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Is There Life Anywhere Else On The Universe ?


No one knows. Most people say that there must be others but I think in some way this is like the existence of God. Most people have to believe in something and I think it?s the same with this... we have to beleive that there are others because we know that the universe is enormous and it would be scary if we were the only beings. We think that there are so much planets that there must be somebody else. But we can?t even imagine how these new "people" would be if they existed. Maybe we couldn?t see them or hear them... maybe they?re not even solid bodies. Or maybe they are green little persons with antennas but I don?t think we?ll live to see other life forms.


i bet there is life outside in teh universe...its crazy how big it is...there really is no ending of space...is so hard to imagine itll hurt your head..lol


There most likely is other life out there, but I doubt it is as we imagine it (Films portray it). If we do find life in this solar system, it is most likely to be bacteria, or some sort of small organism.I doubt we will manage to find a alien race outside are Galaxy in the near future, and even if (by sheer fluke) we did, we would have no way of getting there while their race still existed.I doubt I will live to see an alien.


Just my opinion?.we can?t help but relate everything to ?our reality of time?Time in the realm of the universe we of course are just barley a flicker!The odds of anyone showing up in that immeasurable flicker must be incredible! There is life out there!


Just my opinion.we cant help but relate everything to our reality of timeTime in the realm of the universe we of course are just barley a flicker!
The odds of anyone showing up in that immeasurable flicker must be incredible!
There is life out there!

Y'know what? This has probably got to be the most relatively original idea here. People keep talking about alien life, intelligent alien life and the like, assuming humanity will eventually find them, oftentimes without bothering to consider if life even existed at the same time as us.

Oh, and while we're considering time as an important factor, a book I've read once has a humorous take on intelligent alien life. Even assuming that they can travel faster than the speed of light, they won't see us like we are now. For all we know, what they probably see on their home planet are humans clothed in crinolines, waving feathered fans, holding balls (no, the other kind of "balls"), dancing waltzes and carrying about in carriages. Even if they were to come here right now, they will probably address us with "Good day, dear sir," instead of the cliche, "We come in peace."


Our planet is a paradise for life. But it wasn't always this way. There are two mass extinctions that are fairly well known to most people. The Permian and Cretaceous Mass Extinctions. The Cretaceous is the most well known. It's the "Dinosaur Killer Asteroid" event. The Permian could be due to several factors: Glaciation, Volcanic Eruptions, Possible Impactor, Continental Drift etc.. However, there have really been at least 8 Mass extinctions of life on Earth. There have also been around 3 minor extinction events.Yup. Eight Mass extinction events. Some of these effected life-forms in certain environments such as the oceans. Others were truly destructive, killing life down to the microbial level. The mechanisms behind all of these are not completely understood. However, even though the severity of some of these is hotly debated, the implications are well understood in my opinion: Life is tenacious and very hardy. However, only within a certain, limited, range of environmental conditions. Change these conditions and life will cease to thrive. Any dramatic change has catastrophic implications. "Life" may very well be a "paper tiger." It may appear all-pervasive and tenacious. But when faced with sever and rapid global change, life may not be able to adapt.So, while life is certainly vibrant and hardy, it does require a narrow range of conditions. How do we apply that knowledge to extraterrestrial life? It's difficult, but I suppose it can be done. Exobiologists seem to enjoy trying at least!If we look at Mars we see a dead planet. However, recent evidence points to a dynamic planet which may have had abundant reserves of liquid water. We believe, as evidenced on Earth, that liquid water is required for "life." (The truth is, thinking about life without water is, well, very difficult. Let's go with what we know.) Other recent findings suggest that life on Earth developed rapidly. Far more rapidly than was first thought. There is good evidence to suggest that life took hold on Earth over 3.9 billion years ago. It's very possible that life developed on Earth over 4 billion years ago. Basically, as soon as the house was ready, life may have moved in.What would this say about Mars? Well, if Mars had a history which included liquid water, it is possible that life took hold. We know from our own history that life seems to grab at the first chance it gets. (We have a humongous representative sample of "1" ) If Mars' life-giving environment was stable enough, for long enough, then life should have taken root.. somewhere. But, there is a catch. Mars has problems. It doesn't have the gravity to hold on to it's atmosphere. It does not have a protective magnetic field similar to Earth's. Radiation from solar winds could cause problems. (Mars does not exhibit the "dynamo" effect that Earth does. It's mag field is different. This is fairly rare planets in our system.) These factors combine to make Mars, presently, an inhospitable planet. The water seems to either have frozen underground or been vaporized due to low pressures and leached out into space. What could have happened to life?Life could have developed on Mars. But, it would have been fated to die. As conditions slowly changed, the very small range within such life could have survived would have been drastically effected. As we know from our own history, if such changes last long enough or take place quickly enough, life can neither survive nor adapt. We only survived 8 mass extinctions and 3 minor ones because conditions on Earth stabilized rapidly enough or environmental changes did not cover a large spectrum. If that hadn't of happened, we wouldn't be here.It is possible that there could be some form of life left on Mars. If there had ever been any to begin with that is. I agree that it is somewhat difficult to destroy all life on a planet. However, Earth has never been subject to the conditions that Mars exhibits. There could very well be a "breaking point" where life is doomed to oblivion. If life still exists on Mars, the best bet, imho, would be microbial life beneath the surface. Beyond that, I would say that Mars may be a dead rock. If liquid water existed on Mars long enough for life to take hold, then I believe that there is a 100% chance that we will discover evidence for life when/if the Mars Mission gets there.


To think that we are alone is just ignorant. There are galaxies upon galaxies upon galaxies and millions of light years of space. We haven't found much of anything but then again we don't have capabilities to REALLY look. There's gotta be life out htere. It doesn't need to be walking around space men.......but maybe some plants or water or bacteria. Some scientist was saying htat the Mars expedition could have possibly killed some form of life when it landed and that's interesting to say the least.I don't think we'll witness life on other planets/galaxies in my lifetime.......but someday we will.


I would love it.how facinating will it be to find a life on another planet??.it would be awesome.I really love that kind of stuff no wonder I was a fan of xfiles LOL!!I think that if there's life on another planet it must be mars its not too close of the sun and I hear that its pretty big.almost like here.if people can go there I guess a life a grow there too.


I'm assuming you meant Is There Life Anywhere Else In The Universe

Otherwise we'd be talking bout beings larger than our entire universe O.O



I'm a member of an amatuer astronomy club in the area in which I live. One night the main man was telling us the possible number of stars in the universe. He held in his hand a plastic container holding 4 grams of sand. He spread them out and counted 1/4 of the sand grains which were 500. the total numer of sand grains were 2000. He then said that a two (2) tonne truck can hold 500 000 000 grains of sand. Now imagine a row of two tonne trucks all loaded with sand bumper to bumper around the equator. Every single grain of sand is a star. We are looking at very large numbers now but that is still a very small number in terms of the universe. Each star may have a body orbiting it (or a planet). It is strange to think that some people actually admit that they think this is the only planet that has life. Of course there is life - you would have to have a very small mind to think so.


I believe.

Great example I had something similar said to me, and still find it ironic how great the percentage of people fit that profile .





Though I agree with the majority of your post (pretty nifty facts I might add ) I can't help but comment on.


Yup. Eight Mass extinction events.

That's only subject to opinion. Personally I believe there were only 3 normal weather events, and 4+ global shifts that we know of. I'd like to know on what you're basing your statement though. different fields have different data to work with .


Life could have developed on Mars. But, it would have been fated to die.

The same can be said about us. First off we don't know how mars' inhabitants (if there were any) met their end. Secondly there are various possible reasons for their downfall (if the they didn't leave the system at all). Thirdly we don't know when they actually existed, so the planet's conditions could've been very different back then


Yeah, I believe that logic alone dictates that life should exist out there. Then again deductive reasoning is flawed, ultimately we'll never know till we actually come in contact with extra terrestrials. Till then I'll keep my shotgun loaded


The pale blue dot in this photo taken from Voyager is our planet:

This little dirtball we live on cannot be the only source of life. Considering this picture there is bound to be more life somewhere in the universe - I mean, IIRC, this photo taken from Voyager isn't even out of our solar system.


In my humble opinion there is life in the universe. It is only that as human specie is so selfish that we cannot see nor we can understand the point of how large is universe. That's why we mostly consider ourselves as special and only one. However I wouldn't agree with such opinion and to some extent we already agree to existence of extraterrestrials when you believe in god. Which might have seeded us into this planet. If you look into Kur'ran (hopefully I spelled that alright) there are some things written which in fact explain existence of other lifeforms next to distant stars. And I would like to add quotation from discovery channel not exact. They explained that there are so many planets just in our galaxy and every 1000 planet is capable of supporting life similar to our own. That makes 10 of thousands planets capable of supporting life with similar conditions to our own planet and what if we consider that life might just form in some other form not even similar to our own or maybe not eve perceivable by us. I think that it is feasible thing to say that life is almost statistical certainty.


Of course there is. if we live in a world where there are millions of other glaxies beside the milky way, then of course there has to be life in the other millions of galxies. Now, I am not saying they are aliens or anything else. But, they maybe humans just like us, but in another world with betetr technology and much more knowledge attained. Or I could be completely wrong with this theory, but it just seems like that there is not way that we are the only lifeforms in the world, there must be more out there!


This one sentence says it all in my oppinion. I only wish I knew the name of the scientist that said it.

To suggest that we are alone in the universe is inexcusably egocentric._____Scientist


I for one do believe there is life out there besides us; however, not so much other organisms, if you catch my drift.

[. . .] [1]He held in his hand a plastic container holding 4 grams of sand. He spread them out and counted 1/4 of the sand grains which were 500. the total numer of sand grains were 2000. He then said that a two (2) tonne truck can hold 500 000 000 grains of sand. Now imagine a row of two tonne trucks all loaded with sand bumper to bumper around the equator. Every single grain of sand is a star. [. . .] [2]Of course there is life - you would have to have a very small mind to think so.

[1]This reminds me of something.[2]I wouldn't say they are ignorant or have a small mind. Some people require proof. By that i mean if other life doesn't come into contact with us, to them, everything is just words placed together to make it seem logical and like as if there is life out there or there would be a high possibility of life out there. Until any contact with them and this other 'life' is made, there is no proof and just mere words for them—which in reality that's what it all seems to be. The farthest they'll come to believe would probably be just bacteria, but that's not what they had in mind, as far as i'm concerned.


Hmm it depends here highly what and how we define organisms and what do we expect to find out. If we are taking for example any organisms they will probably be found some of the theoretical scientists have stated that even the life on the planet earth might have been started by microorganisms from the other planet. Actually from the other cosmic body like asteroid or so. So it doesn't matter if it is similar to our form or way of life or if we even process information I think that we are all discussing that here whether there is consciousness in the universe that is conscious life form. With which we would be able to communicate and reason learn and so on. That is and should be point of this discussion. Because there are many predictions that there is micro life on the Europe that is satellite.


not only do i think that there could be life in other solar systems, i bet that almost every single one has some type of life filled planet. maybe even more than one. i could just be bacterial life or even intelegent life.anyway it is it would be selfish and stupid of us to think that out of all the galaxies and solar systems we are the only planet that has life. it would also be selfish of us to think that the life on those planets are like us. like you know with limbs and whatever... our physical form.i don't know... it is hard to assume.there are known knowns and known unknowns and there are unknown unknowns. those unknown unknowns suggest that we know nothing about life outside ourselves so it is even hard to me to state my opinion on this topics.


I find it completely impossible, that we are the only life in our large universe. Life doesn't have to be advanced, ,microorganisms might inhabit a planet, which would till be considered a form of life. Mars once had water, maybe there is still a small form of life in its frozen ice caps? I also heard that another planet similar to Earth was discovered, so maybe it might have life that is either advanced or primitive


there must be life outside our planet and to think otherwise is really stupid just look at the life on earth it has developed in so hostile environments that someone would say it is impossible if you told him so.within last few months scientists have discovered planet that has temperature which is similar to the temperature on earth so liquid water can exist there and we all know that water is basis of life on earth so why not there.that planet is not far from earth in universe proportions.but even without water life could exist based on some other elements in very different environments and probably very different shapes which we can't even think of.just think of this every time you are in doubt every star you see in the night sky is potential sun and for each star you see there billions and billions and billions... of others


The fact that Pluto was taken off the list of planets had me thinking about other planets and other galaxies.

Surely somebody like us will be inhabilting one of those distant galaxies. If life started on the Earth, then it should have started on any other planet near a start like the sun. And there would be many such planets.

What sort of people world they be ? Would they also have houses, electronic stuff, nuclear weapons etc. Would they be more advance than us ? Communicate by thought. Travel through time etc. Would they travel through space and find us. Because there is no chance of our finding anybody in the near future. If somebody else is living on this universe they have to come and find us out.

Lets wait for them...

Universe is not more complex than u imagine,

It is more complex than u can not imagine.

How can scientists assume that the other form of life outside earth ll also need same basic things for existence as in earth?

Is it impossible that some form of life ll not even need oxygen ,water ? There may be some form of life which is totally different from that of earth?


I have recently been looking into some topics on another unknow planet within our system known as planet 'X' this planet suppsosedly is the only true fact of how our Earth could've been created. Every 50,000 years this planet passes extremely closely to Earth and the last time it smashed the planet in half with a full blown impact, one half formed Earth while the other is unknown as of today. If half of this planet has fromed us then surely the other half would be able to inhabit life depending on it's position within the universe. For thos wondering this planet is supposed to next pass Earth in 2012 and is thus recorded as being the Apocalypse by Mayans and thus why their calendar ends on the 21st decmber 2012. Nostradarmos (sp) also has recordings of such an Apocalyptic event and he also has a date set at 2012.

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