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  1. It's pretty obvious robot will win. Who doesn't want automated process? It saves time, manpower and money. Humans may make errors in translating, a good program will always produce the same output. If you trust on the translating capability of Google, there isn't a need for human translation.I prefer Facebook to adopt Google Translate as their main translating engine as it save alot of resources and will provide their users a better and faster user environment. We shall wait and see if Facebook will collaborate with Google, which now we see as an impossible ending.
  2. I'm very excited as well as Google usually provide amazing features along with their programs. I wonder what's up the sleeve of Google especially when they are fighting against OS giant Microsoft and they got to produce something exceptional and worthwhile in order to outfight windows. Windows 7 is going to be release officially soon too and lots of interesting news about big software companies are going to appear in the next few months. I can't wait for them!
  3. Yeah facebook games are great especially when you are totally bored at office or need some simple stuff to spend your break time. Playfish definitely succeed in creating facebook games, I've seen almost everyone I know of plays at least 1 facebook game from Playfish.However, I think facebook games are definitely not when you are totally serious about gaming. There's still limitations as to what browser based games can do.
  4. Well, even if there's not 300 million active users, I guess the amount of hits per day on the site or the number of unique visitor per day is strong enough to statistically show how popular facebook is. Being rank with the top websites in the world like yahoo and google is a terrific feat and you must congrat facebook on doing that in just 5 years since their publication.
  5. I was amazed by those stunning animation effects of this version too. It really makes the game more interesting and more tempting to try out. Perhaps the characters are not better than previous version, but their exciting move sure will covers their weakness. Overall I think waiting for the game to release first before making decision might be a good choice. I might also wait to see some peer reviews on the game first.
  6. I have never seen conficker worm in action but there is lot's of hype about it. Many people are talking about it and IT security sites all over the world are warning users about it.I guess that's why zero day vulnerability cost so much and big companies are willing to pay a load sum of money for those vulnerability of their system. If these vulnerability are not bought by those generous offers from the company, it's going to cost alot more damage to the companies on their system before they can even prepare for it.
  7. You need to first determine the formula that converts between the 2. I guess there's alot of script or formula out there by using google. Then use mathematical formula in javascript to convert the 2 then output the result using innerHTML.
  8. This is a good news for every music video lovers! From what I read from the papers it was said that Warner agrees to the deal of being able to gain more revenues from the advertising of the videos but they have to find their own source of advertising or something. Couldn't remember the entire news, but it seems that Warner said they couldn't cover back the expense of the artist and other cost with those previous advertising revenue with youtube that cause the pull out of the videos.
  9. One big example of the Cloud Computing is the Google Apps. Cloud Computing technology have been widely welcome by businesses to reduce cost and contributes to the success of Google Apps and their popularity. However recent downtime of the Google have been the main talk of town which cloud computing might be the cause of the problem.
  10. I'm sure most gamers would have heard of Diablo 3 which is set to release most probably next year. Diablo 3 is the third in the Diablo series and many gamers have waited for quite some time since Diablo 2. I feel that Diablo 3 have stunning gameplay and graphics, fairly well develop controls and character class. In Diablo 3, there will be 5 main classes namely: Witch Doctor, Barbarian, Wizard, Monk and the last class have not been revealed. From what blizzard had announced, only 1 class made it from Diablo 2 to 3 which is the Barbarian. Best of all many have remark that Diablo 3 would be a MMORPG. Here's some links that will show you more about Diablo 3 http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/ http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ <-- This video will get you quite a fair idea how Diablo 3 will looks like. So how many of you would buy the game when it's release? How many of you will play it and what are your thoughts on this game?
  11. I think you should instead do a run in your script and paste the error message here if there's any. I'm not a PHP compiler, don't expect me to run through the codes and generate the errors for you with my brain.
  12. Place the PHP scripting codes right at the start of the page, above the html codings.
  13. It don't looks very promising. The size of the gadget is way too bulky for a phone. Not very portable to me, even though I carry an e51 + ipod touch around with me everywhere I go, I still find this phone inflexible. It would be good if Microsoft decides to do some survey and redesign the phones to conform to users preferences. I guess alot of users would rather stick to iphone or blackberry if there is nothing amazing or exceptional about this phone.
  14. What I'm trying to mean is that since the script is created by IPS, and many ppl in the world are using Invision Power Board as their forum board. If there is really a problem or a bug in the script, shouldn't IPS be informed of this long ago or perhaps already or must have solved that bug in their next update or patch? I'm using both Internet Explorer and Google Chrome from my laptop with a wireless connection, and I have total no problem with the login script and I could keep myself logged in. I don't see why there is a problem with the script, when I'm experiencing no difficulty. Maybe you can try another web browser and see if there is a difference.
  15. Well, we can't blame Xisto for this problem. Afterall the login system was develop by IPS and they are merely using their scripts. Did you try clearing your cache or browsing data and do a dns flush? It appears that I gotten this error too while being logged into Xisto and deleting my browsing data with my Xisto forum open. But I didn't experience any problem before and after that.
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