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Do U Have A Usb Stick =

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I have two USB sticks. They are made by Crusial, and are called Flash Voyager. The sizes are both 1GB (1000 MB). They're great to have - reliable, fast, bigger and cheaper that floppies, and with a 10 year warranty, why not? 19 MB/s read, and 13 MB/s write. It's one of the fastest USB 2.0 devices out there, but NOT THE fastest.


Originally, I have thought a USB Pen drive was useless. Now, I beg to differ.It is very versatille. You can interchange data between two operating systems (MAC + PC), and even give your friends some of your files.It is a simple way to keep the information that you need, and that matters with you at all times. It is very handy.Imagine this:1) Carrying photos your mom wants to see on a "stick"2) Carrying Homework for school on a "disk"3) Transfering data, music from one computer to another via a "disk"It has many other usage, but that can be a whole different topic.Steer Clear.


Yup! I have a 32MB USB pen drive from Apacer. One of my friends' dad got a FREE 2GB USB drive from a meeting/convention thing for his business >_> I wish I had one with so much capacity, not that I'd need all the space or anything, still......


I have a little SD/MMC Card reader. I have both an MMC and an SD card, sizes 64 MB and 128 MB. I use them both in my digital camera but also for transporting files and moving things between Windows and Linux, as the removable media drive apears in both.


I have a Dell 256 MB thumb drive that I use to transport larger files from home to school or from home to a friends house. I also use it to keep copies of important things that I don't want to have lost. Keeping a backup is really easy with the thumb drive. It is dependable and very portable.


I think I have a 16mb one somewhere that was sent as a promotion when I got a one year dialup internet. I switched to ADSL three months afterwards! LOLI use my PDA for larger files anyway, it has a 256MB SD card on it, so I just take the card and the reader.


2 of 'em here - one is an unbranded 128 MB stick, and the other is a transcend 512 MB stick. both are usb 2, and so very fast indeed.


My dad has one, but I don?t think it is very useful. Many computers at my school are installed with N in 1 card readers now, and so my SD card can be used for temporary storage. I think cards like SD card and CF cards are more flexible, since you can use them on digital cameras and personal digital agents. I have a DC and a PDA, so I like SD cards more. Moreover, most of the computers nowadays are wired to the Internet. You may as well upload your files to Internet mailboxes like Gmail or any FTP server and download them to the computer when you need them. There are free web hosts like Yousendit, clubbox and ChinaMoFile for this purpose too, though their uploading speed is astonishingly slow.


My dad has 2 sticks of different brands. One 64MB and one 128MB. I'm not sure of what happened to those though, as I hardly see him using it...


in reply the thread's title... Do you have a USB Stick?My answer: How can i not have a usb stick? i store all my important documents in the small, convinient, handy sticks.I have two of them, a 128Megabyte Apacer HandySteno HT202 and a 256Megabyte Pendrive.


My USB stick is my saviour, I keep all my coursework, Projects, and backup all of the important things on my PC on it. It, ironically is really nothing special mind, a 256mb TinyDisk, it is looking a little tattered now though, i may go up to a Sony USB disk, I heard they work with Playstation 2's


I have a 256mb lexar media impact usb storage card purchased for 30$ at walmart. It was a great deal and it works great! You can store up to (I think) 1000 pictures. And you can also store books on it too. It is awesome!


I use a 256MB stick made by Geek Squad. It proves its usefulness time and time again.I store important documents I don't want to risk losing in a crash/virus/act of godI transport files between computers seemlessly. My laptop has no floppy so its either CD-R or email, or buying an external floppy (no thanks).While I hardly use more than 1MB for permanent storage, the extra 250MB makes transfering large files simple. If you don't have a USB memory stick, you will. Who knows, anyone think they could replace the CD/DVD-ROM? They seem more durable, capable of more storage and are much smaller. Plus, they can wiped and reformatted infinite times (barring spontaneous combustion).


I have Sony Pocket Bit (64MB) and its very niceSony Co is very nice and good Coi think tools of sony never goes to granite


I have a ScanDisk Cruzer micro 256meg. It has my web pages on it and all sorts of stuff. I live and die by it, when iever i got to a friends i always have it, its on my keys.....nerdy huh?


i have an mp3 player 128mb and it doubles as my storage too. lol. I'm poor. i got it for free from Comcast


well , no i don't use .... we can write cd as using usb


i recently bought a twin-mos mp3 player w/c can also be used as a flash driveits 128mb with a memory card explansion slot~its quite useful since the mmc slot can give me more space for things,a and the fact that its also an mp3 player is an added bonus ^^


I prbably have about 30.... ranging from 32MB to 32GB...most of them sit in a box or in a USB hub unused, or being used as an external backup. I always use my Ironkey for carrying data wherever I go, because if I loose it there is not way anyone can access it!But they are extremely useful, and I dont know how I could cope without having a flash drive with me wherever I go!


I've thought of getting a usb stick to increase memory.Right now I'm no longer using wirelesss internet so all my usb ports are free,The thing is,I either just burn stuff to disc to save it, or more recentlyjust upload it to yahoo or google to save it.This eliminates any potentialhardware problems, or if your stick becomes faulty.

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