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Best Software For Developing Web Pages Any suggestions


Dear friends Hi,?I am using Microsoft front page for developing my web pages. But really fed up of using the same for some time now. Do you have any other suggestions for the same. I mean to say which is the software which you people are using for developing your web pages and why. What are the main i.e; highliting point in it due to which you are using it. So give your suggestions.?


I'm using three pieces of software at the moment to develop and maintain my websites.


The GIMP - http://www.gimp.org/


This is a free image editing application, available for Linux, Mac and Windows. I use it for doing the graphical parts of my web designs, along with a whole host of other stuff. It's fairly easy to use, especially if you're used to things like Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro. There are also tutorials available all over the web giving advice on how to make web layouts, or parts of them, using The GIMP. Many Photoshop tutorials can also be followed in The GIMP with similar results.


Eclipse with PDT - http://www.eclipse.org/pdt/


Again, available for Linux, Mac and Windows, I use this for managing all my projects and keeping track of all the files. It also keeps your code structure going, and remembers functions you create. It can look up PHP functions, provide help on them, do code completion, refactoring and a whole load of other cool features. It's free, so check it out.


Kate - https://kate-editor.org/


Kate is an advanced text editor for KDE (so works on any platform KDE can be run on). It includes syntax highlighting and other cool little features. I use it when I just have to edit one page or for trying stuff out, and saves me opening up Eclipse.


I really only use Dreamweaver. It is just plain amazing. It doesn't take much effort to make a page, and the interface is very pleasant. You can do everything from the GUI interface or code it yourself. It also has different views so you can view the design, the design and code, and the code.I would suggest that or Notepad++


Yes...I agree with Tramposch. Dreamweaver is really cool. I am also using it. The user interface and drag and drop capabilities etc...are very nice. And also you have complete control over your code even though you use the drag and drop features. I mean you don't have to worry where the code is located for this button or image etc...with its dual view when you click on some element on your gui design of your site...the corresponding code will be shown on code block. So it is easy to edit your code.

The only problem is its a paid one. If you prefer free ones....try this..pagebreeze html editor. It is a free html editor that supports both WYSIWYG and code supported. Just give it a try.
This is for html design.

If you want editors to develop PHP code I recommend Komodo Edit. It is also a free editor. You can download it from here Komodo Edit. It supports many other languages like Perl, Python, Ruby etc.. as well. And available for all platforms. Definitely one of the best free editors available.


Wait...What exactly is Eclipse? I thought it had to do with Java? The only instance I've ever heard of it in was with a Lineage II emulator's source code.It's usable with other things as well? And if so, could it also be used with things like books and stuff that you're writing?


Wait...What exactly is Eclipse? I thought it had to do with Java?

Java is mainly what Eclipse is used for, and by default is how it is configured. However, there are extensions and addons etc. that can be used to change your workspace to work for other languages. I use one for PHP that adds extra functionality and changes things around to work better with PHP coding rather than Java.

It's usable with other things as well? And if so, could it also be used with things like books and stuff that you're writing?

I wouldn't really use it for a book. It's more for programming languages. Having said that, I'm sure you could use it for LaTeX and write your book with that...


Frontpage is somewhere to start but it's really not that great a program. Dreamweaver is definitely what I'd recommend, it's awesome but on the whole I usually use a combination of photoshop and Notepad ++ because I kind of enjoy coding from scratch


If you want to do some web programming, so if you learn HTML, CSS, Javascript and say PHP and MySQL, then I suggest to use some kind of IDE like PHP Designer 2008, even though some time it was free IDE,but it got so big and comfortable that is one of the best IDE for PHP and became a paid product, but it's quite cheap for Students, here is a like to it and it's features:


Dreamweaver is good, but it's expensive for a simple user, but it is more like a WYSIWYG editor, I never used it though to much, but I heard a lot of good reviews about it from people who use it like pro.. Frontpage sucks, it creates superb sucky html code, which can be optimized by a person much better, some time ago, in my job when some people create some layout with HTML using frontpage it uses about 40kb, when I optimized it I got ~10kb and some CSS code

For people wanting the IDE or text editors to be free: Eclipse, Notepad++ and/or Notepad2


well I use 2, dreamweaver and a free editor Hapedit, both are great but dreamweaver will allow you to do a little more


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