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  1. Windows 3.11 would be great if you had a time machine to go back in time to 1993.
  2. I currently use Window$ 7 Ultimate 64 bit and well, it's not that great. XP is the greatest operating system from Microsoft to date, in my opinion. Even though it's 10 years old it still holds it's weight in the software world. Yes, Window$ 7 is great and all but I don't think we'll see an OS similar to XP in a long time to come.
  3. juice

    Vegan Diet

    Looks like this topic is dead LoL no comment
  4. WoW that's a funny one. It's like chewing tobacco but the soap kind. I think those business people who always need their coffee fix should use it, that way you're saving time.
  5. juice

    Vegan Diet

    It's ok, you can all criticise me as much as you like, take out all your anger Feel free to critisice me to earn those great hosting credits! It's ok because I don't have time for this junk and this thread - goodbye.
  6. My first computer was a 486. Most people around me had splashed out on a pentium at that time. My computer had 16 megs ram, Intel 60MHz CPU, two hard drives at around 100 mb each, a stiffy drive (3.5in floppy drive), a black and white monitor displaying 256 shades of grey, a mose and ran Windows 95. It also ran command & conquer pretty well.
  7. The government knew this was going to happen but as long as they received their huge amounts af tax they didn't care. Normally when things like this happen something has to give, like a flood that wipes us out or something like that . If the leaders of this planet decide to work together we can sort this problem out, reverse what has been done so far and we are all safe for the time being.Google didn't bring anything up for "relivate" but carry on using it and it wont be long before it's in the big-word-book (dictionary).
  8. I found ALICE to not be that intelligent. She matches words like AND, OR etc to words in her database and then responds with a pre-set answer. You can ask her the same question over and over again and she will reply with the same answer. What's nice about the pandora bot system is that you can program her yourself with responses that you want and what to say in response to certain questions.
  9. juice

    Vegan Diet

    Sorry, I was having a bad day. I can take all the criticism in the world but I prefer not to talk back because the ones criticising are firmly set in their beliefs and are not prepared to learn other people's way of living. They do it the way they know and that's it. I don't think that will ever happen in my life-time but would be a miracle if it did.
  10. juice

    Vegan Diet

    I'm going to leave you to your own demise, have a good day and keep up the quality posting! PS: I will not post again in this thread so please don't reply to my posts - thank you.
  11. I don't find them weird at all . It's great that someone has the creativity to come up with these things. I like the Big Tiki Drive and the Barbie the most - I would definitely get them if I had the cash floating around.
  12. I'm sure if NASA found life on Mars (which I'm sure there is) they wouldn't tell us at all. Why tell us anyway? The president will give orders to keep their mouths shut. Remember Roswell? Example: The press are told by officials that there is in fact life on Mars and then the next day they appologise and say it was fungus from before the probe left Earth. Typical.
  13. juice

    Vegan Diet

    You should have used quote tags. I am a vegetarian and I am just as healthy as the next person. I hate it when stupid doctors or/and people say one needs meat to be healthy and gain protein and junk like that. An elephant is strong right? An elephant does NOT eat meat. Most meat eaters get there protein from cows. Cows get their protein from grass. Can your teeth rip through the raw skin of a cow? I don't think so but a lion with MASSIVE teeth can. Here is a fact for you: humans are the only creatures on this planet to cook it's food. Mmm, interesting - so long meat-eaters, happy digesting
  14. There are aliens all around us, there is currently one sitting with me drinking coffee - he's from Canada . ETs do exist although most people have minds far too small to grasp the belief. There are many types of ETs just as there are plants, animals etc. Read books and learn a bit more. I just want them to land bacause I'm sick of this "make crop cicles, mutulate animals then leave" thing they have going.
  15. That looks like a very good game. Is the software you used to make it free? A friend and I are interested in making small games before moving on to the heavier stuff, so it would be nice to know - thanks.
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