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Can We Slow Down The Time? Watch a vid. on youtube and a query occured


Time is something we thought of and we use it how we understand it, but that time is different in different places it's true, as I remember time can be different by gravity and speed, as there is less gravity in space near our planet earth, we need to constantly adjust our satellites, especially for our GPS system, it always needs to synchronize with atomic clocks, because time is a bit slower..As I remember, time as we know it can be stopped near a giant black hole? Due to gravity there is very high, also it means that in the future if people will be flying between planets and stars, time will fly for them differently too, due to different gravity, but because the differences are so small, it's not like they going to age less a lot, just a little bit, but still it's a problem with the clock, how to adjust it, you would always need to synchronize it with some kind of a planet, if talking about sci-fi movies :DBut if talking about time how we input it, by all means it's different for everyone, an insect understands time differently, same for a dog or a rat or those creatures which only live for a day in a desert when it rains, for us it seems they live for a day, in that day those creature just put eggs and day and thats all, but from their perspective I believe they understand time differently "maybe they're so stupid they don't even need to understand time, but anyway" from their perspective it's a long time I guess..A sun if it would by alive as we understand alive, we would be just those little insects who just seems to get birth and give birth and day in a day from suns perspective, even maybe faster as a star can live millions-billions of years, but for it understands time differently :DTo conclude, I can say that time flies so fast, years passes you get older and older, the more older you're, faster the time goes


I would like the readers to first think about what time is.Its basically a 'concept' which we, humans, have devised as a measure to create a sense of 'when'.When we measure a day, we are actually counting one cycle of the sun around the earth. And the definition of a second is man made. It could have been longer or shorter than it is now.Second thing, the video demonstrated a man having greater brain activity while falling; hence, his ability to read the numbers. This is not related to time, in my humble opinion.

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