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Your Prediction For The "next iPod" What comes next?

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I personally think Apple Coputer is going to release a voice commanded iPod. Like 'iPod X'. Something interesting and really portable.


Hm, maybe someday but I can't imagine it being anytime soon. Unless the voice functionality is severely optional. Most economic voice rec software is pretty spotty at best as far as I know, so it'd be hard to base an entire iteration of a hardware giant on such a tech. Someday maybe, but not for awhile I'd be willing to bet.


I hadn't seen the ipod nano's before. I have to say I was really impressed. I am hanging out until a 10Gb version comes out, because they're just a bit too small right now.As for what comes next? I think first mobile phones, followed by a wirelessly networked ipod, which downloads the songs as you want them. Sounds like radio, only you get to choose the music.


Did anyone see that one episode of Saturday Night Live where "Steve Jobs" was introducing a new iPod every 3 minutes? They kept getting smaller and smaller, having higher storage capabilities (like 8 million songs), and being able to do crazy things like float in the air because it was so small and lightweight.Lol Sorry, I don't actually have an iPod or follow the technology, but I thought that was relevant to the discussion.

Shadow X

Apple's latest iPod, the iPod Nano was a great success. It had a major change in both the design and function which appealed to the market and the public. It was slimer, the colour was better and the capactiy was nearly the same. These are all the features that people look for when they buy there mp3s.With all this said, if Apple's gonna design and manufacture and new iPod, then it's going to have to have all the above features and more. Because if the new iPod has a load of 'under quality' features compared to the iPod Nano, then people won't buy it and they might also stop buying the iPod Nano because Apple would've been given a bad name.The iPod Nano was really good, so if Apple want to beat that, then they will have to come up with something stunning. I predict that the new iPod will have more capactiy, more media playing options and a new shape. I very much doubt that Apple will be able to make an even slimer iPod compared to the iPod Nano.But whatever iPod Apple chooses to make, it will need to be even more spectacular than the iPod Nano or Apple will lose it's name! B)


The next logical advancement would be to have computer chips implanted in out bodies. And sunglasses for screens. Basically, we will be the next iPod.


I think ipod's gonna be like google, taking over the things they are handing out. If Ipod keeps it up, we can expect some of the most advance music/video/radio/etc essentials ever. Heck, I wouldn't be suprised if Ipods were one day recommended as a help tool for school haha XDSo, if Ipod can step up, but one day fall, what would be the likely reason to that? That's something to contemplate about haha.


Oh another aspect of the technology side of the iPod that I think we'll see changing soon is the storage medium. While they'll probably have miniHD based ones available for a long time to have the super huge storage available, I think we'll see more and more go solid state memory as they manage to get larger sizes of solid state memory available. I know one company released (or is soon releasing) a 10gig flash drive mp3 player so I can't see why Apple wouldn't be following in suit. Personally solid state seems more logical as its faster (I believe?) and would reduce the number of moving parts, which is always a plus for bat life and durability.Then again who knows, maybe they'llcome up with an innovative new storage method. Personally I think 60gigs is more then enough for anyone :| So I'd rather them focus on features or improving the tech, rather then trying to jump to 80 or 100gig ipods.


I think the next one won't be anything revolutionary. If it were, we would have to wait at least 5 more years for it to be released. But it's not good for them to have that big pause. They would lose giant amounts of money that way.Maybe we could expect something more efficient next time. It could be useful if the next one was more ergonomic (that's the word, right?) and with mroe functions. AFAIK, the latest iPod's don't have radio and/or voice recording feature (I'm not sure). That's a BIIIG minus. They need to have at least this:- mp3,wma,wav and more formats support- voice recording- FM tuner- lost of side functionsBesides this, the next iPod generation would be nice to have video playback option, as something like that is expected.


My prediction would be that iPODs will trend towards integration with all the other peripherals we tote around in our pockets. The video iPOD is clearly an example of this. So was the cellphone iPOD. My guess? there will be 'psp' iPODS with the capability of handheld gaming devices. There will be an XM iPOD. there will be a digital camera/cellphone/PDA/blackberry/iPOD that will literally allow you to take a picture, email it off, call and/or text the recipient to let them know you sent them a picture and finally listen to that song you just downloaded and bought wirelessly while you were waiting for a reply back. Integration is the future. At least i hope so. I'm running out of pockets and electrical sockets to charge up all my goodies!!!


The next logical advancement would be to have computer chips implanted in out bodies. And sunglasses for screens. Basically, we will be the next iPod.


yehhh and then apple can control us all and then we can install linux in our bodies then after one year our batteries will run out...YAYYY APPLE CONTROLLAGE


In my humble opinion firstly- they will manufacture a new type of connector for audio, one capable of higher audio quality. Make A ton of money off selling adaptors to the regular headphone size (copyright)- Newer Magnetic hard drives, smaller size, more gb for the ounce..- Screen covering the entire face of the player. replace the touch wheel with a touch sensitive strip ruinning the length of one side of the player, and analog buttons on the other side. OR just a touch screen and an analog screen lock slider on the sides. - Concept stuff here: If in a wristwatch/ armband form, possibly monitor heartbeat, and with information about heartbeat, transfer it into possibly a predescribed library of songs with a faster pace, for slower heartbeats songs with slower pace. you can turn the option on and off, of course.


Our computing teacher was telling us about photonic space. Using photons to store 'light' data that can obviously be accessed at the speed of light. Obviously, we know what the good things would be from that!Any idea that appears will be superseeded before it can be completed, so really it's quite impossible to predict what will come next.


I think that Apple will decide to include video and picture taking with their new iPod. I still think that they will have cheaper versions that will not have this functionality, but to appeal to everybody they will offer these packed iPods. For example, in Asia, consumers like to have as much stuff packed into one small package. To appeal to these customers, they will offer the iPhone with video and picture, along with a bunch of extra features like the ability to add games and such. Americans, on the other hand, like to have all of the pieces, and only buy a product for one functionality. Apple will still have to provide for Americans the separated versions. I forsee that they will also allow downloading remotely from their iPods with the addition of the iPhone service. The iPhone service will enable Apple to have wireless communication with their products. I am guessing that they will integrate this, as Microsoft is doing, into their new iPods.


I actually think there will be one more ipod. Something like a combination of the Ipod Video, iPhone, and the Windows Zune. It's obvious that they will integrate into this huge (but so small) new device, that may change the way we do things. It might just be an ipod with a phone, and runs windows. Hey, they think of anything and everything, eventually they will run out of options and start jam-packing the newest technologies into one super-device!

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