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Make The Internet Faster 500 Times ! Making most of your PC for a faster Internet


Ok I'm with Thorned Rose on this one..... The software is complete crap.Installed it here were we run satellite broadband, I run several pc's over a network both wired and wireless. I installed it one one of our wired pc's and it actually reduced the transfer rate. and again while trying to uninstall the software it stuffed all my connection settings and drivers relating to the network.This software is not work the download little own the effort to install it or try and get it uninstalled.I wouldn't touch this software or even consider trialling it.just my opinion.


Just for the record, the 500 times faster internet thing ain't going to happen either. I used to work for Telstra Australia's leading telecommunications supplier... So I can assure you that the ISP's out there are not going to open up the transfer lines enough for your home pc to be sped up 500 times its just not going to happen. In some cases you might find that you can expect certain products or hardware capable of providing you with 3 - 5 times faster transfer rate, with a combination of several solutions and a good compression service you might find a service of 10x's faster but its rare and not very reliable.


Well I never thought that increasing 500 times the speed was even possible. This is like the elixir of eternal youth applied to Internet, am I wrong? Because the modem/router probably wouldn?t support it and because the only way seem to be cheating the company that provides you internet, and they would realise soon. And I don?t think any program could do this (make them provide you more speed paying the same).Useless junk.


That's impossible! I wouldn't try it, and also recommend you not to try it.Maybe it's just scam or virus, 500 times faster is no way...


this is not true, only a T1 line can carry such a bandwith, our normal cables cannot use this speed even if this software is for real. This is just a marketing trick. But definitely you'll see improvements in your connection speeds say 10%, because by default the OS allocates a percent of the bandwidh for its use, which goes wasted. So such type of softwares make changes in the settings and make the full bandwidth available for the browser, thus making the connection speed.


This does nothing with broadband, i dont know about dial up.


It's Impossible


i highly doubt it will make it 500times faster. maybe with firefox youll surf the web faster there are other programs that tweaks your internet connection that youll see some difference but there are so many variables to include like: your wire, computer, your isp, your isp's transmission lines, your isp connection to other's connection, weather, the wires you use, and others.maybe with your computer you can fix but with the others i highly doubt you can.maybe 500 times faster your computer will get hit with a virus


Well I was gone give it out a try, even though it would give the 500x boost, some significant increase would be much appreciated but thanks to the guys posting their observations after giving it a try. If their is no apparent difference in download speed then why bother downloading. Thanks to those who tryed it, and its a shame the program didn't work significantly... just hope as someone said earlier you don't get bombarded with viruses.


That must be a scam, as it can't get you 500x faster. 2x times faster would be okay.

electriic ink

We established long ago that rather than 500 times increase, the OP must have meant 500% increase and, unless it's just me, the link given now links to some Arabic site, inappropiate for and illegible by anyone reading an English-only forum:


As such, I can only assume that the owner has shut as shop after people not buying into his crazy claims.

/~* Locked


*** I bet it doesent work you have 2 pay money to get a fast connection. It's probably just a scam. I mean did you see the spelling at the top of the page. Its probably some peice of **** that tries to hack into your stuff. I recommend not to use it. It could cause you lots of trouble. In fact it could make your connection 500 times SLOWER lol-reply by Natasha

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