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Amd Vs Intel see which brand of processor is more popular


i'd prefer using AMD because its cheaper than intel and theres no difference at allonly the price


I prefer AMD iver never really tried the other one.I may have to give it ago at some point.


Yeah, I know AMD would have more votes here. Although I've tried Intel it is not any different in most cases, just more silent on the processor fans. AMD is way more complex if you ask me, and I'd rarther use it over Intel. Although my other computer has Intel never really even use it all that much to be honest. I'd prefer what I have right now.


I am virtually neither a AMD fan or a Intel fan and I would consider the cost/performance ratio of each desired hardware product before I buy them, including CPU. For example, I found an AMD Althon 3600+ suit my need, so I switched my platform to AMD one. One or two years later, I found the C/P ratio of an second-hand Intel E6750 is good enough, so I switched back my platform to Intel.

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