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    Chris with a "K" thats what what my friends call me.<br /><br />I am currently a Game Art & Design student, however upon investigating the school I learned a few dirty secrets that I just will not tolerate.<br /><br />Currently I am in the search of a new school that specializes in the field of Fashion Design, I could be far more valuable in this field than any other I believe.<br /><br />I am working on a comic at the moment that I am basing off of a story I have written that is in all respect a Trilogy. <br /><br />Also I do a large amount of Illustrating and Costume design, (but the costumes are really just concept at the moment).<br />
  1. I kinda thought that unlimited space was a bug cause I signed up for the 150 MB of space. Actually I found the problem the files went bad cleared them out and not it's fine no problem.Thanks.
  2. The problem is not uploading that goes smoothly but past that point......It refuses to link the song even when you post the URL nothing happens!Yes I am talking about Xisto otherwise I wouldn't care but this one has never given me any problem until recently, it's just kinda wierd.Has anyone else had this problem to?
  3. Yeah for some odd reason or another my hosting site has for a lack of a better word stoped hosting music for me. Now that I think about this it quit working around that time they fixed that little unlimited space thing on the hosting packages.Someone fix this......PLEASE.
  4. I hope that it not only makes the security for Windows better but I hope that it will also fix some bugs in Service Pack 2.But how long will it be until Microsoft starts releasing patches and fixes for their Service Pack 3, I'm sure that everyone is awaiting that as well.Hopefully it will come with several new features to it.....But the real problem with this coming out is how long do you actually need to wait to install it if you remember when Service Pack 2 came along it caused some major problems with computers sometimes it was fixable other times if forced you to reformate your computer and if you didn't have anything backed up you were just completely out of luck.Maybe this time it will not cause this problem but I'm betting that it will, because of the simple fact they try to get it out as quickly as possible not really ensuring that it will function properly.
  5. And what is removing the ESRB rating going to accomplish. And what is the rest of the world that abides by the ESRB rating system going to bow down to the United States. The only area that would feel the effect would be the United States.This rating system was put in place for a reason and should still remain, as we already know there are video games out on the market that are so violent that it would be best to keep them out of the hands of adolesence. Without a system such as that it would allow anyone to purchase these games.Parents aren't going to keep there children away from these games that is what this system is attemting to do.
  6. Thanks for the input so far and I to know very little about the game itself, only what I have learned in my former Game Design School and someone that constantly talks about it, by the way that really kills the mood of a party.But I do agree with you on that Sarah81, in moderation it could possibly be something good, however when they become addicted to it and quit attending classes for three weeks to go "Campaining" there is a serious problem going on in there life.I myself can never see me or the majority of my friends even contemplating playing that game, but I have heard rumors of people that began playing this game when it first came into being during the 70's and are still playing this game for some reason I guess this is the type of D&D person you do not wish to ever become.
  7. Personally I feel that even knowing of this game has somehow lowered my I.Q. I have seen this game turn once productive members of society into virtual shut-ins, recluses, in a sense hermits.Even shy people become so inthralled with this game that they literally turn on what was once considered great friendships.Although I do know of some people that have managed to forge a career out of games such as this. But other than this I do not see another positive side to this phenomina.If you have anything to say to it pease don't hesitate I would really like to see what other people think of this......
  8. I'm sure that at one point in time that Dragons, at on time, existed not just in folklore and ledgend but also in reality. Much like the Dinosaur the Dragon just becam extinct due to drastic climate change and the encroshment of man and civilization.I think I did see somewhere that they managed to find an intact, preserved Fossil of a dragon to study didn't they, or it might have just been a creature that resembled a Dragon, but then again they have managed to find prefectly preserved fossils of Dinosaurs as well.
  9. There are many, many video game characters that are near and dear to me not to olny for there personality but also for how they motivate a person to keep pushing to see what will become of them in the end.There emtional ties to other characters within a game are another important part to becoming important to someone......Take for example Cloud and Aeris from Final Fantasy VII, there was some heavy ove intrests going on between them and when she dies in the middle you see that Aeris was important to him.This question I really just can't answer with only one character I would honestly have to answer with a long list just to proberly answer it....
  10. This game might look good but when you think of the other Tomb Raiders games it really doesn't get you hopes up for this one, I mean did you even play the others, it's like tha games themselfs were put together in such a hurry they didn't even care about how it played.
  11. It is an interesting article true Stem Cell Research would be a giant leep forward in Medical Research but I don't really think that people will understand that in a sense they will see it a destroying a Human Life.If it does pass it will be a major step forward for everyone, once they see what the Stem Cell Research possibilities are.
  12. That is quite interesting a plant that when burned can genterate electricity, I am assuming that it would be of low cost to raise this plant and in turn use it to generate the power. But what would happen if it too bacame as what fossil fuels today are, on the verge of being exausted we might end up in the same place we are as of now racing to find, "the next best thing" that would prodice energy for a time.
  13. Halo 2 all the way for me!!!!!At least in this game you not only get a story line you also get co-opting gameplay, you also get more challenging features to it the more you play this game, online gameplay, and a ranking for the character that you create.....
  14. What if this isn't the only Universe that exists, what if this Universe that we exist in is only a newly formed one coexisting in conjunction to countless others. It is something I have thought about for quite some time actually, I have always wondered how all this was created, and somehow I started to think of it as a living organism able to create, it could be possible after all what we do know about the Universe itself isn't much.And what we do know about the Universe is almost mere speculation, what we know about it could be all wrong.
  15. Let us face it this game is kick and will be for years to come, not only are the graphic mind blowing but the over all game play is tight the stroy is also worthy of mentioning as well. I don't have anything bad to say about this game, I still wish I could get my hands on the limited edition version but it is just to hard to find.I know how great this game is and I can't wait to see what they have in store for Resident Evil 5 if it is anywhere as good as this game is it will be worthy of praise as well.
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