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Amd Vs Intel see which brand of processor is more popular


I've never actually used an AMD chip, but from what I've heard they're pretty nice chips.


hi prefer intel because its good


i personaly dont know i use what ever i have lol...they run about at the same price for the same stuff while i belive amd is better for gaming than intel but i dont know...all the computers i have are intels (they came that way)but with the new computer i want to build im thinking about going with amd but ive gotta do a little bit of reaserch


I have an old intel P4 now, but I'm going for a major upgrade in a few months and I'm definetly going to buy and AMD. They might have lower clock speeds but they have better performance for games

:: The Dragon ::

Whoa!!! When i saw the results of this pool, i just fell of the chair! 16 users using AMD?!?!! Well, nothing strange, i prefer AMD too. Personally, i dont care of procesor brand, i just need it to work. I heard that AMD is much warmer processor. True? But performance is just great.


I heard that AMD is much warmer processor. True?

Generally true, though the current AMD line runs cooler than Intels.

Gondero Werkus

Lots of people say a lot of things about AMD vs. Intel.And personally most of the time the testimonies are completly biased one way or another. AMD has the better Video Game performance like most gamers will tell you. But when it comes to pure application speed Intel can beat an AMD chip with one hand behind it's back.Intel chip have a longer pipeline in the core, which is why they have such higher clock speed than AMD, these pipelines help make programs excel and stuff work a lot better because it doesn't have to continually dump information and pick it back up. AMD has those short pipelines which makes dropping info off and picking it up again easier. But many times Intel chips are hotter because of the higher clock speeds.


I have an Intel processor and I hear too that AMd is better, but personally I'm better off with this because it was where I spent my money so I must be satisfied.

I saw this video on tom's hardware about heat emergencies of both processors and I found the video quite interesting. It shows the effect of removing the heatsink while the computer is on.

You can check it here (scroll down the page if you want do download the video): Tom's Hardware Processor Heat Emergencies


well... i used to own an AMD duron 700mhz, it worked very well for a few years (i feed it with 900mb of ram). Just about last week, i upgraded it to a 1.7ghz Pentium 4 processor (got it from my teacher), and yesterday i just bought a 512mb ram stick for it; the computer now works pretty fast. I can't really say wheather which one is better than t he other because they have different modells that do different things. AMD now has a duel core processor just like intel, but i guess for now i would probably stick with intel because the duel core model for AMD is pretty expensive while you could get it for less with intel.

Gondero Werkus

Well it's also been documented (via Tom's Hardware) that the two have one distinct difference that is interesting and that is Start Up and long term performance. It's been shown that when you start up your computer with an AMD CPU your computer tends to work really well, speed wise, a the beginning and the longer you leave the computer running without turning off the lower quality performance you get from your CPU. But with Intel it's just the opposite, you start up your computer and it works kind of crappy like for a little while until you leave it on for awhile and it's performance gets better.Now obviously it's not a huge difference in quality or it's be everywhere in the news and stuff. But there is a difference.


AMD by far is the better of the two processors. I've been using AMD ever since they came out because they were always cheaper then Intel. Yes I am a cheap SOB lol. But even without the price it seems they are always one upping Intel with speed. I've used the chip for gaming and then i bought a laptop that containg a Celeron....they should call it a Celeroff because it takes so long to process. The laptop lasted all of 2 years and I went back to AMD.......it was beautiful. I have four computers in my house and two run Intels and the other two run AMD Turion 64s. The speed difference is noticable belive me.


I think Intel still has the edge, merely because of their incredibly big war chest. They have lots of money and they are not afraid to use it. Their new processor line is also better than AMD's. I've got an AMD in my computer though, and it works like a charm.


amd buth is so better than intel i like amd procesors


Gondero -

And personally most of the time the testimonies are completly biased one way or another. AMD has the better Video Game performance like most gamers will tell you. But when it comes to pure application speed Intel can beat an AMD chip with one hand behind it's back.

I have used AMD since the supposedly 'doomed' k62 450 with its 'heat issues' (never had one, and ran that box for 6 years)

I DEFY you to find a current Intel processor that will outcrunch my AMD. My computer at work runs dual Xeon 800's. While it was in the shop a while back I took in my home machine, which uses an Athlon 64 x2 3800+. Result? Our office is moving to new machines with AMD dualcores. Intel CANNOT compete at any price point with the current AMD line.

Oh, BTW - I am a mortgage broker, so I crunch hard math and use a ton of spreadsheets and other 'pure applications'.


I have Intel on my personal computer while my brother has AMD on his laptop, but I do not see any deifference on the perfrmance between the two. If I am not mistaken AMD processors are muh cheaper than Intels And i hoped I had puchased A computer with AMD, so i could have save more when i bought my personal computer.


Amd all the way !!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have also both.Intel P4 530 (3.0 GHz)Amd Athlon 64 2800+ and Amd Semptron 2800+ (both socket 754)Amd has the advantage to be cheaper and comsuming less power.Intel looks more stable in performance.Next to the processor is also the chipset on tha mainboard important for the speed of the computer.


see the situation... if i wanna play game i buy a amd and many fans to cool it down. Graphic card must latest. .....play Dota later if i wanna use to do work , i prefer intel. But i no much money to buy this 2 ....any suggestion ? i both also need do..... but i heard my friend said AMD easy heat , was that true?if like this i better use Intel.


AMD by far is the better of the two processors. I have a AMD Athlon XP... I say that this is better than Intel in everyway possible. I have never had any repair issues like Intel has. I have always been upto speed and never had an overheat. My computer has ran games that can barely withstand my ghz, and it still runs great. My Computer costed my 300 dollars also. What a deal! But Intel flat out sucks! Do not buy it lol!


I don't really have a preference over the two because in my opinion their both the same, and I do know each one is better at certain things but as long as my processor is doing what I need it to be doing I'm fine.

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