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  1. The layout looks really nice. I agree that it might look better if you center everything. The only thing that I can see that you need to work on is not having just one giant background image. By looking at it, it doesnt look like it should be a huge problem to get the site to scroll. Just break up the layout. But you said you are working on that so I have nothing else to add. Nice job.
  2. Ralphie

    I Hate School!

    I hear it all the time that people hate school. But really, what would you be doing if you didnt go to school. I bet some would just stay home and stare at a computer or TV for the entire day, day after day. Now some of you may think that that would be great, but think about it. You would never see anyone and after awhile you would get tired of playing games every single day. You would hardly ever see your friends. Sure school can be a pain with all the work but you get more out of it than stress. It allows you to gain knowledge and also socialize and see people you wouldnt ever see or have known if you didnt go. If you spend all of your time thinking how bad and worthless you think school is, thats how its going to really feel. Why dont you just try and enjoy it? Ive got a ton of work with several AP classes and I am also involved in sports after school. I dont have a lot of time but I am still happy with how things are going because when I am at school or practice, I try to enjoy it. Is the glass half full or half empty? I say half full.
  3. I dont like those scripts. All it does is make people put more of those sites out there. This just means that they will be even less likely to prosper. Ive seen a lot of copy cat sites and most of them look horrible. Some just completely rip the design from the original and others look like they were put together in five minutes. I dont mean to go against your post, but to me, the demo for that script looks ugly. I really don't mind if people put pixel advertising sites out there, its just bad when people dont spend any time trying to make it appealing.
  4. With all of the things we have today, it would be really easy to manipulate a 'bigfoot.' I would bet that some people have dressed up in costumes and gone lurking around to try and fool people. Then there is always photoshop which can do some really amazing photo manipulations. Sadly, it can be really difficult to decide if something is true or not. I dont believe there is any such things as bigfoot. If people claim that they see bigfoot or find tracks I believe they are just trying to get some attention.
  5. I am actually starting a process in a search of a content management system. I really dont know too much about them but visit this site: http://www.opensourcecms.com/ This site has a listing of several content management systems and also allows you to demo them a little bit. They also have ratings for the systems. Thats really all the advice I can give, as I am really unfamiliar with them. Good luck
  6. You are talking about writing tutorials, but what kinds of tutorials do you mean? Are you talking about ones for photoshop, coding/dreamweaver, basic web development, 3d rendering programs, etc. Whats your focus?
  7. Well I havnt made any sigs in several months so here is the first one in a long time. I made it a week or two ago. Its more like a mini sig as the size is pretty small but I think it turned out alright.
  8. there should be a link towards the end of the first article. the last sentence of the article says "Where's my bloody flying car?" is very simply "Right here"*.just click on the last word and it will give a download prompt. click it and it will take you to the car in google earth.
  9. Heres an interesting read for the day. If you look at the article here: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2006/01/23/flying_car/ you will see that a flying car has been spotted. they have a link on the page with the coordinates so you can look at it in your own google earth if you like. There is a second article located here: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ this one is a little bit updated and it talks about possibilities of what could have happened in order for the image to come up like that. But look at the first link before your read this one. I found the articles amusing. What do you think about it? What are your ideas of what caused it?
  10. cant you just see all the people trying to walk around and walking into things as they watch their movies through their sunglasses and can you imagine how expensive they will be once they come out?its a cool idea for a gizmo but i dont think i would buy them.
  11. Although I havnt actually tried using a lightscribe drive, I have seen some of the disks after they were finished. It really comes out pretty good. But really, I have no need for one so I wouldnt get one unless it came with a computer I was looking at.
  12. This is a pretty good tutorial. Steps are explained clearly and it is easy to follow.One thing I would suggest to all of you who try it is that if you are going to have reflected text, use a less complicated background. Its just my personal opinion, but putting reflected text on a background full of colors and shapes just doesnt seem like the text would actually be reflected. But that is only advice and is not meant to take anything away from the tutorial.and eyzzat, if you want to make a moving/animated graphic, you would need to use something like adobe imageready.
  13. This is for all of you who have websites. There is an outrageous number of websites out there of all different types. I thought it would be interesting to see what kinds of websites everyone has here at Xisto. So if you have a website (or more than one, not necessarily hosted by Xisto), share what its about. What do you like to put on your site? Also, provide a link if you can. Even if you dont have a website but are planning on making one, share your thoughts and maybe you'll get some extra ideas.As for me, I currently do not have a site. I used to have one that I was going to put a few games on and links to sites I liked. It was pretty much going to be a site that I could go onto during school when I was stuck with nothing to do. I never really finished it and now it has disappeared. Maybe I'll try and remake it or make an entirely different site in the future but for now, I really havnt had any determination to create anything. So what about all of you?
  14. well ill be launching a site soon but i am looking for paid hosting. i dont have the time to post often enough and will need a lot of bandwidth. what suggestions does everyone have about paid hosting? i am looking for hosting that has plenty of space and lots of bandwidth. i dont want to spend an outrageous amount of money either. what hosting companies are reliable and would be good to host my site at?i know that Xisto has Xisto - Web Hosting as a partner. i would like to know how reliable it is and do the websites using that hosting run smoothly and have plenty of uptime. but i would also like some suggestions about other sites besides Xisto - Web Hosting.thanks.
  15. excellent. i really like the colors of everything on there. great job.
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