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  1. I would like you to go to http://www.knowledgesutra.com/forums/topic/76196-novels/page__p__507068__fromsearch__1#entry507068 and tell me what you think or if you can help make it better.

  2. When I try to report them I get a message saying:"Sorry, an error occurred. If you are unsure on how to use a feature, or don't know why you got this error message, try looking through the help files for more information.The error returned was:Sorry, some required files are missing, if you intended to view a topic, it's possible that it's been moved or deleted. Please go back and try again."EDIT: Woops, thank you. (;
  3. Hello,I was wondering if it was possible to have my email address removed from two posts I made in the past. The posts were made while applying for hosting a number of years ago, but for security reasons I'd like them edited out. Since the posts have been locked, I do not have the power to modify them. If a moderator would please PM me I'll direct you to the posts.Cheers.
  4. its an interesting topic, i dunno how i'd go about thinking about this. if robots become smart enough to think and feel (even if it's just an emulation) then my point of view might actually be leaning to that of a living thing (which just sounds stupid) but i really can't say for sure. i mean, people could love their robots are they do their pets, even considering them equally as important or mentally valued. in this sense, if somebody came along and knocked his robot out (deleting his memory or something) then couldn't you say that its the same as doing it to a dog? i mean pets and such have rights to a degree, with animal cruelty and all... i can't say anything for now, but i do know that this might become a major issue in the future, and i'll take my place then when it actually comes around. its far too un-predictable to make any sort of decision at this point, we don't even have walking, talking emotion feeling super robots roaming around yet.
  5. although at times i do feel my donation don't contribute to much, in the end at least its something. charities can't simply find cures because they have a lot of money. they need to spend time researching and experimenting so they can further their knowledge, which may one day lead to the discovery of a cure. cures aren't always easy to work with and often take many decades to discover. your funding may not get a cure right away but at least they're going to something productive and helpful.
  6. haha this has been posting in the forum quite a few times already, its nice to see it pop up again every now and then though. its a really neat advancement in technology, i mean with the upcoming blu-ray and hd-dvds and all. i wonder how long it will take for this storage device to become the mainstream form of portable data. it seems very promising, and i bet in a few years time the 1TB of space (which they say they'll be able to reach or even exceed which these) won't seem so ridiculous. if blu-rays or hd-dvds are going to store 20GB+ of content then we'll need these holographic storage kits to store a number of blu-ray hd-dvds! 8D technology is just blazing by isn't it. the say we have photo realistic gaming environments with life like physics and sound is just beyond tomorrow. i really can't wait~
  7. its not unusual to think that vista will be bug ridden, it's probably true. they can't make it perfect/bugproof to begin with, they need to see where the bugs and holes are first. i won't be switching to vista myself anytime time soon, its still in its early stages and i don't see it as being a worthy investment just yet. i will eventually switch to it though. it's running on direct x10 meaning all the next generation pc games will be vista only. it's not just that, i just don't see windows operating systems to be as bad as people think they are. i find that a lot of people complain about viruses, bugs, spyware and all that rif ruff on XP. as i've mentioned above, it's quite true that there is; but there are ways to deal with such problems. i dont think they know how to make the most of the operating system. i've been using XP for many years now and i managed it without any problem, rarely ever do i run into viruses or spyware. if i ever do, i know how to deal with it. of course i'd rather a super operating system which never got any of this rubbish, but it just doesn't exist. sure i can switch to mac or linux which are far less prone to such hazards, but then i have to constantly switch between operating systems to do various tasks. it doesn't seem worth it in the end. i can do everything i need to on XP and still have no problems. i do like macs, i use them at uni since i'm studying a design course. they're nice and simple, but i don't see them to be nearly as flexible as windows. getting back to the point, yes vista will have problems. all i can say is, learn to deal with them. btw i don't like the idea of vista using TCPA. it's ridiculous imho... absolutely ridiculous.
  8. i don't see how this would work in many ways, mostly stated by other people above. this is a tv here.. people yell and scream at tvs, well i do anyway. what if i was talking and accidentally said channel 7; it would switch channels without me wanting it to. a beeper button on the tv unit which sent a signal to the remote to make a sound would solve the problem of a lost remote already. even at that, it's easy to rectify this problem without such idiotic mumbo jumbo. all you need is a remote box or stacker where you put all your remotes, when you're done with one put it back. thats what we do at our joint, not once have we lost a remote. i think you are taking this idea too far. it's really unnecessary and quite lazy too. if you lose your remote, it will be around somewhere, look for it lol. its not that hard to change channels, just whack a few buttons and presto! i give you credit for trying to be innovative though. ;]
  9. what is the machine made out of? to be able to support that heat is pretty amazing.. and the the fact that it can power itself with enough left over is snazzy. this could really change things for the better, we're in dire need of such technology. what happen to all those water/air powered vehicles and such? news about them have died down a lot recently..
  10. the same thing used to happen to me... dreadfully long shut down times. it would stay on the blue screen for about 10mins or so. i found that once it got to a point 20secs in, with no processing from the cpu it was safe to manually shut it down. using the same pc now, with no shut down time at all. i think i re-installed windows, too many bugs and spyware pre-format.
  11. i tell myself its fine to manual shut down all the time, yet it has caused my pc to totally malfunction on a number of occasions. my pc would freeze, so bam i shut it down. next time i boot it up my windows install is corrupt and i need to re-install it... -_-v its happened atleast twice, and is very frustrating. i do not recommend manual shutdowns, but sometimes they're just needed. what i don't get, is how it's different to resetting a pc. i reset my pc far more than i ever do a manual shutdown and it seems to work just fine. from personal expierence, i'd reset it (if you can) then manual shutdown in dos mode. don't ask me why, but i've found it to be the safer option.
  12. hmm... i've discussed this with friends on a number of occasions, just recently too actually. my friends are more religious than me, so a lot of them believe in re-incarnation, heaven/hell, souls etc etc. i personally, don't believe in anything like that. its sad, and cold that i really think nothing awaits after death. it is the end, nothing more. what i mean to imply by this is that you simply won't exist anymore. i can't really explain it... we would no longer be able to sense anything, as in think or feel like we imaging we can; nor would we endlessly float around the planet or anything like that. it just seems too ridiculous for me to believe.i think of it as kinda like utter darkness, or absolute nothingness, a void even. like when you have your eyes shut in a pitch black room, minus anything going through your head. you won't even know you don't exist anymore, you won't even sense the darkness. you can't because it simply doesn't exist. you don't exist. again, it's sad that this is what i truly believe. its because i'm an extremely rational thinker. this makes more sense to me than any other theory, so i stick with it. i believe that souls are the containment of our brains. they cannot exist outside of it. they're the result of our brain cell's physical structure which allows us to sense and interact our non-physical being to everything else which is physical. although our soul is non-physical, it is still based on a physical structure. if the brain is damaged, the soul will also be damaged. if the brain stops operating, so will the soul... again, i cannot put into words. please try and understand.i mean, as humans we like to think that we're somehow superior to other life on earth. we've created heaven and hell as an excuse to a dark and cruel end. what happens to trees and critters when they die. how are they judged by god. god, if there is such an existence, to me, would be more like the flow of the universe rather than an entity he's so widely known to be. forgive me if i've offended you, this is just what i believe. i guess its good in a way that i know death is upon me and it makes me want to strive to live a good life while i can.
  13. i would absolutely love to know, really. i'd get so dam curious, but i think i'd be strong enough to resist the temptation. what fun is life if you know when you're gonna die... you can't enjoy every moment as it comes and you'd try to cram everything in at once. i'd much prefer that it was kept discrete so i could enjoy my life not knowing if i'd die tommorow or another 90years away! (haha thats abit to long actually -__-v)
  14. its sad to hear something like this coming from such a young individual. its times like this where i feel the need to change the person i am. i want to, really, its just that in the end i don't have to motivation to go through with it. nothing seems to change, maybe its because of the way i've been brought up. i feel like i could be a better person, live a better life or just generally feel better if i changed a few small things in life... if i were to be put into a situation like this, maybe i would. atm, i feel like i'm invincible; sad really. ;[
  15. robot slaves seems quite unusual, but not too far fetched. it would be cool to see robots who can take actions and interact with their environment all on its own. i always picture them with jagged movements like you see in movies and such haha but it would be pretty awesome if they could move fluently, just like humans. its interesting how far we've come. we've started out by making individual appliances for specific tasks but we're now moving into the stage where we want them to multi-task. if it can't do more than one thing then it isn't really considered new or high tech. it makes sense of course, its just strange how we've become so reliant on mechanical structures to do your bidding.we used to get lazier by generations... but as of late its seems that we've gotten lazier with every decade. how far will this go... i reckon one day people will get to the point where even going out of the house to shop would be considered a chore. all our goods will be delivered straight to our front door! then we'll have a robot get it for us from our front door lol. ahh... what is this world coming too.. ;o (totally off topic sorry -_-v)
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