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  1. ntah knp "no offence" di indo adalah 2 kata yg dipake sebagai alat penghapus rasa bersalah sebelum dan sesudah insult

  2. ni ada 2 sekolah 1 alamat, enak nya desain spanduk nya dibikin sama plek ja sekalian kgk ya ==a

  3. terkadang aku ingin post / komen untuk beresin omongan mu yg luar biasa ngacotp kemudian aku sadar klo rasa peduli ku dah terbang duluan

  4. Uye (╯°□°)╯︵┻━┻

  5. don't care, don't want to

  6. knp jg ini web pb kgk bs dibukaini kompi blm pada di patch woe ==a

  7. jd anime fighter tuh skin getamped taga lucu bgt, minta review dung =="

  8. well i'm kinda going back here in my search for web hosting service. may some kind hearted people give me the current situation?

    1. velma


      Welcome back FouGilang


      Hosting for posting is still here with a twist :) Read here :-



    2. k_nitin_r


      If you're back, you probably know how things were - they haven't changed much.

    3. FouGilang


      @k_nitin_r really? it's almost 2 years since i left though :/

  9. well for the most of it, 50ft is the end of "his wisdom"if you decided to grow it more though, it will give you the "secret codes" like the future, dance, and other ones at somewhere like 100, 500, 1000....... i don't know where it will be at the maxwell do you have any need for the money after completing the adventure?
  10. irrespective of word count, you say? so how is it counted now?and i though it counted better than before because i got about 20 myCENT for 2 or 3 short welcoming messages... oh well that would mean extra efforts to get my future 1 year plan then >.> so it's still buggy i guess? it sure takes time to fix the forum upgrade .______.
  11. hello there, long time no see you all :)though this place sure is gone damn quiet than last time as i am concerned O_Obut anyway, how is the myCENT things going?it seems that it still takes about 3 days before mine being updatedor is it just me?
  12. FouGilang


    ohayo?now that's unusual, along with your unusual FULL CAPS WORDS :Dbut anyway, welcome to the Xisto forumsthough i don't know much about those GFXVOID, SLASHTHREE, INTRINSIC NATURE, (never heard of them ,honestly ) and other stuffs, we hope you enjoy your time here and become the great graphic artistgood luck!
  13. so it takes days to update the mycent after all

    1. Nameless_


      Yeah... but we can't really complain. :(

  14. hello thereso i guess you are the first person to get my welcoming message after disappeared for awhile :)i see that you have your myCENT already and get along well so introduction posts are not really neededi like it when people are easy to understand stuffs and not repeating the same question again and again so i don't have to guide them :Panyway, since you are in the web development and looking for hosting, look no more. well you may look out there to find more, but you'll eventually come back here (like me) >.<oh, and there is this website showcase sub-forums which located here > http://forums.xisto.com/topic/135-website-showcase/ hope to see your website there soon!
  15. why don't use internet download manager's addon?you can just simply click the "download this video/audio" button and get the one you wantedand as for internet there will be choices to download the low or high quality onewell, okay it's not a free app though so that would be the real problem here
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