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Girls And Bathrooms. You always wanted to know...

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well i believe that girls go there to talk privately aswell. toilets may be dirty in some places, but its just that private atmosphere which allows them to talk to each other without the worry of anybody hearing. i also believe that its for protection. girls have been killed and raped in toilets before and when going into a public toilet at a train station for example, it could be fairly scary to go alone. even i'm scared of going into public toilets like that... if your so curious why dont you just ask a girl. not that hard, i would've asked myself but i'm not really interested as to why they do this lol.


Ding ding ding. :P


Its just natural for me to want to go with a friend I think, not for protection purposes (maybe it is because I am a smaller town girl, but you seem a lil paranoid about those public washrooms!) but so we can keep each other company and also, gossip about anyone outside who may be waiting for us. (Only nice things of course :) ) Plus its a good excuse to touch up makeup, check the hair, etc while you wait for your friend to finish. Silly, yeah, but it doesnt hurt anyone, so whatever. :)


dude that theory is awesome i understand everything now :)you learn somethign new everyday :)


Interesting hah, Girls go to bathroom in groups i think there is a valid reason they can use the cosmetics if one is short of something they can borrow it from another.as Girls want to always compare their looks and bathroom is a good place to do it and a nice place to chit-chat.this is where rumors come from bathrooms and girls together.


interesting views...very interesting, i never really thought about it in detail before...but now that you mention it, there was a time my friend [girl], and i think 3 other friends went to the toilet together...what for? they were talking about another one of their friends, also a girl...the toilet they were in was a school toilet, so if they talked in the open area its not that private and the person they were talking about could walk in anytime...so yea, what they did was..all of them...1 cubicle..yeap, 1 small cubicle..talking...and while they were talking, speak of the devil :lol:" the person they were talking about appears..leaving all but 1 of them hiding in the cramped cubicle while the lucky one comes out and pretends shes finished whatever business she had with the toilet bowl...the friend that walked in asks her about where her other friends went and..she lied ' i think they went to the library to get some books' yea right...lol, the things that girls do in a toilet..amazing, just amazing


Whoa, If they are racing for the fastest one first then how come they always take more than 20 minutes or so which definately is not required. I think I might have a clue that could explain why they go in groups as well. I guess they hold kind of small events in bathrooms and the rest of the girls are there to keep scores and also to get inspiration for their own upcoming events.


Girls do not race... ur dumb if you think that... we go in there cause its the only place we can go to talk w/o u boyz listening in... oh yeah and a thing called MIRRORS!!!!! Guyz we can not live w/o checking ourselves out in a mirror... and we cant do it alone!.. no we dont have sofas in there we r lucky if we have a tammpon dispenser... so yeah... girls go in packs EVERYWHERE... just face it... its a fact of life. Get over it. lol :lol:


I guess they hold kind of small events in bathrooms and the rest of the girls are there to keep scores and also to get inspiration for their own upcoming events.

Who referee's??? The Janitor???


lol good point. Ive honestly thought that girls go to the bathroom, because they feel more comfortable in grooups, and its a good area to talk about things, such as stuff they dont want us boys to hear, as racing to finish something first doesn't seem very logical to me


There is an obvious reason behind why girls go to the bathroom, it is because of protection right? They want someone watching their back when they go in the stall. Don't you see in movies that girls that go in the bathroom alone end up with toilet paper on their shoes or something bad happens? That is why, they need someone to view them to see if the why they exit the bathroom is appropriate. They also like to talk about your life when they are stalls. They talk while they are doing there business to keep each other company. Restrooms are also their private area to apply cosmetics to their faces. It makes sense doesn't it?


It's all about the farts n giggles! Seriously! First of all, they're VERY social creatures and loathe doing anything alone....even cutting a nice, warm muffin. SO! They go in together, SIT (which we don't usually do), have a pee, a fart and a giggle. Then they sit in front of the mirror...adjust each other, primp and preen like monkeys, and get ready to come out any WOW us again.I try not to think about these things too deeply, because the biology is rather disgusting. I mean...it's possible I'm going home to much on that carpet in a bit and it's just been hung in a public bathroom. How horrible! Simply being reminded that they're HUMAN as well as gorgeous and beautiful and desirable is difficult enough. Knowledge of the Land of the Loo is just too much. I'd advise thinking about it at all. LOL.I mean...can you IMAGINE if WE did that? "Hey, Barthold...let's go and have us a good splash n swirl together...eh?" NO! I go into the bathroom for ONE REASON...TO PURGE! I don't want to talk to anyone while I'm doing it (since it usually requires some effort on my part anyway) and, frankly, I have no desire to be subjected to the smells of your body eliminating itself...nor you to be experiencing mine.So! Leave the mystery of the ladies in the water closet to the Muses. Let it be a mystery for the ages. Let us remember them at their utmost best...freshly showered and sprawled out on a warm, laundered blanket....wearing nothing but a very wide smile. mmmmmmmmmmmm...smile....


haha, the guest speaker i had said something about girls always going to the bathroom in groups. i don't really get it. it's not really the place to socialize,


i'd rather use the word 'chat' because it doesn't imply any negative connotation as the word 'gossip' do. girls go to the bathroom in groups because they love to chat with each other. i probably think it's more of the girly stuff so i really don't know much what they are talking about. if they talk about guys like the way guys talk about girls then i guess we're pretty much even. hehe.


I notice this too. Very good thery. They probibly take as long as they can and talk like OMG i bought that. You get the idea. They probably want to see how long untill we bang on the door whats taking so long.They probably like sit there and see what there gona go buy. Or what there gona go do.


Speaking of restrooms. You just have to see this flash video that talks about the male and female restrooms. Its really amusing, but actually true. Check it out for yourself!




so i think that girls like to go hith somme one always,to the bathroom she cant go whith a gay,so she go whith a girl


yes they race like in underground racing... they come one to each other and they put up races :) great guess... and they tune themselves.. that is why they ware make-up


Hey,THis is a funny topic and I quite enjoyed reading the replies. Well I have never gone to the loo with a galpal on purpose or by choice. Usually If they want to ask me something or tell me something they force me to stand there and talk. I have no idea about the duration and races thing, You might be right for all I know though I have never heard of that :unsure:I think they have this social thing going on as for eons a woman's brain has been wired to stick together and do things together while their men hunted. Taking care of the kids and so forth, Now the only difference is their private time is in the loo. Sometimes a girl might go in to feel safe like other members have pointed if the doors or location is bad or maybe because it is a shady place. MAny times girls go in together to get teeny tiny corrections like make up dresses and such kind of things.Anyway I think it is harmless if they all go together as long as iot does not cause an inconvenience to others if in a group or cause a problem for the guy.


Ehh the girls just goes in groups either to talk about the events at the table or the people around the table. They talk about guys, their boyfriends, and whoever. Also they get to ask each other how they look and stuff. Just to keep everything together even if its like an astray eyelash. hahaha. That's just at a restaurant. Maybe at a club they go in packs everywhere and dance sort of close to each other is to protect each other from the guys.


Ever wonder why girls always go to the bathroom in groups? Example:
"I'm going to go to the bathroom, wanna come with me?"


Well, I've figured it out. They race. There are different kinds of races, such as duration, or speed. There is even evidence to believe that there is a scoreboard in their bathrooms. Even scorecards! Yes, scorecards, and guess where they keep them? In their purses. That's why they always bring their purses to the bathroom. Otherwise you could just show up in a bathroom and challenge someone but they won't believe that you're that fast if you don't have your scorecard! Anyone could claim to be the fastest bathroom-goer, right? Of course I am.

But then, there are rare occurrences in which one girl might go by herself. But, this can't be, it goes against the code! Well, to an extent... You see, when they go alone, they are merely practicing for the next time they have a friend to compete against. Yes, it should all make sense now.

hehe... :(

.. thats a joke right?

I can't imagine you actually believing something. I just think they want company...
hmm..... :unsure:


Pure Brilliance for the imagination. You should write books you have the sort of imagination that authors need, that or the girls where you are do this and no where else :)