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  1. 4th one... I got attracted by your negative myCENT...

    Why is your site still working? I thought it was going to be suspended...

  2. The GET method should be used for retrieving information from the server and should not be used for any changes to be made at the server-side.The POST method is more secure and should be used for actions that'll make changes at the server-side.In the POST method, the data is included as a part of the message body; whereas in the GET, the data is passed in the url as query string.The maximum length of the URL that is supported by Internet Explorer is 2083, so you cannot send huge amount of data using the GET method, whereas you've no limits using the POST method.
  3. Has anyone got access to Google Wave? https://support.google.com/answer/1083134?hl=en Google is right now giving access to the Google Wave Developer Sandbox for creating Google Wave Applications and Google Wave for testing the apps and the Platform. I got myself registered for the Beta testing, but haven't got any response from them. Has anyone here got access to the Google Wave?, if so it would be a lot more informative if you can share the cool features and enhancements you found in the app. NOTE: Sorry for the dead link, it is Google Wave
  4. Hi guys for the past 2 days I'm not able to access my site via FTP or cPanel.I'm not able to login via FTP & SSH.I'm able to login via cPanel but I get a lot of "[a fatal error or timeout occurred while processing this directive] " all across the cPanel. I'm not able to view any stats, view any configs.I checked the status and found that 2 services were down, exim () - failed syslogd - up sshd - up cpsrvd - up lfd - failed Server Load - 0.17 (2 cpus) Can somebody look in to this and get the issue sorted out at the earliest?My site is hosted in "theta" server and the main domain is x a t r e [ d o t ] c o m
  5. Several ways for creating PDF documents, * If you have Office 2007, you can easily save your document as a PDF by installing the "2007 Microsoft Office Add-in: Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS" from http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download [Requires Validation]. After installing this plugin you'll find the option to save as PDF in the Save Menu. * You can download the free version of pdfRedirect from http://www.exp-systems.com/ and create PDF documents by printing as PDF. After installing pdfRedirect, open the document and click on Print. In the Print dialog box select pdfRedirect and configure the PDF options in the pdfRedirect dialog. Save and you are done . * The best free way to create PDF documents is to head over to https://acrobat.adobe.com/us/en/acrobat.html, Adobe's free online service where you upload any document and create PDF documents for absolutely free and good quality. No Compromise.
  6. I carry my data on a Kingston 4GB USB Drive and Seagate 120GB FreeGo External HDD.I've placed order for two 8GB Transcend USB Drives. and I'm also planning to get a 1TB External HDD
  7. I keep myself updated with the latest developments in the Web Development and the best coding practices and resource from the following sites, which I'd recommend for anyone pursuing in Web Development. I'll update this list whenever I get time .
  8. I've never skipped a single class when I was in School and in my College as a Fresher. Once I moved to the second year of my college, I started skipping classes. I'd go to the Lab or Library preparing for anything interesting rather than playing in the classroom on my Mobile. I used to participate in many extra-curricular activities so I had to skip many classes.But I seldom skip Maths or any Programming classes as I loved them :lol:Those were sweet days which I long for
  9. @NirmalDaniel - Even if it is possible to show a different address in the address bar, if the user clicks on go or hits enter in the Address bar, he will be taken to that address, which will not benifit you. And also if the user bookmarks the page he'll be visiting the other address you give, which is not your's and you'll again lose.Get yourself a domain name
  10. Some of free 3D Animation softwares are, * Blender - https://www.blender.org/ * Wings 3D - http://www.wings3d.com/ Other 3D Softwares are,
  11. The available alternatives for Gasoline that have been implemented in commercial products are, The main factors that these alternative fuels are not widely implemented is due to increase in production costs and fuel efficiency. Among these alternatives most commonly used fuel is CNG due to its lesser production cost and better fuel efficiency. The production for other alternative fuels will come down once the mass production begins and the performance increases. Let us hope that our scientists comeup with better engines that can churn out more energy with better efficiency with the Green Fuels.
  12. WinRAR is a tool that is used to create and decompress RAR archives (Roshal ARchive). RAR format takes longer to compress files than ZIP format but offer better compression. Features of RAR are, * Handle Split Volumes * Provides Recovery Record to recover data from a damaged archive. * Better Encryption WinZip is a tool to compress and decompress files or folders. Its compression ratio is lesser than that of RAR and 7z format. It doesn't have recovery records. Zip is quite popular and supported by almost all popular compression/decompression softwares. Choose the right tool based on the formats that you are gonna use.
  13. I love the NFS series. I've played almost all the NFS games. The games that I've played are, My most preferred game in the NFS Series is NFS Most Wanted, I enjoyed the thrill of cops chasing and the wonderful race tracks. Next comes NFS carbon it had the best of NFS Most Wanted and the harder Canyon Tracks. Pro Street get boring as we progress as there is not much excitement as in other games. I'm very eagerly awaiting for the next NFS game the NFS Undercover to be released in November this year
  14. most of the Crop Circles are made by humans to create hoaxes and as business. Circle Makers is one such company which does the business of making crop circles, http://www.circlemakers.org/. I do believe that there might be another civilization or even many in the universe. We know a very little about our universe and even closer we know very less about our earth. Each year our scientists are finding new species of animals and plants across the world. Even after all the technological advancements there are many places on our earth where no man has reached or seen and our oceans are yet to be explored. Man boasts of setting the foot on moon several thousands of miles away from earth but man has gone just 3.9 KM into the earth ( World's Deepest Mine to be completed in 2009 - http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/. So far man has reached only 3585Meters (http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/). Let me stop myself here (If anybody is interested in discussing further on this topic, ping me)
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