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Is There Life Anywhere Else On The Universe ?


well for there to be life, you would have to define life. but yes I feel as there has to be some sort of life out there. Earth can not be the only planet in the universe to have it. People will call me a nut now, but what if the people of earth came from a different planet? Key words what if? Who really know's for sure. But yes I do feel that we are not the only living beings here.


as for last post we can simply know maybe they came maybe we are an experiment of someone like Arthur C. Clarke have write on the space odyssey or whatever we cant know but we cant be alone in that universe if there is life on 1 planet there could be even on others maybe not even with the form we feel we understand


answer to life anywhere else in the universe...Is There Life Anywhere Else On The Universe ?

The universe what not created to sustain life that is why life is not common...As for life on earth.. I believe humans and all other species are a genetic mutation. Of bacteria..If you think about it all creatures are made of zinc, iron, and other elements you find in the earth..If there where something such as a METEOR CRASH on mercury. Maybe the heat would fuse the elements of that planet into some crude life form...And that life form would most likely mutate given the correct conditions...Or would it evolve...Is evolve just a word that we use to replace with mutate because muate sounds like it happens by chance and that we are supposed to evolve automatically when we think we been the same to long...For instance, sharks and crocs. They've been the same since they mutated (or evolved to make some people feel better.)they've been the same since they got that way they actually got smaller..On the other hand we came from some retard ape primitive thingy and became what we are today... Now why is it that we are the way we are..Is it because some mutation gave us bigger brains and poseable thumbs... Yes that is exactly why...Human kind will never evolve again on this planet because we now have the ability to change the earth...When we evolved before it was the earth that was changing us...Now we have maxed out that ability the earth has changed us to the point where we are now changing it...When the earth goes through a dramatic change so will all forms of life on it..As it has always been the earth changes us so that we can adapt to it... To sum it all up, unless something happened on another planet that would cause the elemental properties to change there won't be anything near life anywhere in the universe..




are we alone in the universeIs There Life Anywhere Else On The Universe ?I think that there might be another life out there because we are on the edge of the galaxy, Way opposite us on the other side of the galaxy could be another form of life that we haven't discovered yet because we live billions of light years away. The other planet could have adapted to the situation they are in because they don't know any better,And thats the environment they were formed in. -reply by EMILY AND CASSIE


life finds a way! Is There Life Anywhere Else On The Universe ?

my name is youssef and I'm from Morocco, this subject always intrigued me, it's obvious to know that with the millions or billions of stars out there with an infinite number of planets, there must be not only one or two other forms of life out there but probably millions of different life forms, intelligent or not that really is not the question  but it's seems more logical that life finds a way and I believe that the entire universe is alive in many ways, it's time for the human beings to realize that and to stop believing in crazy stories about professes and prophets and God ... Etc.

We need to liberate our minds and take more advantages of our lives without limitation our capabilities and forget about old traditional religious believes.

-reply by Youssef


This is one of the subject which always thrilled me and I really love this subject. Yeah I also believe that life also exist on some other planet of some other galaxy. When it can exist on earth why it can't exist on some other part of the universe. There are billions of galaxies have trillions of stars may be even more so there is good chance of existence of life on other planets of the universe. We know very little about our universe which we can easily ignore and I also believe that we can't know everything about universe. The recent researches conducted by NASA and ISRO shows indications of water on our own moon. Even red planet i.e. Mars also shows the indications of presence of water in past. So when there are chances of existence of life on our moon which is very near to us then why it can't exist on planets which are millions of light years or may be even less away from our Earth!


i know for sure that theres spiritual life at other planets but physically and scientifically its impossible for living things to stay at other planets


According to a recent articles, water is said to exist on Moon. Thou not in abundance, but its existence is significant enough for the scientists to get excited. It said that this discover is a step forward in having people staying on moon. Everyone knows water is the basic element for life. With water now confirmed, next up, life.


Based on what is told to ordinary people, I have to say that I believe there is life elsewhere in the universe. Chances are very slim if life only exists on earth since the universe is simply too huge. The probability that combinations of star-planets similar to the sun-earth combination exist have to be better than negligible. One also should not ignore the possibility that life exists somewhere else in an environment that is quite different from what is found on earth. Life is such a broad term. I would think it is likely that more intelligent species compared to humans exist somewhere else.Einstein's theories seem to be pretty far from ordinary people. In other words, it is almost impossible for ordinary people to judge whether black holes exist and whether time travel is possible. I have already read about a new theory that competes with Einstein's, presumably fairly plausible. For that part of physics, we are relying on the specialists to judge for the time being, which may be unfortunate, but that area is simply too far away from everyday life.


Black Holes/HellIs There Life Anywhere Else On The Universe ?

I post on Bill Tammeus' Faith Matters Blog.  Here is my post about Black Holes/Hell.

Bill:"..No description we can offer of hell can either confirm its existence or describe its geography in any precise and unchallengeable way."

High Tech Humans can.  Hell is a Physical Place.  The Collapse of a Visible Universe, like Human on Earth Live in, into a Black Hole, is the Religious Record called Hell.  This Lost High Tech Knowledge was passed down by Humans, without High Tech Science.  Humans are back to High Tech Science, with Knowledge of Solar Systems, Galaxies, Universes, and Black Holes.
The Description of Dante's Inferno, describes the Fallen Life of the Human Species, who Misuse their High Tech for Death of their Planet in a Planetary Fire, not the Collapsed Black Hole of a Universe in Space.  Black Hole Elements do not Die.
With High Tech Science, Humans Know Universes Collapse into Black Holes, the Biblical Hell.  And Black Holes do Re-explode into a New Universe Eternally.  Otherwise Life as we Know it, could not Continue on High Tech Colonized Planets. 
This Lost High Tech Knowledge, 'in the beginning', is where the Religious Hell Information came from, of the Lost High Tech Human Knowledge in Genesis, that became Man-Made Religion and Myth, handed down from Generation Birth, Death, and Rebirth.
GODs LIFE Elements, Visible and Invisible never Die.  They are used over and over.  The Visible Life at 'Death', changes back to Invisible Elements.  Without this LIFE Process, Life as we Know it could not Exist.
After Atoms are joined into Life forms by the ElectroMagnetic Force, Humans without High Tech Science, call this a Spirit God.  The Genetic Code controls the outcomes of Seeds and Life Species.
After Atoms are joined into Life forms by the ElectroMagnetic Force, Humans without High Tech Science, call this God.  The Genetic Code controls the outcomes of Seeds and Life Species.
The New Colony on Earth at the Colonization of Earth, had the Choice to stay Purebred/Celibate. God/Us Human Clones 'in our image, are Male and Female Celibate Equal Clones.  The Perfect Male and Female Clones they Reproduced, did Reproduce by the Male Sex Act, Defective Genetic and Physical Children.
Or did Life Evolve with Defective Body Birth Humans and Children, from Animals?
Either Way, On Earth, Generation Birth, Death, and ReBirth is the Basis of  the Choices of the Lifestyles We Live today. The past 100 years, Humans have returned to  High Tech Science, and do Know Humans can do the Supernatural Events given to the Gods in our Image.
The Choice of Creating Females from the Male Rib, is not Supernatural, but High Tech Science.
Humans with High Tech, always have the Free Will Choices, to Keep their High Tech Balanced, and to have Eternal Asexual Purebred Physical Clone Life After Birth, on Planets and in Spaceships.
Todays Body Birth Humans had the Choice of High Tech Clone Reproduction, but they made the Choice to make Nuclear Bombs and Pollution instead.
The Religious Teachings do not Include Celibacy for All Males.  Jesus who succeeded with Celibacy, went up into Space/Heaven, with God/Us Celibate Humans, and is still Alive.
The Choice for Humans is to Keep their High Tech Reproduction, or Fall to Body Birth Reproduction.  High Tech the Only Way to Keep Eternal Physical Life After Birth, on Planets and in Spaceships, like Celibate God/Us Humans and Jesus have.
God/Us Humans do visit Earth off and on, but they Know what happens on a Fallen Body Birth Society.
The most Important Lifestyle Free Will Choice Humans have is, is High Tech Asexual Male and Female Clone Eternal Life After Birth Lifestyle.
-reply by Dolores Lear


Is There Life Anywhere Else On The Universe ?

There can be no Universe without 'life' to perceive it into existence.

That which exists must be perceived to exist by Conscious Perspectives (Souls), us.

No perception = no existence = no Universe.

So, if there is an "anywhere else in the Universe", there must be 'life' (to perceive it into being)!

(What is 'life'?)


I accept Genesis 1, records the steps of Colonization of a Planet. Spacetime travel is not like Earth time.So whoever recorded the Day of Creation, knew 1000 years on Earth is as a Day of space travel, recorded in the new testament in 2Peter 3:8.Earth was Colonized by Humans 'in our Image' in Genesis 1,2.Genesis 1:26. KJV. "And God said, Let us make mand in our image, after our likeness,"Genesi 2:22. "And the rib, which the LORD God had taken from man, made he a woman,"Adam was put in a deep sleep, like we do when we operate on a Person. God/Us did Supernaturally Colonize Earth and Reproduced Female Clones from the Male ribs.This supernatural power is High Tech Science today.We need a High Tech Translation of All Scripture and Myth, to accept the High Tech Science Humans in our Image, are our High Tech Ancestor Humans Species, that did Colonize Earth, only supernatural to Humans that handed down this information in Scripture and Myth without High Tech Science.-reply by Dolores Lear

Rael IAK

I did not read every post on the 7+ pages of this topic so pardon me if I'm repeating what has previously been said.A lot of the debate in the earlier posts seem to revolve around "life" as it is familiar to us. Organisms which are made up primarily of organic molecules (carbon-based, not the "grown without pesticides" use of the word) and absorb oxygen and give off carbon dioxide in order to maintain their internal workings unless you are a plant.The chances of life elsewhere in the universe depends a lot on how you define life. If you restrict your definition of life to life as it exists on Earth then you are restricting the possibility of life to Earth-like planets at the same time. Chemically, silicon behaves very much like carbon does. It's not out of the question that things that behave very much like life forms on Earth could exist on planet's which are much hotter or colder or with a larger or smaller gravity than we have. I'm a biologist by education, not a chemist, so I don't know what physical conditions are most favorable for silicon to easily form more complex molecules. Just don't be surprised if a silicon-based life form ends up inhaling water, breathing out oxygen and eating sand for a living (or something), lol.There are so many planets out there that it is VERY likely that organic life exists on at least a few of them. Is there intelligent life on other planets? The definition of "intelligence" is as big a starting problem as the definition of "life". Everybody knows what it is until you try to put an objective definition down on paper. Then nobody "knows", lol.


I don't believe that there is INTELLIGENT life beyond the moon (and I say moon because that is the furthest distance from the earth that man has yet traveled). As far as life, in itself, yes, I believe there is always a chance that you can find some bacteria, but as far as how much life, I'd rather say the chances are slim.Do aliens exist, as it is often asked? I won't deny the fact if I met one, but it is my stance that they do not. Nevertheless, I'm just as much of a Star Trek / Stargate / Star Wars fan as the next sci-fi admirer. But that's why it's still called Science FICTION and not Science FOR REAL.However, you will not except this fact merely on what I have just said. You want facts and answers. Naturally, I'm not an omnipotent or can even begin to understand the basics of the universe. However, I can say that the likelihood is very insignificant.Had the earth been in a different orbit than the one it is in, even just by the slightest degree, life on earth could not exist. The sun would either be too hot or too cold. Take our nearest planets, such as Mars. As close as Mars is, the world is too cold for life to exist. Ok, if we all had blue blood and green skin, maybe, but fewer people believe in martians these days. Had we been to Venus, it would have been unbearably hot.The thing is, the earth is at just the right distance. Using the sun as another factor, we can see that it is unique too. The sun is a very, very small star. All scientists will agree with that. Watch any video demonstration of this, and you will see stars that easily engulf even the earth in its diameter (some span the entire width of our solar system).Not only is the size of our sun significant, but so is the type of star. There are two primary stars out there, red and blues. Red stars, such as that of our own, is red, but not all are. Blue stars exist within the universe, but there is one flaw to them: they're too bright. Unlike red stars, blue stars are so bright, they are blinding, so if indeed life does exist elsewhere, they're literally blind to the fact that there's a universe bigger than they could ever imagine.These are only a few of the many factors involved in the wondrous universe. Evolutionists will tell you that stars have been around millions and billions of years, but find out the maximum length that (blue) stars can survive since infancy and you will find that it is impossible for them to have survived this long.Two atoms just happened to collide? 2 million DNA strands just happened to form over night to create basic life on a planet that just happens to be exactly in the right spot in the solar system and not close enough to a black hole? And that life just happened to turn into a SINGLE race of apes that could develop beyond their daily existence (and no trace of any current transformations)? Too chancy for me.Perhaps a God does indeed exist? Perhaps He did create the universe, every star, every planet, every living creature, and placed them on this earth to grow and multiply? You say God doesn't exist because you do not see him? In an analogy, do computers accept that you created it? Not really: they simply corrupt your data and tell you that you are denied access. You may have created the file, but the computer isn't smart enough to know that...are we any different?Psalm 147:4He counts the number of the stars; He gives names to all of them.5Great is our Lord and abundant in strength; His understanding is infinite.


I think this is a well written article execpt for the last part because I we feel we should wait who knows they might feel the same way I think that we should start branching out and trying to reach other planets. From what we have learned about marsthey have traces of water and ice caps much like us so their could be a chance that their is life but there could be life, like humans or they could be microscopic. Either way I would love to see us travelling to other planets though I'm not very optimistic about seeing anyone travelling to other planets in my life time.

-reply by Spencer


There really is a thin line between philosophy and science as shown in the replies. Anyhow, going back to the question of existence of life in the universe or other universes, it's probable. We'll never know until we find one (science). All we can do now is calculate the possibility and continue observing the worlds beyond our own.


Well, of course, there would be life elsewhere. However, I am not sure we'll find any humanoid living beings any time soon (I could be wrong).

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