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  1. Haha I remember. Still lookin' good there Reaver! Certainly haven't lost that touch.
  2. Gosh, haven't been here for yonks. 'Grats on four years though SM~ and still looking good.
  3. I'm great at AoE 2, just 1 is crazy! 1900 food for an upgrade? And those towers- sudden jump from 5 damage to 20!
  4. So I got the original Age of Empires. I set it on easiest and tried to get a feel for the game. I got owned. Hard. 1 enemy heavy calvary killed all my villagers, entire army, and all my priests.Then I started a new game. I got 10 calvary units, 10 Academy units, and I stormed their base. I got owned. Hard. Catapult triremes and catapults owned me.Unlike AoE 2, in AoE 1, whoever has the most catapults wins apparently. Then I made a lot of Helipolises, which worked, but they had like 20 priests which converted half. After I killed all the priests, they made more and converted the other half...
  5. Yes! If the person behind you is one of those angry types, having a sign swearing at them and flashing would be a very bad idea. Frankly, I'd rather be hit by some bad driver and collect insurance money, than be shot in the head and letting my family collect insurance money.
  6. It's probably a matter of what the Japanese society considers important. That, and a lot of technological advances made in Japan are mainly in consumer electronics which are mainly a private enterprise, whereas a fully fledged space program would (at this stage) be run by the government. According to the article they planned a trip to Mars earlier but scrapped it? I would imagine that was way too ambitious, but to put off going to the moon as well seems to be a major setback. If anything, you could consider Japan's close relationship with the US allows them some access to the space programs the US runs - in which case they may not feel an urgent need to develop their own?
  7. Are they that hard to find? I swear I've seen quite a few in the shops - out of the three next generation consoles the Wii's have been relatively well stocked (so I've heard, anyway). I believed people had more trouble getting the Xbox 360 after launch.A lot of my friends didn't pre-order but managed to get it a day or two after launch, which indicated how readily available they were (to me).
  8. I used to follow Naruto fanatically, but once I hit about ep130 and the fillers started I just gave up. The stories seemed poorly contrived - not only pointless but not even all that entertaining in their own right (by that I mean one of the earlier filler arcs of the Mission in the Sound Village). I started to find the manga went too fast as well, and I couldn't really keep up with what was going on, so I honestly haven't been reading it either. I really liked the Kakashi's Gaiden arc in the manga though - is it confirmed it will be part of the anime?
  9. I saw those screens a while back soon after the game was announced. It looked really good then, and I'm still anticipating its release. I saw it at my local EB and was really thinking about getting it (though from what I'm seeing it was probably only a preview box). The previews of it on IGN have been pretty positive so far. I've been playing a lot of the Dawn of War expansion, Dark Crusade lately also. Hopefully Supreme Commander can be the next RTS I work on for a while
  10. It's just a lot of stereotyping, which probably has little basis especially considering the saturation of video games in our society. Myself, I am a gamer, probably considered normal, or just a little skinny. With food it really depends, at home generally healthy, going out I go for the junk food (as my wallet isn't that fat yet) - so I guess "Whatever I feel like" is the choice.You have to wonder though, isn't there also the stereotype of the skinny nerd/geek? the tall lanky one with glasses/pimples who knows everything about computers? By the looks of the poll this stereotype could have a little more accuracy
  11. If you wish to preach, please do so in a way that may inspire people to do good, rather than lash back at you. Considering this is the gaming section of the board, I believe such comments are unneccessary. Whilst I agree you may have a point, are you saying people must deny themselves a form of entertainment? Anyway, the Wii is the cheapest. In terms of launch, the Wii was probably the most successful, although I believe the 360 and its early start have proved beneficial. To me, though, the 360 is all about online gaming and FPS games - which I believe is much better on PC (no matter how hard I try using a controller and analogue sticks for aiming is not as satisfying as a mouse). Not to mention you can do without the Xbox Live subscription. At the moment, I would be backing the Wii, as the PS3 still lacks the games or the pricetag to make it desirable.
  12. It depends really on the style of play you like. Guild Wars is more concentrated on PvP combat (player vs player), whereas World of Warcraft is more focused on PvM (player vs monster/npc). The quests, support and increasing content are rather good on WoW as well, though I have heard a lot of good things about Guild Wars. The subscription fee for WoW is rather high, in my opinion, whereas the cost for Guild Wars is in essence, unlimited subscription. A rumour I heard was that the developers of Guild Wars were some disgruntled former Blizzard employees... As for a WoW demo: us.battle.net/account/activation/landing.html?key&product=WOWC - should work on PC (including your Dell).
  13. I don't think it's all just for research that he wishes to go into space - I mean, a simply trip into space probably has ample documentation if he wished to collect data.I think it's more a personal fulfillment thing - especially if you read the end of the article, how Hawking believes in finding a new planet for humans to inhabit as a "disaster" could easily end the Earth. In which case, I say good on him for going into space to pursue his dream. If anything it shouldn't be too arduous as it's going to be a commercial kind of trip, considering it's run by Richard Branson and all.
  14. I tried it out for the first time on my cousin's PS2 a week back now. Before I'd played it, I had initially assumed it was just some hack and slash game, not something too interesting. After giving it a go I have to admit it's really quite fun. I guess the kinds of animations and the moves that Kronos (I think that's his name) can pull off makes it all the more fun. Kind of like how Prince of Persia is fun because the Prince has all these tricks up his sleeve.I'll definitely be having a look at the sequel when it comes out later in the year.
  15. As Kubi mentioned earlier, World of Warcraft comes with a Free 10 Day Trial if you download it straight from their site. If you want a direct link: us.battle.net/account/activation/landing.html?key&product=WOWC Alternatively I've seen many game stores (like Electronics Boutique) have this in a disk form for AU$2, which I believe is a slightly longer trial at 14-days. My cousin was trying to get me to purchase it, but I have the feeling I'd get hooked - and I don't really want to spend that much time on an MMORPG if I can help it
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