distinction between the two types is characterized by how people deal with their employees, contractors, and associates. Task-oriented leaders focus on the work and do what they can to ensure that the work is completed in a timely and efficient manner. Relationship-oriented leaders focus on the people and therefore create a better work-place for employees and contractors. Most organizations have a combination of the two leadership styles.
  13. When Apple introduced the iPhone, it didn't really come with a lot of features. Even the Copy-Paste feature, which has been around for ages in Nokia phones was introduced with a lot of hype with an iOS release so it makes you wonder - how much did they actually leave out of the earlier iOS releases? They still make it impossible to use Bluetooth for sending multimedia content but they have lots of apps and have updates being delivered to them, unlike other manufacturers that require you to buy a new device. Sure, they don't cater to every need but they are worth buying if you don't mind settling for the lower capacity ones.
  14. I don't use my phone all that much. Perhaps 2 personall calls a day lasting about 3 minutes and that's about it. I don't use my phones for data - I have an iPhone that runs off WiFi because I don't want to run out of battery when I need my phone the most. Having a USB power bank (the manufacturer's fancy term for an external battery) changes everything! I don't worry about running out of charge, but my phone has a larger SIM card that doesn't fit the iPhone so I still have to carry around 2 phones.Speaking about the OP's topic, cell phone deals are of all kinds. If you travel a lot and need to check email, then there's the Blackberry packages that most cell phone providers offer. There are iPhone packages that are for folks who download apps and play cellphone games. For people hooked to social media, there are sometimes cheaper packages that are specifically for access to FaceBook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and the like.
  15. There are 'disposable' (okay, so maybe I made that up - they are cheap enough to throw away every year) batteries that we can use to power our laptops as well. I'm not sure if they are safe because the manufacturer doesn't recommend them, but they are available from a manufacturer in China and it plugs right in where the battery would fit and doesn't last as long as the original batteries would, but it's cheap so you could throw it away after a year's use. The typical laptop battery lasts for about 2 years because its capacity is significantly affected, assuming one uses the battery almost every work day. You may be able to get more life out of yours if you don't use it on battery all the time - I had a laptop battery that lasted 7 years and still had 2 hours of battery operation while in its 7th year.
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