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Asteroid Has Good Chances Striking Earth In 2036 ?150 MILLION space mission should be launched.


Funny. :PSomething this size would create fairly decent damage, but seriously, like I said above, it's no big deal. They've already probably figured out it won't hit us. Space is incredibly huge, and the chances of a tiny asteroid colliding with a tiny earth are astrinomical. Perhaps that's why 1 in 40-whatever thousand is so "high," but, there's no way this thing'll hit it. We could just paint it white and the deflection caused by the solar rays hitting it would blow it off course.


Cangor, this Asteroid would not only create a fairly decent damage on our planet, it would completely destroy it, not a soul would survive, not one, the impact of this asteroid on earth would create ocean waves of thousands of miles, and then people would die of extreme weather changes, for instance, people would die drowned or from a very warm or cool weather, besides, they would not survive without homes, without food, without all the other stuff, that the asteroid would destroy with the very possible impact in a very near future.If this asteroid hits us, say your prays now, you will need a miracle in order to survive, and perhaps that is what it will happen.


It's going to happen one day. Pointless worrying too much about it, If it hit's it hit's if it does'nt it does'nt. If we all sat around worrying about thing's like this we would all be locked in insane asylum's. And anyway when was the last meteorite strike, a few million years ago, i believe we are on borrowed time for the next one. So live life to the full until it does come


The way I see it, we don't have too much to worry about. We have grown so much technologically in the last 50 years, that in the 29 years until 2036, there will be another breakthrough in science to destroy the asteroid before it can come near Earth. They already have the technology to take out missles in air so why not asteroids that threaten the Earth. I think we should be pretty safe and the only climate change we have to worry about should be global warming, not another Ice Age or anything like that.


It would be scary if it were one in 100 chance that the asteroid was going to hit Earth. It might pass by and make a nice show for the astronomers, though. I hope it doesn't hit us. (Maybe it'll hit a planet nearby?)


There have been several times in the past but always they have been proven to be farther than they believed. But the funny think is the doomsday clock linked to global warming may strike twelve before that and then asteroid or not it wont matter. Right?


Actually there has been a lot of asteroid in the past that were predicted to collide with the earth. None did. Divine Intervention?Maybe.But from a scientific point of view, I think that the position of the earth is such that it'll never fall in the pathway of an asteroid (all asteroids follow strict mathmetical and defined pathways) which is why it survived long enough to support life and allow it to evolve.


Heh this is really some it looks like we are over but human specie survived several other massive asteriod bodies hitting the surface of earth so I think that important thing wold be to know where it would hit if they know when it would hit. And if this mission has ability to destroy it that is change its corse from hitting the earth and as they stated in this article there is good chance that there will be more similar bodies to this. So space is crowded and we cannot do a lot about it we can jsut hope it will either miss or that those scientist who founded it made some mistake in the calculations or that by the time we will develop certain weaponry which will help us to destroy it.


hitmanblood, that is a good observation, a good point, if the scientists made errors in their calculations, which is very likely because there are a lot of variables to consider in order to calculate if an asteroid would or would not hit our planet.Yes, we should really pray for this asteroid not to hit us, but if it will, i am just going to enjoy my live the the maximum till then, just playing safe, but then, i am going to enjoy it anyway, like i been doing so far but much more now!


I don't think anything's gonna happen. I mean, if it was the end of the world, then just die and suck it up. Live like you mean it. Live fast -- die young --and leave a beautiful corpse. --James DeanLive like you're gonna die ..in 2036.It only has a small chance of hitting earth. Lots and lots of meteriods hit earth DAILY, and major big ones slide by without any harm. Lots and lots of others, I'm sure most scientists don't even know about. We don't need something like this hanging over our heads. People in all times and eras have cried the end of the world, but it obviously hasn't happened. So you should just LIVE the best we can, because the end could come anytime, personally or world-wide. Could come before then, you don't know. And if it does, then what are you going to look back on on reckoning day?A life filed with fear of the end of the world, or a life filled with love and happiness.. It doesn't matter how or when you die, only what you do while you're alive.


People are going way to over the top on this. Asteroids are nowhere near as bad as some people are making them out to be most of the time. Hundreds of rocks and stuff from space strike the Earth every year, but nothing is done about it. It's just unlikely that an asteroid that big would hit the Earth.In the Earth's life HUGE asteroids have collided with the Earth. If it did wipe out eveyr living organism on the planet, then we wouldn't be here today, as we wouldn't have had anything to evolve from.


Well, I think that this is quite possible and even probable, if we do not stop doing things the way we are now. Spending money for prevention of the collision is, however, just a good marketing move and something that will calm the public down. I don't think that there is anything we can do, if this asteroid is really facing towards us. But lets look at it that way: What is it going to change for us? It will be just another problem, we will have to face, because of our attachment to this world and our body! Imagine that you are not attached to this body and this world, life...think about the freedom that awaits you in this realization! It is acctually nothing more than mere realization that THINGS ARE JUST THE WAY THEY ARE and you cannot change them even though you spend hours being angry because of the cruelty of this world..Why not accept it, instead? Believe me that if you do accept everything around you just as it is, the asteroid won't be a problem anymore!Best whishes


it still has good chances to hit earth, 1 /45000 isnt really much and if we add to that the error percentage it could be more, or it could be less. What if something along its way makes it slightly change its trayectory.

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