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Is It Worth It To Get Gmail ? Is Gmail Good?

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I believe the poster meant 2-step verification which is an added layer of security provided with most google app accounts that helps to prevent unauthorised access by using a generated token code sent to you via sms, voice call or you mobile app.This is usually the same security provided with online banking. It helps to prevent your account being stolen.The question whether gmail is worth it and that it's good to get can have different results depending on what you can expect. The features it provides make it quite good but the problem I have seen with gmail accounts, is that it is being used to distribute high volume of spam because of the weak captcha implementation that they use and in some websites, gmail emails have been blocked and that you would be required to use another, preferabbly ISP email address if you require accessing the resources provided by that site.Hotmail and Yahoo mail have been treated similarly, due to their email accounts being used for spam. So, with free email account providers, you may find yourself not being able to sign up to places with them because of the unfortunate spam that has been generated from them.So, if you can manage to use gmail to sign into your sites that you visit regularly, then you should be happy with your gmail and the features it offers you.Cheers,MC

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