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Area 51 What do you think it is?


That is true, maybe people haven't really seen UFo's at all, personally myself, I believe we are the only populated solar system in the entire Universe. I do not think people have seen UFO's or space crafts or any such thing, They have just seen tests, and secret prjects going on by the United Stated Government. The lights, or round things, or whatever they said they saw, wwere probaly the United Stated Governemt testing a new plane design, etc. That is why they never saw such a thing.


I believe there is extraterrestial intelligence. But I don't think there is anything related to extraterrestials in Area51. The US doesn't disclose what type of operations they don there. It's one of their Top Secret bases. I think they test latest combat aircraft there. It's due to the secrecy that weird stories about Area51 are made.


Well, that is true, if there werne't weird places like Area 51 that are top secret, then people, bored out of there mind will make up these stories about aliens being experimented on at Area 51, I don't believ there are aliens, thats why I think Area 51 is just a secret military base that is used for testing, building new planes, bombs, etc.


YES!! I LOVE POSTS ABOUT ALIENS AND STUFF LIKE THIS Ok...so...I'm not sure what to think about Area 51, its hard to say what goes on there, I was watching a documentary and there was a person who used to work there talking, and supposedly it goes 51 stories undergroudn, thats why they call it area 51, and PERSONALLY i think its dual purposed, I beleive its used to test new equipment for the government, AND I beleive its used for alien research, because I beleive there are aliens, and the government knows something and isn't telling us, but thats just one mans opinion


First of all, the X-1 may not have been the first plane to exceed the speed of sound; it's believed that a two weeks earlier, an F-86 Sabre prototype broke it in a shallow dive.


Anyway, Area 51: Yes, it's a site at Nellis AFB in Nevada. As for what there, probably ultra-secret stuff...such as the Aurora, if it exists. That's probably where the F-117 and B-2 were based too. But with all the security, it kinda makes you wonder...


Well, it is a known fact that it does exist, whether the government says it or not. Basically, in my opinion, they test a wide range of aircraft, nothing close to flying saucers though. The Stealth Bomber (The one that looks like a flying wing) was said to have been tested there. There have even been reports of the Aura fighter being seen in the skies over area-51, an extremely fast bomber.




I came to know about Area 51 when I watched the documentary about Apollo mission. That said Apollo mission was fake and all the images and stunts were actually done in Area 51... The Consipiracy Theory about Apollo was well documented...Well I know Area 51 is protected by US millitary and I do suppose that is a forbidden area....that is all


thedevil: If you look at the facts, the Apollo missions would have to be on the moon. All the evidence with the photo quality and stuff like that...


destinyblue21: First off, there's a button that says "Caps Lock" and should be on your keyboard. Second, why the heck would we be helping Osama?


i agree with u. nasa may is the responsible. about michel jackson i think it is one of them lol, maybe someday he will tell us the truth!!No no,,,, my opinion is that there are no alliens. hope u dissagree with me, cz believing in smthg u can c is good. it makes ur imagination better and gives a reson to excist.Anw aliens stories r nice and i like them. if have in mind anthg tell me, i mean a book or anything like this. waiting 4 reply


I think that is been used fordeveloping weapons not aliens as some people think


I think that Area 51 is a place for small "TOP SECRET OMG LOOK AT ME!" experiments. Stuff gets done there but nothing REALLY important. To like draw attention away from the real thing. And I also think that they hire out people to spread rumors and plant 'evidence' that they got UFOs and the like hidden there. To make the public think UFO when they hear Area 51. I want to get hired out by the guys with the black trench coats and sunglasses and oddly shaped outlines in their pockets to spread false rumors about random top secret government projects! They prolly have someone moniterring this right now. Hi Mr./Ms. Government Worker!


Area 51 in my opinion will never be known unless it is the end of the world. I'll bet they have some hi-tech weapons for wars in the future, UFOs like everyone else saids, and maybe EVEN AN ALIEN! Ok, that probably doesn't exist right now, but maybe someday. How do you get the job anyways? That's the real question...


I think it's a place where the government stores things and documents that are secret. I also think it's a place where new technology is tested. I've seen satellite imagery and used google earth to look at the general area where area 51 is, it looks like desert, just plain desert.Upon closer inspection, the "desert" had features, like roads, and things that looked like hangars.I don't see what the big deal is about, just a secret place for secret stuff.


I had never really thought about it in terms of what it really was. I guess I just thought it was some hoax about aliens and never gave any real thought to what it might really be.That sounds like a probable idea as to what it is used for. I'm sure NASA is making new things all of the time, and well, they need somewhere to test those inventions. I'd like to see what they're making, it'd be interesting.But... maybe there are aliens. :-) I wouldn't rule it out.


Like many others have said it sounds probable that this place don’t hold very confidential material. It may have earlier – before the dangerous eyes of the public found it.

It’s probably too dangerous now to keep top secret stuff in there, because so many people are watching the site.

So where do the government hide all the top secret stuff? Who knows…

We probably won’t be told for the next many years…


I'm sure that Area 51 isn't holding the MOST secretive materials and such. How did we find out about Area 51 anyways?Somewhere out there (well somewhere in the U.S.) that no one knows in exception of the government, has the ufo's and such.

Kid Saiyan

Well...call me crazy if you want, but i believe that Area 51 actually does contain a mass of data concerning the existance and knowledge of Aliens and other unknown Beings.I always had a Hypothesis that The American government bribed TV show hosts to make fun of Area 51; So thatpeole wouldnt believe in ot anymore.I try to make people understand this hypothesis of mine at school but they all call me crazy...after all, i do believe in Bigfoot!So...Area 51 might not be the name, but i believe that such a place does exist where they have alien spacechips, Unidentified Flying Objcets and more...


wow!!! and i was wondering what is area51 loll, but from the 1st post i see that its definetely US test base! i dont know much, but thats just my opinion!

Kid Saiyan

But how can you be sure..I might be contradicting my own post a little bit here, but how are can yoube so certain on its existance and/or location. As far as i know, it has never been discovered and there is absolutely no proof of its existance. By the way, i also have a hunch that theres an Area 51 in the UK called area 52!B)lolit may sound ludacris, but thats my opinion!

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