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  1. I like opera a lot. But as a torrent system I've found it lacking compared to dedicated applications such as Auzuras or uTorrent.
  2. Thanks, yeah, I hate XP Pro, but we have a project that the designer used 3D studio Max and damn near refuses to export the model to a useful format so we can import into Lightwave. (OSX shop) So I've been playing with XP pro the past week and not having fun.
  3. Personally I think Blu-ray and HD-DVD are DOA. For content we are going to downloadable content. Whether that is on-damand via cable/sat. Tivo, or Itunes makes no different, people are starting to come around to the idea of downloading and watching a show when they want. I think this is how most people will go before the next gen optical discs have a chance to catch on. For computers, I still iPod/iPhone devices with large amounts of flash or micro harddrives being the next widely used format for transfering large files. Still there aren't any consumer grade HD-DVD burners and the ablities of Sony's Blu-ray burner is limited due to lack of software. There are applications where 1TB discs will be useful, but I think we are generally moving away from physical media.
  4. I would try Camino first. Camino is basically Firefox built to OSX GUI specs. Safari also works on most pages these days and if all else fails, try Opera. Opera may be the best of the lot, just remember to tell it that it's not your bit torrent client...
  5. try int0 from the terminal as Xboxrules suggested. I would also try a repair install of OS 10.4 as some setting somewhere may have been corrupted. Lastly, have you tried holding the power button for 10 seconds and shut it down that way? Not the best idea as it is hard on the system, but it will tell you if it's a software or hardware problem.
  6. This happened last night when I hit ALT+CNTL+DEL to quit a process. Now the Task manager is missing the minimize, close bar and the ability to choose Application/Process/etc.. And this is after a couple restarts and everything. Now if I have to force quit an application, the task bar is always on top, does not show up in the sistray and requires a restart to get rid of. This is with XP Professional with SP2 installed.Any ideas?This is why I hate windows, but we are moving a website for a client and they use Frontpage to manage their site so I can't use my regular Mac.......and people wonder why I avoided Windows...
  7. I like KompoZer for layout work. It's free and opensource version of the old Netscape Composer with major updates. It also picks off where deveoplment of the NVU editor left off. Oh and it works on *IUX, Mac, and windows.For coding I like Text Wrangler on the Mac, sometimes BBedit but I find BBedit to be over kill on most productions. On WIndows I typically just use Notepad, but trying Notepad++ at the moment. Would be nice to have color coded tags.
  8. I don't have anything against GIMP. Frankly it does everything I need save the fact that I use a couple Photoshop plugins a lot that don't have anything like them on GIMP. If GIMP could ever use Photoshop 4 plugins, like Paint Shop Pro could...dunno still does maybe, then I'd be using GIMP as I never use all the features of Photoshop period. I could save a few hundred bucks every couple years if GIMP supported those features.That being said, in my opinion, GIMP had a better lens flare than PS for a long time and some other features that PS didn't so I've used both, but mostly I use PS.
  9. Yes, 3D Studio Max is like blender as it is a 3d modelling/animation/rendering program. 3D is preferred by many modellers over other packages and has a large userbase in the game development world. Most 3D games have their models developed by MAX developers. Personally I use Lightwave 3D, another package, and Blender for 3D projects. The main reason being that I am on OSX as my computer platform and Lightwave and Blender both have OSX versions unlike MAX, which is windows only. There are a lot of arguments to which one is best. I think it depends. Lightwave has been a fixture in TV land for years starting with Bablyon 5 and today Battlestar Galactica uses it for all their 3D CGI work. Blender, to me, was always molded closer to Lightwave back in the day. Since then it's taken on it's own UI, but in the early days it reminded me of using LW 5.6.Also, on a more personal note, I generally find MAX modellers to be an extremely arogant lot that like to save things in .MAX format which nothing else reads and then release a model for use by others in the public domain knowing darned full and well no one else but other MAX users can use the model. Is releasing a model in .3DS or export to .lwo really that much to ask?
  10. I am trying to install this for a client on his server and encountered an error I had never seen before: 406. To rule out a specific version I attempted to installed 3.0.15, .x.x.16, and 3.0.17 all encountered the same error between step 3 & 4 of the install process. Furthermore, when I try installing via Fantastico on his server, it will not assign the MySQL DB user to the database and therefore still won't install. Then I have the problem that the .sql file is an include and there isn't a raw SQL file since it has the "table_prefix" option infront of all the table create statements...Overall a very frustrating weekend. Any suggestions?
  11. It's going to happen. Code isn't perfect and sometimes people will find ways around that you (and the rest of the team) didn't even think or know about. It's so long as they do something about it quickly is what counts. It's just like the other day I had a client who wanted to know how to lock down a G4 tower he was giving his 15 year old technical savvy kid. He wanted a "foolproof" way and I was honest with him, there is no fool proof way. Chances are the kid is the one with too much time to go poking through and learn Unix. I told him what software to purchase to filter out sites, set-times, etc. And then I went on after installing that used a few more tricks to block specific sites and ip's at the server level (okay computer level) from the Unix Admin playbook. Same tricks we used back in the day with other Unix distros.Still I'm sure given enough time the kid could figure out a way around all of it. Especially since the parent is primarily into Macs because he runs a photography studio.
  12. Consider yourselves spoiled around here with Cpanel and Fanastico to install common web apps like Joomla, Xoops, etc. Recently 1and1.com began to offer their "click and build" applications which is supposed to be their home grown version of Fantastico. I was excited as I often recommend 1and1.com to my clients that have E-commerce needs since they offer a lot of marketing vouchers and some other features that are ideal for that cliental. So I was excited as I would always have to install web-apps manually. This is not hard, but takes time. I frankly got spoiled with click a couple buttons, filling out the forms, and then being able to go right to uploading modules and the new template.Well this was exactly the plan for one of my client's site. In fact I had developed on my Xisto hosting account and was ready to deploy. I set up the 1and1 account, set up Xoops with CLink and build, and went to upload modules and the templates and got a 550: Permission denied error. Well a quick email and phone call to their tech support and it turns out that users cannot upload to click and build applications. So you are stuck with the default install, default template, and nothing more. Xoops was completely useless for what we needed. I eventually went back and installed Xoops the old fashion way, but my point was wanting avoid that, have the automated installer do it for me in 5 minutes, and then get directly to uploading the modules and template and get the site ready for launch in a month. What is worse is there is no documentation for click and build and no where do they mention that one cannot make changes to the existing file structures. So there needs to be a disclaimer that 1and1.com's click and build is more like, "click and cripple ware".
  13. Have you checked out Asterik? Not sure how it all works, but I compiled it once for some reason. I think we were looking into a click to call system and eventually decided it was easier and cheaper to go with a company that offered plans for like $50 a month.
  14. Last I checked, the N standard hasn't exactly been finalized. Personally I wait until it has and avoid the "preN" or "Draft-N" devices just like I did with the G-standard before it was finialized.
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