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Girls And Bathrooms. You always wanted to know...

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its a figgen secret society...however the womens bathrooms not much diffrent from the mens... only thing diffrent is there are no urnals but more toilets... and they have the tampon thingy on the wall lol...otherthan that they are the same... o and half the time it smells like *BLEEP* cause of the 4 million prefumes they all put on lol (just the combination of them all in the same room)


haha. maybe we do try to go speedy, and maybe not! The world may never know...but theres the question that if we do go to have races, why does it take us that painfully slow 30 min? The graphiti on the walls of course! First we have to read ALL of it, then we have to comment all of it, and start our own little...converation via bathroom wall.

that is extremely funny, the bathroom blog, HAHAHA, so just curious did anyone work out the ratio of males to females that have been replying to this post? just currious, cause I've only seen maybe 20 posts so far and only 2 girls have commented. the racing theory is good but I know too many girls that might kill each other to have or keep the record, and their not dead, so it doesn't quite seem right, still laughing though lol


Interesting theories, boys lol...I can't say I've ever 'raced' going to the bathroom. Unless of course that means trying to finish my business before the other people I bring in is done. Not for the sport of it, but more along the lines of I don't want anyone to hear me pee. I'm rather shy that way.So, you think that it would be better to go in alone then, so no one would hear me? Maybe, except that ever since us girls were younger, we've been trained not to go anywhere 'alone' for fear that the evils in life might find us and do bad things to us. There's strength in numbers, eh?This is especially true in cases when the washrooms are very public, like train stations or bars... places that might not be all that safe. We've all heard the stories of the things that have happened, and could still happen, I'd rather not chance it if I could help it.As for the not wanting to speak up when we have to go, making all the girls jump up at the notion of someone else suggesting it? That is also true in my case. I hate having to announce that I need to go to the washroom. It's a lot easy to just wait for someone, and say, I'll go with you.I can't speak for which is cleaner, because I don't tend to frequent the male washrooms, but I can tell you I've seen some spotless female washrooms, and I've also seen some that despite me really really having to go, I've walked right back out, because I couldn't bring myself to use the facilities it had been so bad. I figure, both sexes have there moments.Couchs in washrooms are fun, but I've only really seen them in department stores. I know one time I was sick, and overly joyed to find a couch to lay down on. It was the only time I'd ever used it, and I still haven't since.I love the writing on the wall too in washrooms. It's ever important to read it all, and compare notes while washing hands to see who got the best one. I know at this restaurant that I used to go to... there was even a chalkboard in every stall that you could read / leave messages on. I just admired it from afar however, because the thought of someone touching the same piece of chalk as they were peeing kinda freaked me out. Not so much with the sanitary.Plus, we do fix our makeup, and hair, and try to make ourselves a little more presentable before we come out. We like to look good you know.I can't really think of anything else at the moment, but I think this might provide a little insight, though some of it was me just confirming what other people had already said.


As guys we tend to think in terms of competition. Girls? Not so much. It's why they're not so into sports for the most parts, or competition. The reason for the bathrooms I think shows a fundamental difference between most girls and guys. Girls think relationally. When they go to bathrooms together or to malls together it's not to accomplish a task but to build relationships. We think of shopping as "let's go, find what we came for, conquer the shopping task!" But with them shopping doesn't have to be just to get something, but to spend time with someone they want to get to know better. When a wife wants her husband to go to the store, he might think it's just a waste of time, but she wants to spend private time with him apart from all the kids and busy-ness.


Well I think we can safely conclude that no one here knows anything at all about what there talking about.


I think they do it so they dont get raped or murdered guys could defend themselves, you don't see ugly girls or buff ones going in the bathroom with anyone else, do yah? :)


Interesting. Kinda true. My bathroom is too little to let enter more than 3people but it could be true.I remember having a Shaving Party once, I went to a friend house and with others females friends, in the bathroom we shaved our legs, our eyesbrows (not completely, silly) and...well everything that needs to be shaved on a Lady in summertime :) It was funny, but at the end there were hair everywhere, kinda disgusting.


I am not a girl but, as some have mentioned, I would agree that most women probably go into bathrooms in groups because they have almost always been told "Don't go anywhere alone". Guys are usually not told this after they are about 12 years old from my experience.On the "racing" theory, its actually more something guys would do then girls. Guys, by nature, are competitive, its part of the way the brain reacts to male hormones. Girls are not as competitive by nature as men and so I would say its more that they have something they want to talk about in a semi-private area.Maybe not and every girl is different so there probably isn't a rule of thumb on this idea.On the time spent in the bathroom, I wonder if part of it is that they want to make sure the other women they went in with get out safely. Its just a guess but, I would say that would be supported by the 'safety in numbers' rule. Girls also probably fix their hair and makeup if it needs it when they are done taking care of business. This would also add to the time they spend in the bathroom. :)


Yeah i guess they could be having private talkes but i prefer to believe they have their private black market, stock exchange and bookie in there for all their illeagle needs. Oh and dont forget the swiss bank account representitive aswell


I'm not really sure. Maybe girls just like to hang out in there. Does anyone know if they really have sofas in there? lol, we need a girl's thought on this topic.

I'm not a girl, thank you, but you might like to know that yes, some establishment do have sofas in the girls' washroom. I suppose it is for those intimate sorrowful moments between best friends when one of them goes a-crying into the universal sanctuary for females, the washroom.

It might also be interesting to note that some establishments over here also have sofas in the men's washroom although it is rare that guys above the age of eight actually sit there.

I also would like to bemoan the gender inequality. Why are women capable of asking "Wanna go to the washroom with me?" to another of their kind while a male doing the same stunt would, at best, earn himself a frigid glare and, at worst, a broken nose?

So... any guys out there wanna go to the washroom with me? We could gossip, paint our nails, put on makeup or just gush over each others' shoes. It'd be fun, really <_<


Being a girl myself, I most certainly do not go to the bathroom in groups, but, as it seems to be mentioned several times above, the bathroom is a girls-only place, well- at least it should be. That means that girls can talk without boys hearing them, so they mostly tal kabout guys an dwho's betrayed who recently. Never been much into sob stories- had a boyfriend but dumped him a few days later. I guess some people are just into that..... Anyways, it is private, and other girls like me listen to it and talk to the guys about it. Fun most of the time.


i think its so they can talk in provate put up some make-up or just use the Bathroom


In Harry Potter,Hermione went to the toilet to gossip with girls.I couldn't understand why they want to go to the toilet to do that.......


yeah its all for talking. they go in there and talk. i remember once many years ago my sister and like 5 of her cousins all went into the same toilet at the same time and talked. they were in there for like 15 minutes ( they were like 5- 10 at the time).at school girls still do it. theyll even arrange for all their friends in different classes to go to the toilet at the same time.and with guys its the complete opposite...no guy wants to go to the toilet with other guys. the bathroom means privacy please!girls = weird.ive been inj the girls toilet at school before and they had a white board in there. with writing and stuff on it. that was so cool, they could leave messages and draw and stuff. itd be cool if the guys toilets had that...but the guys toilets is always so feral thanks to the immature grade 9s and 8s...10s.."hey lets pee all over the place, jack off on the trough, throw toilet paper everywhere, leave taps on..."idiots!

Nani Cheri

girls = weird.

ive been inj the girls toilet at school before and they had a white board in there. with writing and stuff on it. that was so cool, they could leave messages and draw and stuff. itd be cool if the guys toilets had that...but the guys toilets is always so feral thanks to the immature grade 9s and 8s...10s..
"hey lets pee all over the place, jack off on the trough, throw toilet paper everywhere, leave taps on..."

WOW <_< You guys realllyyy do that stuff????? Man now that is weird! jacking off on the trough ??
Hey girls kinda cool, lets masturbate above the sink too :P !!!


Dammit girls, he's on to us!Lol, if I actually have to go I don't usually like anyone coming with. If I go in a crowd it is most deffinitly because we're talking about someone and that someone could very well be YOU. So, should you should be nervous? Yes, you should be.


Heh... I'm a girl but I go there alone. When I get there... I'm alone... still... Well, from what I observed from my classmates, they usually talk there, fix their hair, wash their faces or powder up. They don't necessarily go their to take a leak though. They take their sweet time. Another reason why they might be asking people to come with them is that they're scared of ghosts... Actually there was this classmate of mine who saw a ghost in the third floor bathroom (I don't know if she just thought she saw it or if she really did) so she HAS to HAVE someone to come along. Heck, I go alone most of the time and when I do, there's absolutely no one in the bathroom. :) Sometimes I get annoyed with girls who overreact and stuff. What's the big deal?

Zero Ziat

Well, most dumb guys actually just:A ) Burn toilet paper.B ) Wet toilet paper and throw it in the ceiling. (Wtf, they just give even more work to the janitors.)I'd rather suggest someone to watch the toilets.It's just retarded. : /


you know, ive heard alot of things about girls bathrooms, you know, couches and the likebut this summer, i discovered the real reason why girls go to bathrooms in groups... (story coming up)I went to this wedding, and well, it was at a country club, where dinners were over 100$ a plate. When i get there, of course i realized that my tie was not straight, and therefore proceeded into the bathroom, or, what i thought was the bathroom.now dont get me wrong, there was a sign that said men on it and everything, but when i walked in, i had to double check the sign, because instead of seeing a restroom, i saw 2 leather recliners, a leather couch, and a tv bigger than any ive ever seen before. also, a door that said 'Restroom'i proceeded through this door to find a nice mirror, marble toilets, etc... anyways, back to the fun partso me and my brother-in-law later return to the 'Men's room' (not the restroom, the one with the couche and such) to explore. Not only did we find a wardrobe full of suit jackets and ties available in case you forgot yours, but also a Playstation 2 and about 40 different games.so through about the first 2 hrs of this wedding, we played socom 3 online... yeah, they even had it hooked into a network that let us get online.So really, girls like video games, they just only play them from the secrecy of their own 'womens rooms' once again, not the restrooms, the part with the couches xD

Teri Luketic

Wow. . .that's kind of an interesting way to think of it. I'm a girl, and I don't always understand why they would tell eachother to go with them! I rarely do that. The only thing I do that for is to check myself, or if I need to talk to them about something and then we don't always go there, it's often just some other part of wherever we are. Races? Only the weird ones! (No offense to anyone!)