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Do U Have A Usb Stick =


I have a 2Gb aria.net USB stick. It was only ?5.49 , great deal for a ton of memory


yes I do, they've been getting cheaper and cheaper lately. I remember the first one i bought was a measly 128mb and cost $30, nowadays 1g+ ones are $5? crazy! I use usb for convenient file transfer from computer to computer or if I need to bring documents to uni/class etc. It really is the most convenient way to carry around files.


I have a custom 1GB usb stick :)Very cheap, FREE! haha


Yes. I do own USB stick. I've 512MB for my use. And i gifted 2GB to my sister. Both these are of Make:Transcend. I'm not sure about Kingston's repair and customer support so I've holded my purchase of 8GB USB stick. So guys What about Kingston? Is customer support & Repair/damage policy good? How's make of that company? Anyone have any information about it then please do share about it.


I have a Transcend 2GB pen drive. These usb sticks are really cheap these days. And I have a 1 GB Intex MP4 player. Some times I use my player to carry files.


I've got a kingston 4 gb usb stick and another 16gb kingston, I use them to transfer my images and files, homework etc. I also got a 32gb memory card for my camcorder.


My USB stick contains my whole life. At least my life the previous year, all the work I have done at school, grades, papers and lots of not so useful stuff - such as a game that has become very popular in our classroom. It is not very big, my dad gave it to me... I have two backups of my work; one on an external disk drive (?), one on this computer and another one at my school laptop. That makes it three backups I suppose. It is very useful. It is stuck on my key chain all the time - so when I forget my keys I also forget my beloved USB stick.


I have a 4gig u3 cruizer micro, and also 1gig sd in my motorola L7i... had a few others but who knows where they are now


Yeah, I have a 2GB Imation USB stick which is about an inch long and weighs nothing:p


I have got 2 sticks.The one that im using right now is my brother's since i lost my other one that i loved very much.The one im using right now is a sandisk flash disk. Very nice and durable.

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