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  1. Hello,I was wondering if there is a way to access each of my subdomains individual phpmyadmin database without having to access cpanel. Something like the following: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/, and that would take me to that subdomains database?Is it possible? I have seen it before in another webserver and I was wondering if this was possible here. Thanks
  2. Hey!! Great tips, thanks. I have been thinking of dressing up like a hawaiian person but I dont know if it is going to be to cold in this party (its going to be outdoors). I am going to be dj'ing and there will be some hawaiian dancers, thats why I thought about the hawaiian costume, with some leaves, one of those cool huge masks and paintings on my body. Another idea I had was to dress up all black, and use some glowsticks to make a stick figure. I saw that costume idea on a website that sells glow sticks, it looked pretty funny.Thanks for the webpage serverph, there are some awesome costume ideas on it, that cd burner idea was hilarious, lol..
  3. Next Saturday October 25 I am going to a halloween party and I dont know what costume to wear I dont have any money to rent one, so I have to come up with something cheap, creative and easy to make.Do you guys have any Ideas?
  4. I agree it was an amazing movie. The batman movie series has been saved. Batman forever and batman and robin really ruined the franchise. I was pretty skeptical when I saw batman begins, which was also an amazing movie. These past two movies have been really amazing. I hadnt seen any good super hero movie in a really long time. I am glad they saved the franchise
  5. haha, that sounds like fun. You should have recorded it. I too, wonder what the lady heard. I hope she didnt go deaf, she must have gotten scared. Its very funny how it showed your call has been disconnected after it got shot.
  6. I read somewhere on the net that bestbuy will soon be selling the iphone 3g, it did not specify if it would be without an at&t plan or something like that, but it will be available by mid september. If you can get it without at&t it will be great for me because the iphone contracts are really expensive.
  7. I have also heard that they work, many people who dont have much computer knowledge are easy bait for these scams. I remember a relative of mine would fall for all the adds that said free in them, I told him that the internet was the worst place to find something free.
  8. I always knew they were rigged. Though sometimes they are fun to play though, one particular game I like is the one where they give you a gun with pellets and you knock figures down and they activate some other dancing dolls and stuff. You dont win anything in that game, its just fun to shoot those figures. I dont really like those other games you all mentioned...
  9. I put arctic silver on my p4 3.4ghz laptop and kissed the heating problems goodbye. You really have to clean the fan ducts though, get some compressed air and blow the dust out of them. 59 C really isnt that bad, I think the p4 shuts down at 65C, it really depends on what you have it set to in the bios I think..
  10. I have moved over to ubuntu about 2 months ago and I am almost extremely happy with my webdesign and programming. Gimp is really awesome when you get used to it, its like a photoshop although not as neat, but it can still produce awesome images depending on your skill. For the rest of the programming (js, php, css) I use the text editor. Its not wysiwyg but thats ok, because I am already used to doing it without seeing wysiwyg. My only complaint though, is that I need windows xp to see webpages in internet explorer, to see how they look in versions 6 and 7 (ie tab does not work under firefox linux!!! :@). Sometimes I also need to use flash, so I really cant go linux all the way. Its nice to have both OS though, hopefully I will get a mac soon, so that I can have all 3 os
  11. I cant access my cpanel either. Could you please reset my password? Thanks in advance Notice from BuffaloHELP: Sent new password.
  12. That is crazy... I dont really understand how it can be your fault when the other guy was not only speeding but he is the one who crashed into your car!! Here were I live its always the fault of the person who crashed into the other persons car no matter what.... well, unless you skip a red light or something like that..
  13. Using ubuntu-xp seamless with the sun xVM virtualBox is amazing, its like having an operating system made up of ubuntu and windows at the same time. This is an awesome way to use both operating systems... no need to dualboot anymore. All you need is to install the guest operating system (either windows or ubuntu) into the virtual machine (sun xVM VirtualBox is free) and a couple of programs into the host operating system to transmit data to and from the virtualBox. Look for videos in youtube..
  14. I saw a video in discovery in which a scientist was about 1 year away from mapping a brain in a room full of computers. In the video the scientist said that in this century we would be able to create self thinking robots who would be capable of crushing us like bugs if they wanted to. One of the most interesting parts of that video was how another scientist was able to read a monkeys thoughts through a machine he had built. He had the monkey playing a computer game, while his machine was reading the monkeys thoughts and moving a robotic arm simultaneously. The interesting thing here was when the monkey discovered he could play the game without controlling the joystick anymore... He discovered that he could play it with his thoughts..... Lazy Monkey....
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