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Nasa Found Life On Mars But Killed It!


Any life we find on Mars wouldn't be harmfully to humans in any way. Humans are complex structures, and viruses seldom mutate between species even with the uncountable types. A virus from Mars(if it does exist), would most likely die, I might give it a small chance in a single celled bacteria, but even then struggling until it mutates so much it'll practically be identical to viruses on Earth.Also even though life could evolve from different compounds then life on Earth, each compound has different efficiency in energy production, storage, and usage. Abnormal life types would be less efficient and stay at the bacteria and virus magnitude just like life on earth was barely multi-celled and plant until the prevalence of oxygen.


If it really is true that humans destroyed life in Mars, there could be the problems of trying to work out exactly what it was that was destroyed. This would then allow current scientists to launch space probes and other scientific equipment, such as satellites, without destroying any more life (if there is any).I agree what was said in quite a few of the previous posts in this topic, it's very unlikely that when the first space probe visited mars it destroyed all life. There's bound to have been some living objects which weren't destroyed. By now, these living objects would have duplicated so the one's that were lost 30 years ago would now have been replaced.I find space quite interesting. It's only really been with the help of modern technology that we're able to study it in as much detail as we're doing. I don't suppose any of us will be able to find out for sure whether life was really destroyed 30 years ago or if there is actually some kind of life on Mars. The only people who have an idea whether or not there was/is life and whether it was destroyed are the scientists who spend all day every day studying different planets and galaxies.


Typical really, humans destory everything we come across.

That's pretty much tre. We kinda destroy everythin we can get across. You know, our nature. Here in sweden were we usually has about -12 at christmas, had +10 year 2006. That's vrazy. Over 20 degrees celsius warmer in one year. Man. And the water has rised amazingly. How many years will pass before the whole globe is a boiling ball of water?


This is a problem, we spread like cancer and eat up every recource we can... are we not virus' also by defenition/? and i dont think the globe will be a boiling ball of water ever because ... where do you think it will come form? We cant transform oxygen into good old H20, too much hydrogen would be needed and what about the 03 in the air?


They're lucky that they didnt spark a star war...=PWHAT IF THAT MICROBE HAD FRIENDS? That's a creepy thought...And yeah...it'd prolly be dangerous if they brought it back to Earth...the unknown is always dangerous...


well back then they really did not know what to look when they was talking about life on mars we don't even know if there are aliens walking around with us eating our food gaining information on us. We just know who is who anymore.


I didn't know that all earth life are organisms composed of salt water. I wonder what type of other "lives" are there.


Well there is almost no chance that even if they killed a fewe they would be extinct becasue most microbes reproduce by division like cells, so if one is left nothing to fear leave it alone and a few years later it's repopulated, of course it could differ since that's another planet.


I hope they dont bring anything back from mars...I already think that a lethal virus has come from outer space...Ebola....it is strange that we visited mars in the 70's but it is even stranger and a huge coincidence that the first Ebola outbreak took place on August 26, 1976....now i don't know what you guys think about this but i think Ebola is an alien virus...it kills in less then 2 weaks and causes your pores too bleed...this dosnt sound like any earthlike virus i know...No cure No vaccines and it is a surprisingly new virus..If it had been around before the 70's im sure there would be refrence to it in old stories, books, or even the biblical out breaks but no, the first case ever heard of was in 1976..makes you think dosn't it?-KuSh


well not really. gender-wise, only men do that. it's in their nature. women, on the other hand are nurturers, life-protectors and life-creators. but of course i won't go talking about feminism to you.

I'll take that as a compliment.

Anyway, poor little microbes! Typical that we'd mess things up like that... hope they weren't endangered or anything. I'd love if we had real, live aliens, even if they were microscopic; I don't think anyone can honestly say it wouldn't be the teeniest bit exciting. If there are tiny aliens on Mars, there might also be larger ones that we've missed (after all, new species are discovered on Earth all the time... there could be LOADS of life on Mars we haven't found yet). Plus, there could be aliens on many of the other planets out there! I can't think of any practical reasons why having aliens in itself would be a good thing, but I'm sure we'd figure it out once we knew exactly what they were. Besides, I've always been one of those that wants to believe, yknow?


only life is on earth,there is no aliens no life beyond this planet,and after a zillion years and dollars it will be proven ,so y waste money just take my word,but on the other hand some say man has already set foot on mars. and i strongly believe as it has been proved that there are traces of water on mars there might have been microscopic life on mars.

Zee iShow

God did what he did to put life wherever he wanted. Life could be anywhere.But really, how do they know if they really "killed" the lifeform or not? Whether they did or did not there must be tons somewhere else, maybe even on the other planets.


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