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Hey all,

I've been wanting to post this topic for absolutely ages but you apparently have to be hosted to post here... which I only get two days ago.

This topic basically tells you the exact reason I came to Xisto, by talking about my two previous hosts and why I left them. I would advise that if you're with these hosts then LEAVE THEM NOW! Unless you want your sites to be totally unpopular like mine...

Ok, one day I came up with this radical idea after playing a game on the internet and listening to the comments people were giving. A lot of people where saying negative comments, mainly about lack of choice or underuse of characters. I won't go in to all the detail but basically I came up with this idea for a cool website. After making a basic framework on the computer I showed my ideas to some friends. Realising the sites' potential I decided to start putting it on the web.

Host 1: Wanadoo FTP My Site. My score: 5/10 (average)

I wanted to get the site up as soon as I could but I didn't want to have to pay more than I could afford. I have an Internet connection with Wanadoo and after exploring their site I thought I'd found the answer. Unfortunately I thought wrong.

Wanadoo FTP My Site is an FTP Webhost that is free for all Wanadoo customers. It gives a fair deal of space (30MB per site, max 150MB) and also supports downloads, unlimited subdomains and uploads of other webpages and zip files. However, i found later that there were two big problems. The first was the site URL: although my site was popular at the start, not many people could find it and even fewer people wanted to have to type in a stupidly long adress such as:


The second thing was that it was to restricted. You could only use files that are HTML- or Zip- Related, pictures, or files that can be downloaded. So you could use files with .txt, .exe, .zip, .htm or .html extensions, and pictures, but you couldn't use ones like .php, .phtml, .htacess, etc. This proved to be too restrictive, as I couldn't change my sites actual layout or add things like forums. And since I didn't want to use other hosts like "Free Forum hosting" websites, I decided to look elsewhere. I still kept my site on WFMS for a short while, though, just in case I didn't find what I was looking for.

Host 2: cjb.net My score: <0/10 (Below 0, ie. BAD!)

At first I was really just looking for a way to shorten the URL of the site I already had with the aforementioned host. But I was recommended to the site by a friend (whoever that was ). They did free web hosting and also the URL Masking I was looking for. I tried using their hosting first, but when I found out that they didn't support subdomains, I was immediately bummed. All my images where kept in an "images" subdomain and I wasn't going to put those on the main site. What is more, if I remember correctly they limited you to 50 pages on the website. Useless! Immediately I removed my site with them.

Remebering about the URL masking they offered though, I decide to change the URL of my old site to a .cjb.net one. In return they put a small (roughly half a centimetre) ad ticker on the top of each page. As it was small and not that noticable, I ignored it. But then they - without any notice - started using pop-up advertising. (Most of it was pop-under, but still...) This annoyed so many members that when I finally realised what they had done, I had lost them all. I was like, "this blows", and I deleted all the emails I have from them. I mean, who'd pay Ł5. A MONTH just to get the ads to stop!?! I now wait for the account to expire so I don't have to use them again.

After these episodes, I decide to do a thourough search of the web for some decent free web hosting that satisfied my needs and was simple enough to use. And I am glad to say, I found it. Here I am, at Xisto, the only web host that has not only fulfilled my needs, it has done so much more. If I gave you guys a rating, it would have to be >10/10 (More than 10/10), or to put it simply, THE BEST *darn* SERVICE EVER TO EXIST ON THE WEB! I rarely give out 10/10s, but this service, and the people who run it, deserve much more than 10/10.

I love this service and I don't think I'll ever leave it. Thank you for running such an excellent service. If I was your boss I'd give you all double promotions.

Feel free to quote me on this post, and Cheers Xisto!


cjb.net is better as a way to shorten your domain, not as a web service i thnk its been like 8-9 years since i had my cjb account, wonder if i can get back into it.on the other yeah that is pretty long.


Yeah, ever since I found Xisto, I'm not living with the constant fear of bad service. Besides the awesome, and useful features it has, the community is fun to interact with. Well, like some anonymous guy before me said..."Veni, Vedi, Velcro""I came, I saw, I stuck with it." I think that's enough to describe what will happen when you join Xisto and see its features and services!


! i just know the cjb.net,and i just use them for some weeks,and i used Xisto for 1 year,so my choice is so definetly,and you see,the Xisto is very nice,but i'm not stoping searhing new host.since then,i found free-webhost.net 's forum will find so lots of good free host providers,but i don't suggested that searching for the webhost from searching enginne.


awwe! I remember using cjb.net's when I was about 10 XD I didn't understand the hosting thing though, it didn't really look easy..That was later years though.The wannadoo(use to be freeserve) and other isp providers who give web space is mainly for things like images for other families to see.. THey are not an ideal host for an actual website for the world wide web!!!! It's only like personal...if you understand. That's why the URL doesn't need to be short and easy =]I use to be hosted with web1000 which was excellent!! Until they added friggin adverts!


Well let's see...before I got hosted here at Trap I've been to geocities(my first site is I think still out there), moonfruit(cool-sounding webhost but not free anymore), freewebs.com(no PHP support and 1 file-at-a-time upload), eof.httpserve.com(not available anymore), feewebhosting and I've also used cjb.net to cloak the domain. Nothing beats Xisto ofcourse. No other site offers excellent packages and PHP + MySQL support that's no BS and free. I have to always post in the forums though, not very easy since college(among other things) is keeping me busy. But hey you can't have everything.

electriic ink

I remember using wanadoo. Didn't take me long to figure out how you could remove the intruding frame they put at the top of each page!

Heh, it (my site) still exists. Guess that's the only good thing about that host, no inactivity limit!


I don't really know much about the wanadoo service I've never used that, but I do know that of the services I've used (including the usual things that newbies try geocities and the lycos thing a little help here (Tripod, I had to look its name up I must have been trying to repress the memory), freewebs (they were actually not terrible, but don't come close to Xisto) and a few I can't remeber the names of thats how bad they were any way that was when I was about 12 and didn't really care. I didn't know cjb.net did hosting I used there url forwarding services. While Xisto's hosting is great (perhaps the best web host ever, I wouldn't know I haven't used every web host ever I know its the best that I've used though) to get the full view of the great services here you have to look at the whole package that is the hosting and the community, now thats a combination that these other hosts cannot even comprehend coming close to. If you want a good laugh.


Trap17 readily beats those hosts, and I'm glad you've easily realized that. I came to Xisto over a year ago after trying many other hosts.. Geocities, Angelfire, and other popular but bad hosts, and I've stuck with it ever since.


Yes this service is better than all the rest by far. I have gone through an experience about as bad as yours with companies like Tripod, Freewebs, and Geocities then one day I found this site on some forum. Webhosting is like anything else if it is too good to be true it always is.


I never tried either of those hosting services, but I've had similar experiences before - the main issues with me being pop-up and banner ads, hosts cutting down web space without warning, no FTP access and limits on what type of files to use. Since I went with the Trap last spring, I never looked back.


Trap 17 is way better than any free webhosting online. No one can beat our experienced Admin Opaque and moderators. Everyone is welcome here, newbies to webhosting and webdesigning are warmthly welcomed. I've been to another free webhosting before shifting to Trap 17 and when I went here I never looked for another one. The service is better than paid hostings, the webspace is so much larger, and the add-on like fantastico are really fantastic. So let us suport Trap 17 all the way to the top!


I notice someone changed the title of this topic. Which mod did that I wonder? But the new title is much cooler than the one I came up with.And I appreciate all your quality posts. What I would like though, is for all of you to give a rating for your webhosts, at a scale of minus infinity up to 10. That's what I did.And boyCradle, you don't know how right you are!


I remember using wanadoo. Didn't take me long to figure out how you could remove the intruding frame they put at the top of each page!


Heh, it (my site) still exists. Guess that's the only good thing about that host, no inactivity limit!


Same here: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ that was the original version of the site I now have at Xisto. I'm going to delete it shortly though.


And I figured out how to get round the banner Wanadoo added 10 minutes after starting a site with them! It was THAT simple!


you do know that is illigal NDPA?And offcourse Xisto is better than those hosts ;)i could tell you that from the start


Although we haven't heard from most of the teeming masses, I think we're pretty much in agreeement about how good the Trap is...al we have to do is spread the word and invite people to join out of the goodness of our hearts. Funny how we only have two pages so far on this thread.


I don't really care how many pages we get on this thread, in fact I didn't expect to get more than five posts, but what matters here is that people are posting quality posts about their own expiriences. This is very good to see. I am also glad to see that this topic is now a hot topic too!!!


I have tryed many free hostings but nothing is compare with Xisto. Im lucky that I have found it beacuse I ha_te the adds and the poor Upload Limit 300 kb. And bad file extensions and no data bases. So Im very impressed that I found this, beacuse I dident knew that someone can get a free hosting that almost looks exactley as a paid hosting and the only thing that you have yo do here is to keep up your hosting credits. To keep your website alive . And one thing too that Im very impressed is that this has an profession C-panel and it is the latest version. So Xisto is the only and the best hosting that I have now, but currentley beacuse I have much work to do Im thinking of get paid hosting in Xisto - Web Hosting. And Xisto - Web Hosting is the best paid hosting that I have ever seen, its soo cheap. That way I may get paid hosting soon but this is a great communnity and I will post more here, just for funn beacuse the pepole is nice here at this forum. And of course I wish evryone here A Happy New year and Happy Christmas beacuse I may forgett to say it later, heh .


Yeah this service does rule. The first server I used was Invisionfree. It was ok for a while but problems just started popping up and after using it for a while I found that you can't really do that much with Invisionfree. Plus, all of the ads just got annoying after a while. I just got tired of Invisionfree. I then when on a quest to find a good server with no ads and lots of options and it took a while but I eventually ran into Trap 17. When I first saw what they offered I was pretty surprised. Free service, no ads, loads of options and all you have to do is post?! I signed up right away. I'm very happy with this service and have no plans of changing to another any time soon.


I just love Xisto, even since i found this site i have just loved it, Its perfect, Free hosting with loads of features, Coudln't be better for a free hosting to be

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