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Google Chrome Os ?


The operating system of Google, Chrome OS could in the middle of the month to appear at the cheaper computers. Unofficial information coming from a source close to Chinese producers of computers, and apparently it is a cheap netbook computers that cost under 200 dollars. Computers should be equipped with MIPS processors Loongson, while sales in the beginning would be limited to the Asian market. After netbook computers, Chrome OS should revive in the UMPC and tablet computers, but is not yet known the availability of these devices to other markets. Google also announced in July that the first computers with Chrome OS will occur towards the end of the year, but nobody expected that they will appear at the beginning of the fourth quarter.


Now I am not amazed to see an OS from Google. It was started as a search engine basically and from then they have got a lot of things added up in their armory. First they launched Google Android for mobile devices and then their web browser Google Chrome. Now, they are coming with their OS lets see what it has got! In my view, with their OS they are targeting Microsoft OS basically, but, I don't think they are gonna succeed in their aim.


I am very eager to see the OS by google the giant in the internet business. Very eager even to know the highlights of the new OS and wants to know the salient features of this OS. Does anyone know more about this OS then please post here so that all should get some good information about the new OS.


i just cant wait for Google


I heard google will release a programming language called noop?? Did you hear this from news?


it would be amazing that google launch its free OS. Google all products are amazing with ability to capture the market very rapidly. Google gather all the great things from the compatitor's product and merge it and add its extra usabilities factors that attract users rapidly. Its google beauty they know what customers wants.


The Google OS may not live up to your expectations.. Its a cloud computing type OS which means that it will be made for netbooks, rather than PCs or laptops and it is meant almost exclusively for emails, light word processing and the internet. It wont be able to support heavier programs like (for example) microsoft office, (i know it wont support Microsoft stuff, but im giving it as an example of a large software suite that simply wont work on the Google OS) and no photoshop or complex image editing suites either. Though i expect the GIMP will work.Its meant for travelling business people who need to email, edit documents and surf the web while at a cafe, on a train etc... It's not particularly suitable for the home user who might want movies, music, image editing, office suites, gaming etc... though it would be ideal for university students who can research things and do coursework while out and about.I also think its heavily based on Linux (but what isnt, the Vista GUI smacks of the classic linux large icons and special effects, Mac OS's are linux with a pretty face and good marketing, most mobile phone operating systems and PDA systems (and probably book readers) are heavily linux based....) so it might not be that different, it could just be another flavour of linux. I expect it will fail to be honest, much like Google Chrome which is terrible in respect to usable and useful features, though excellent in regards to stability and system resource usage. I still dont like or use it but i do have it installed.


I'm very excited as well as Google usually provide amazing features along with their programs. I wonder what's up the sleeve of Google especially when they are fighting against OS giant Microsoft and they got to produce something exceptional and worthwhile in order to outfight windows. Windows 7 is going to be release officially soon too and lots of interesting news about big software companies are going to appear in the next few months. I can't wait for them!


Wait, its called android. Not google OS?


Wait, its called android. Not google OS?

You're misunderstanding the android and google chrome OS. Android is mobile platform. It is similar to symbion OS. Google chrome OS is different and it runs on PC. If you're following mashable or techncrunch blogs. or even lifehacker blogs then you can find beta pics of that OS. They're out and Chrome OS looks horrible. Take a look at the lifehacker's review on early release of chrome OS.


Chrome os...In fast argument, if it faster than windows, doesnt have compatibility issues and stable, it can be considerable to useMost school and office here only need kind of word/Sheet processor, a browser, and an antivirusI might take it for my laptop toolol


Hmm this is not new but still the OS is not released.It is true this will work,but i am not sure how much they are working on that.They have very much services,formatted on web,and executables,but never operative system.I don't remember now,but i found one magazine called Bug,there was picture of Google OS but i don't remember it.I think it had style like Linux,but i am not sure so don't say i am wrong


Doesn't amaze me at all. Google's been always trying to own Microsoft but with no luck. Microsoft with Bing, Google with Google and now IE and Chrome and.. now an operative system.This may end up pretty bad one day, I know MS has a lot of concurrence but Google with Microsoft's just ridiculous.


You're all mistaken.Chrome OS is not a PC operating system.It's a netbook OS.


The OS war is now taking a new turn with the expected Google's Chrome Operating System. The influence of Microsoft operating system Windows is challenged recently by Google, which is one of the leaders in the open source movement. The popular search engine declared to launch a new operating system named Google's Chrome Operating System. It is good news for the developing countries for reducing their dependency on the pirated Windows.
With Microsoft launching Windows 7 officially on 22nd of this month and pricing it almost double that of XP, truly reflect why many home PC users and even business houses of the developing countries are addicted to the pirated version of Windows. At the same time Microsoft is running a campaign against the unlicensed Windows users and lobbying to insist the government to ban pirated software. Few years back they played a role to declare and rank the developing countries in terms of using pirated software and the fact and figures at a press conference did raise some questions.

Though it is a popular belief that the software giant many ways try to stop software piracy, like ads, lobbying governments, supplying software to check pirated software, campaign, survey and monitoring surfers. The government must know sudden banning of the pirated software can hamper IT education and development, and it is also fact that international software developers may not enter the developing countries without strong anti-piracy law and law enforcing agencies are active for cracking down on software pirates.

For developing countries Microsoft does not have a significant investment except some small works and training to create a ground for the company. The few staffs they have just sell licenses of the products. In fact, all the international software developers are yet to invest in the developing countries.

Now about the two companies, there is a fundamental difference between two companies lies in the fact that Microsoft earns much from selling MS Windows and MS Office. Google does not charge customers or surfers. Its business is based on selling Internet ads. Till now the vast majority of Google searches are on PCs running Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer.

The new Chrome OS may change the habit of PC users from installing only Windows besides another open source software Linux, or may be MAC for that matter, which got popularity among the IT community of an alternative view not to let corporate gang earn much. But still general users are not aware of the open source software. So proprietary software is getting more influence over the PC users.

Some of these Open Source Network Groups is an oasis in promoting open source software movement, its volunteers could be able to create a wave in the IT community but still common users of IT are far from the exploration of open source software. Such moment should be spread out across the developing countries for sake of Digital Revolution.

Keeping source code open is the philosophy of open source software movement that does not mean you cannot spin off software for business from an open source software. In terms of business the gap between proprietary software and open source software is reducing, however, till now open source software is a best tool to minimise operating costs. An allegation is prevailing in the developing countries against few IT guys, to earn name and fame the guys steal or copy proprietary software and then release it as open source software. Some of these are nicked as portable applications.

Automation for Digital Revolution will be cost effective with an operating system whose source code is open like the case of Google OS is expected to be. After buying a PC a middle class person cannot afford to buy expensive proprietary software. Moreover, computing power in most countries was lagging behind for lack of a cheap full fledged operating system. A true Digital Revolution for mass people depends on computing like using spell and grammar check software, dictionary, database management, website as well as an operating system.

Large Multinational company like Microsoft cannot deny software piracy popularises their products and improve their market growth. Sometimes piracy does not deprive them from profit making, rather it create addiction to people to use their software and their products dependency goes up. So software piracy should not be their prime rival, on the contrary, open source software can be a great threat to their businesses.

Google's Chrome Operating System has a great future due to the search engine's availability and reliability. To keep up the influence of Windows Microsoft should develop a free version of the operating system. Good news is that Microsoft just announced a free web-based version of its Office software.

Now it is up to us to cheer for the new OS and make it better or use the same Windows with so much security threats.

Notice from rvalkass:



I don't anticipate much at all from google asfar as an operating system goes. As somebody alreadymentioned, this operating system would be very light andwould support very few features. Google chrome is an exampleof a very light web browser, so I fully expect a googleos to be about the same.Now google is trying to complete with Linux. I don't think they'll eversucceed with that. Outside of the basic google search engine, the only thing I really like fromthem is Gmail. Such things as google maps and google analyticsdon't do it for me at all. I think they are trying to expand too quickly.


Google definitely suprised me with Android, and i can say that whatever android turns out to be, thats exactly what it was intended to be! :PThey are one of the most trusted companies in the world, i can see a fair amount of people and companies following that trust and investigating further into the OS


Anti-virus companies will always continue to make viruses (believe me it is true) and always the most popular OS will be attacked with them.So releasing this OS should be silently and on that way viruses number will be lower.If you work with Linux you will have bad software but you will be secured.Hope the same will be for this,but i am sure Google will make powerful software for their OS and we will not need some special protection & speeding up computer...Maybe some cool games will come with Google Chrome...Sorry but i can't understand difference between gOS and Google Chrome OS?


I can't wait for this to come out. It will show who makes better OS's as Microsoft Have Windows 7 Launched now Wait till Google Launch there OS we will look at the Sales :PWhich do you think is better?Google - Specialise in Web products.Microsoft - Specialise in making OS products.


chrome as an os i think its going to be a big nothinggoogle is good in web services but when it comes for os and all win is the best or linuxbut google no ways

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