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  1. Can't believe Trap17.com is still around after over 10 years and still offering free webhosting. That's awesome.
  2. you should get the samsung d807 or d520. I like samsung brand better than any others.also what netwokr are we considering here? that makes a big difference on what phone is best. also..... LOL at post above mine... pure spam
  3. using this type of php programming to load a page is kind of dangerous because you can potentially link to outside sites simply by entering it in the url. if you do your site this way you have to make it more secure. If you don't someone can put a php file on their own server and run it. And running that php could mean running shell commands or something else to hack your site or the server.
  4. I can't believe there are people who are still looking for gmail. everyone has gmail and everyone has atleast 100 invites in their account!
  5. That is hilarious. What do you mean it's a mystery? Just because you don't know doesn't mean it is a mystery. Please keep your ignorance to yourself. I find it funny how god gets credit for so many things. People need to face reality and stop blaming or crediting god for everything. You are responsible for your actions NOT GOD. Like stupid bush saying jesus told him to fight the muslims. Retarded people.
  6. if you are still growing you should not do weights. if you do, make sure you are not working at capacity. For example if you do a bench press and your maximum weight you can press is about 200lbs. you should only do about 70% of your maximum. Meaning you should only ever goto about 140lbs.The reason is because it will make you shorter. You won't be growing properly. Trust me, you don't want to be short.As for home workouts.I would recommend spending the money to buy a set of dumbbells and a work out bench. you can usually find used sets including the bench for under $50. This is a good investment and you can work on almost any muscle group.
  7. only kids and alcoholics drink.kids drink because they aren't allowed to. Once they become of age, drinking quickly wears off. After that, if you continue to drink and get drunk all the time. you are basically an alcoholic. Most people don't drink so much once they are a few years past the legal drinking age.
  8. This is a classic "love is blind" situation. Or depending on what this person is actually feelilng it could simply be a case of a big crush... "crushes are blind".Someone already posted that you do not have an objective opinion about your "boyfriend" because you will not see the flaws that other people see.Your friends and those who are telling you he is bad news have a better chance of seeing the "real" person that your boyfriend actually is. No body can be truely unbiased but they can be "less biased". In this case, I would take your friends advice and look more closely at this guy and make sure he really is that great. I guarantee you that those people bashing him are not jealous of you and him. You are just too "blind" to see it. Sometimes though, maybe you will just have to get hurt to find out. Such is life. Looking back, you'll respect your friends and family more.
  9. This is an absolutely hilarious post. Bashing evolution theory to support creationism. HILARIOUS. Evolution does not mean propogation of the species... LOL. Evolution is "survival of the fittest". Evolution is about natural selection which means only the strongest or most adaptable will survive. In terms of sex and marriage, I agree that sex before marriage is definately a religious thing. Which is also why many people don't care about premarital sex. It is something that most people don't have any second thought about. But, you are arguing that AGE has something to do with religious beliefs and if one believes in evolution, AGE cannot be a factor in choosing a mate. You are talking about evolution as simply being the "instinct" to procreate and propogate the species. Well, let's go with this. The "instinct" you speak of exists. There is an instinct to procreate but that does not mean they will choose anyone who is willing. People (and creatures), have the instinct to choose the best suitible mate. This means that they will NOT choose an underage child to procreate with. They will choose a mate that is of child bearing age. This means anyone after puberty not before. So, age DOES matter considering most people don't hit puberty after only "3 months old". Now, moving on to your claim that religion is the source of morality and right and wrong. This is absolutely ridiculous. Morals are defined by SOCIETY. Yes, in some societies, religion plays a big role in defining morality. But, religion and society are not the SOURCE of morality. Religion and society simply defines WHAT rules you should follow and what is right and wrong. The source of morality can be argued that it is a natural evolution of societal groups. As people evolved and started living together, they required rules in order to function together. These rules are what defined morality. Without these rules, no society could exists because it would tear itself appart. Look at monkeys, wolves, lions, and other animals that live in packs or societal groups. They ALL have rules. Even though they don't have religion, rules have been defined. In the early days, it was acceptable to have sex with children that would have been unacceptable today. Why is that? We had religion back then too. So, it's obvious that religion didn't define our sense of morality on this one. The reason why it was ok back then is simply because society changed. People lived longer and rules changed. This further prooves that the "rules" or morality of a social group is defined by the state of the society. Religion is not the source of morailty. It is something that "evolved" over time to answer questions that could not be answered. Similarily evolution is another "religion" that attempts to take some facts and define how we got here, answering the question man has always been asking. Religion came to be in society to fill a need or weakness in the social group as a whole (evolution). This is a whole other arguement. How can evolution be called a fairy tale? How do explain fossil records? I find it amazingly hilarious that someone can dismiss clear evidence that life existed long before "religion" said it did. How does religion explain the evidence? How can you dismiss this and ask people to believe what religion preeches? Some people are not as easily convinced (read convinced without any proof at all). If anything, your religion is closer to a fairy tale then evolution. I make no judgement on which is right or wrong. I just look at facts and make my own decisions. I don't believe what people tell me to believe. right now, evolution makes the most sense.
  10. You guys should watch the movies CUBE, CUBE 2, and CUBE ZERO. These are 3 movies about a hyper cube and how people were inside it. It was pretty cool. Mathematically we can show that there are more than 4 or 5 dimensions. In fact, mathematically we can show that there are INFINITE number of dimensions. We don't understand what those dimensions are but we can manipulate it in mathematics.Just look up n-th dimensional space in mathematics.
  11. the main reason why you can't stop piracy on the internet is because the internet is not localized anywhere. nobody really controls it. no one country has jurisdiction over the internet and there is not governing body that has been given the power to monitor the whole internet. that means the laws only apply to the country the person downloading or uploading is in. if it is legal in your coutnry, you can upload or download whatever you want. If the person downloading from you is from a country that is not legal, then then can be prosecuted.
  12. i hate those drivers that are not COURTEOUS. On a 4 lane road, why is it that only about 4-5 cars can block the whole damn road!! Why not just move out of the way!People are such greedy drivers. They ALL want their own lane. Why can't they just drive BEHIND someone when you are not going faster than they are? STOP BLOCKING THE ROAD.
  13. that would be interesting to know. I know that truck drivers for the oil fields were getting paid something like 150,000 a year to work in iraq. I would imagine that the reporters would average even more than that. They would make their own salary plus any hazaard pay. Personally, I would not risk my life to do that. It isn't worth it.
  14. It's funny how you are complaining about people's English when, pretty much your first line, is wrong. It's not "ONCE so ever"... it's "WHAT so ever". But, I do hate those people who can't speak english. They come to my school/company and I have to work with them on reports and presentations. They don't understand what they need to do. And when they do understand, they can't do the work because they produce CRAP. Then, when they have to do a presentation, it gets even worse. They just ride my coat tails to get through a project. It is very irritating when I have to do their work for them and they get the credit. I also hate it when I have to correct their work because they can't produce anything worth while.
  15. this happens all the time. but mostly where the student is the guy and the woman is the teacher. the reason is because males reach their sexual peak around 16-18 while women don't peak until later (usually around 30-35).If i were you, I would go for it. what have you got to lose? the mary kate letourno this worked out... even though she went to jail, he still married her.
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