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  1. Its done. Thanx for your replythis was the output of the process.User hatim, Verified sucessfully...Detecting Forum username ... Collecting Domain Name and IP....User: hatimDomain: hatim.astahost.comKilling all processes owned by user...DoneCleaning passwd,shadow,group....DoneRemoving User from Group....DoneRemoving Domlogs...DoneRemoving crontab...DoneRemoved Extra Entries from httpd.confRemoved Entry from httpd.confRemoved Entry from proftpd.confRemoving PostgreSQL databases and users....DoneRemoving User....DoneRemoving Group....DoneRemoving Named entry...hatim.astahost.com -> deleted from gamma.hatim.astahost.com -> deleted from alpha.DoneRemoving mail aliases...DoneRemoving mailman lists...DoneRemoving MySQL databases and users....Database "hatim" droppedDoneRemoving localdomains entires....DoneAdding ip back to ipaddrpool....DoneRemoving Control Panel file....DoneRemoving Stats Run Information....DoneRemoving Proftpd File....Done...DoneDoneFtp Password Files syncedVhost Passwords synced
  2. I would like to unregister from Xisto.com.Its a good hosting site but I have found some thing which suits me better as it has ruby on rails installed on the system. I know I can just stop posting. But I am not the kind of guy who does this (atleast any more ...)
  3. {sarcasm}]Now All microsoft has to do is make a XGL killer {/sarcasm}, (note they lately claim to work on killers..as they sit ducks during innovation ...and then just react to it later.
  4. have you tried with a different NIC?
  5. what are u using to play sound . Alsa or OSS . If Alsa is OSS Emulation enabled ?
  6. telnet is fine ..but i think u should stick with SSH , its encrypted and should be the default wayto access remote systems. SSH has alot of goodies like Xforwarding and tunneling. If you need a good ssh client for Windows try , putty. I know Telnet is there on default Windows sytems..but putty is very smal application and any one can download it easily. On another note .I wonder when would WIindows come with builtin ssh support.
  7. hehe ... i thought the site TITLE was review of the .NET platfrom at first. Well the color scheme is not Web 2.0 like , try more like Flickr , Gmail look (with AJAX , CSS etc) I know ..functionality is the most important thing . but this color scheme is not very readable right now (at least to me)
  8. hatim

    Compiling Help

    I cannot access rapidshare easily , but i think you should be able to compile stuff easily. If its a configure/make/make install utility then its using GNU autoconf (most probably with gcc/g++) to compile C/C++ (POSIX mostly these days)applicationAll you need are make , g++ gcc in this case . You have two options on Windows , Cygwin and MinGW. Why dont you give them a look and see what happens.
  9. Another reason to switch to Linux and get rid of those slimy viruses for ever.
  10. I am of the opnion that banner should be as thin as possible. It is easier to read a page with thin or no banner.
  11. its bad , but whats the shock . this happens every day in the world. I thought this kind of stuff wouldn't happen in socieites like North America (atleast molestation of young) . But my perception changed after i lived there for 2 years (you jokers..no i wasnt molested ..hahaha ..very funny) . North American society is very materaialistic and this deed would be their demise..people like George Bush who want to impose their morailty , and people like Larry Flynt and Huegh Heffner who indirectly promote their morailty will never be able to straighten out things. North America needs a true leader at this juncture who can not only maintain a blance between morality and freedom , but can also help spread this moderration to other places (like my home land Pakistan ..where eitehr its the Islamists with Guns or the liberals with morals totally in negation of Islam)
  12. I use dyndns.org. its same thing but with lots of options. It has an option to mask the URL too , for which it shows a pop-up ad.
  13. vlcplayer is the best , works on almost any OS and is so dam easy to use.. no need to install any thing ..just copy the folder. You can easily watch stuff from it on systems which dont have any decent media player (with codecs ) installed.and it uses my new fav GUI toolkit ie wxWidgets
  14. who cares about flash at this speed? what about online gaming...it would be a blast.
  15. It would have been benifical if you posted your grub.conf aka menu.lst. Aslo fdisk -p /dev/hda (assuming its hda ) would be helpful too.I am not sure about it , but it couldbe that Windows rewrote your partition layout. Your / may not be at the hdax or (hdx,y) which you are specifying on the grub.
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