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Yratorm, LightMage

How To Escape A Bad Situation (by Fighting Or Fleeing) The second in a series on practical self-defense

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Before you start on this tutorial, which will teach you how to train physically to SURVIVE a hostile situation, you should first read the previous topic in this series, which teaches you how to prepare your mind. Preparing the mind is at least as important as preparing the body. You can access the tutorial on training your mind here:

Dealing with Fear in a Hostile Situation

If you've already read the article on 'dealing with fear', you can go on to:


Training your Body for a Hostile Situation!

There are two parts to this section

1) Effective Fleeing..

2) Effective Fighting


We will discuss each in detail.


1) Effective Fleeing..

Understand that in a hostile situation you have the option of fight OR flight. Which one you use depends entirely on the particular hostile situation in which you find yourself. If simply running away is an option, by all means take it - but understand that EVEN if you choose to run, you must be CONFIDENT of your ability to OUT-RUN your enemies.


If a short dash will take you to safety (say to a crowded place, or inside a mall), and you can manage to do it, then it is an obvious course of action to take. However, if you are on a lonely street with no help in site, you will have to run faster and with more endurance than your enemy.


This is not as difficult as it sounds. Your attackers will be running for money, or kicks, or lust. You will be running for your life. Just remember that, and it will help you into the right mind-set for effective fleeing.




I'm going to state an obvious point here, but I'm stating it because it is CRUCIAL.

The point is that you MUST have foot-wear that you CAN run in - always. If you wear high heels, or shoes that you cannot run in, understand that you are removing your option of fleeing a situation. This is NOT a good idea. A hostile situation can arise at any time - you MUST have the option of fleeing.


I understand that people wish to look good, so by all means buy shoes that fit your taste, but just make sure they are shoes that you can run in at close to your optimal speed as well. I'm stressing this point so much because it is CRUCIAL. The way to deal with a hostile situation is fight OR flight - if you remove the option of fleeing by wearing shoes that make it impossible, you are reducing your chances of SURVIVAL. Don't do that.




In it's own way, this point is as crucial as the previous point. You must train to run, just as you would train to fight. This training is simple. On at least two days a week, go for a run. Run on soft ground if at all possible, this reduces the strain on the bones and joints of your legs.


This is the training.. When you come to where you are going to run, start by warming up with some brisk walking for a minute or two, then run at a slow and easy pace for a minute or two. You are now ready to begin the actual training. Now, SPRINT at least 100 meters at your fastest possible speed - put all you have into it. After you have sprinted 100 meters, continue to run (despite being tired) for at least two minutes at a slightly slower speed. Then walk for a while.


Do the exercise above twice per 'running session' for the first week, then increase to four times per session after that. Try to increase the speed at which you make your dash, and the speed that you can keep up in the subsequent slightly slower running. Do this training to the best of your ability. Not only is it a good aerobics workout, but it could someday save your life.



2) The Basics of Effective Combat..

In a situation where fleeing is impossible you will have to fight. It is not necessary to completely defeat an enemy who is threatening you - you just have to hurt or stun him ENOUGH so that when you begin to run he (or they) cannot follow. Or, for example, if you are surrounded by three or four attackers, you may have to 'take out' one of them to get out of their 'circle' and begin running.


It is easier to 'take out' an enemy than most people think.

Let us proceed with your training.. As we wish this tutorial to be beneficial even to a person who is completely untrained in the martial arts, we will begin here with weapons training, which will give you the most effectiveness in combat in the shortest possible time. You will learn make and use several SIMPLE weapons, and also how to carry them about with you concealed until the moment of use.


Understand that your weapon must BE IN YOUR HAND whenever you're in a situation where danger could arise - most of the weapons below can either be concealed, or will arouse no suspicion when they're in your hand. I cannot stress this point enough - the weapon must be in your hand in any place where danger COULD arise.


The Weapons:

Weapon 1) The Yawara Stick.

Weapon 2) Throwing Coins & Shuriken (Ninja Stars)

Weapon 3) Heavy Boots, and kicking techniques



Weapon 1) The Yawara Stick.

The first weapon is the Yawara stick. This is usually made of wood, but in our Ryu, we prefer weapons of metal and steel. We have a saying in our Ryu 'Steel is inimical to flesh'. What this means is that a steel (or metal) weapon does massive damage when it is used - thus it is the best material to use for a weapon.

A crucial point - in a combat, try to retain your hold on your weapon - don't lose it. This is crucial. A hand-weapon is only useful if it is in your hand.


Now, a little more about a Yawara stick - it is a thin cylinder of metal - it is between three to four inches long and is about 3/4 the of an inch in width. Look at the picture.

Posted Image

You can make it by cutting a that length off a metal rod, or off a slim metal water-pipe. It doesn't matter if your 'Yawara stick' is a solid rod or hollow. A solid rod will do more damage because it has more weight, but if you can't get one, a piece of metal piping will do as well.


If your Yawara stick/rod is of the dimensions mentioned above (and shown in the picture, you can hide it in your hand perfectly in broad daylight if you wear a shirt/upper garment with loose long sleeves. If you don't want to wear such a garment, you can keep it in your pocket/purse in most situations and only take it out when you're in a lonely place/feel endangered. Just remember that if a hostile situation arises, a weapon in your hand is worth ten weapons in your pocket, or in any place where you cannot get at them quickly.


If the time comes when you have to use the Yawara stick, don't show it to the enemy - strike with most of it concealed in your fist. Let your enemies think (if at all possible) that your mere fists are felling them with single strikes. Terror is a weapon. You enemies must FEAR you, and one of the best ways of MAKING them fear you is to make them think that you are somehow a greater, more dangerous person than they are, that you are somehow more than human.

Never let an enemy see a weapon, if possible - let him think that it is YOU, not some weapon, that it the cause of his defeat. Let him/them fear YOU, not your weapon. That is the right way for them to think, so 'show them the way' :lol:



Using the Yawara Stick:


a) The Swinging, roundhouse Yawara Strike:

Posted Image

You hold it in your fist as shown above, so that about half an inch protrudes out of the bottom of your fist. This exposed metal end is what you strike with. Strike with fast, swinging strikes - the way you would use a hammer. Remember, for all practical purposes, what you now have in your hand now is a hammer, so use it like one - swing your hand and hit the enemy with the exposed steel. Look at the images below..

Posted Image

When you swing the weapon sideways, as shown above, the targets for it are the temple (the side of the head just behind and slightly higher than the eye), the side of the neck, the center of the throat (just in the center of the gullet), and the back of the head, just where the neck joins it (this position is not usually reachable, but if an opportunity presents itself, by all means strike at it).


You can also swing the Yawara stick vertically - start in the position shown in the first image above and swing it vertically, so that the metal end strikes either of the eyes, or you can target and break the nose.

The targets mentioned above are marked in blue on the pictures below...

Posted Image



b ) The Stabbing Yawara Strike:

The Yawara can also be held like a knife, with the metal end exposed at the top of the fist instead. Look at the picture below..

Posted Image

In this position, the Yawara is used with a stabbing motion, with the same motion you would use with a knife.. Look at the pictures below..

Posted Image

Using this motion, you can strike at the solar plexus (a nerve point located just beneath the breast bone), or at the groin. If you attack the solar plexus, attack it with a rising thrust at an angle of about 45 degrees.


Look at the image below, it shows the targets for a stabbing Yawara attack..

Posted Image

Get yourself a punching bag and practice the various strikes described on it, with your Yawara stick - start with ten repetitions of each type of strike, with each hand, then increase it gradually to a hundred. Do this on at least two days a week.

In doing so, you hard-wire these moves into your brain and nervous system, so that when you are under threat, there is no hesitation, you ACT by REFLEX ACTION. Strike harder and harder, trying to increase how far the bag swings with your strikes.

When the bag disintegrates under this maltreatment (and it inevitably will) you will know that you are a tiger whose claws are beginning to be reasonably sharp.



Weapon 2) Throwing Coins & Shuriken (Ninja Stars):


The second weapons are simply - coins. The largest and heaviest that you can find and still carry four in your hand at once without them being seen. These are for distraction.. If your attacker is out of range, or has a gun, and you HAVE to fight him, throwing these coins in his face can distract him for a vital instant, while you close with him.


The ancient Ninja used to use throwing stars in such situations, but coins are easier to conceal and carry about with you in this modern age. However, four small four-pointed throwing stars would be the optimal weapon - nothing is so distracting to a person as having four Shuriken (Ninja stars) in his face. Triangular pieces of metal with the tips sharpened also work just as well. If you use stars, remember, you must use small ones that can be concealed when held in your palm.

Posted Image

If you want to conceal your weaponry, and therefore wish to use only coins, make sure they are heavy coins, with sufficient weight. Target the eyes with the coins, if at all possible.


Practice throwing your stars/coins at a target, at least two days a week. Start with a short range, then increase the range as your accuracy improves till you can hit the target accurately at ten to fifteen feet. Practice throwing the coins overhand and underhanded, with both hands.

Practice makes perfect. Practice hardwires the attacks into your nervous system till your response to an attack is not driven by mere thought, but by reflex action.


Incidentally, if there happen to be stones lying around, these make excellent weapons, especially if you've developed accuracy in your throws. The stones should be heavy enough to cause damage and light enough to throw. Aim for the head or groin for maximum damage.


You should also practice throwing the Yawara. I do not recommend this, as the Yawara is your close-combat weapon, and if you throw it away, you deprive yourself of it. But an emergency MIGHT arise when throwing the Yawara at an enemy's face could give you the time you need to make a dash for it, so practice throwing it, if you wish to.

I do NOT recommend throwing the Yawara at your opponent except when NOTHING else will work. Your close-quarter combat weapon is far more dangerous in your hand.


Now remember this: In a risky location, where danger could arise, the Yawara must always be in your right hand and the coins in your left. If your weapon is IN YOUR HAND when danger arises, it will SERVE YOU WELL.



Weapon 3) Heavy Boots, and kicking techniques:


There's nothing like a pair of good heavy boots, preferably combat boots. Forget fashion, buy a pair that are reasonably heavy and preferably have steel tipped toes - You cannot ask for a better weapon - kick someone with one of these and he'll feel like he's been kicked by a mule. If you do start to wear steel tipped boots, get some dull matte paint and paint the steel tips so that they don't APPEAR to be steel tips. Like a tiger, never 'show' your claws before it is time to use them. An enemy who does not understand your tactics is an enemy already halfway beaten.


If you find it difficult to acquire steel tipped boots, buy shoes that are slightly longer than your foot size, then wrap a small piece of lead in cloth and push it inside the shoe, right to the front, so that when your foot is in your shoe, the piece of lead is held in place by your toes. This metal inside your shoe will add extra weight to your kicks, even if your shoes aren't heavy shoes.


As with the Yawara stick, practice these moves against a bag hung to the right target height, trying to get it to swing as far as possible with the force of your kick. Sharpen your claws :lol: You can also practice kicks with moderate force against a stone pillar.

There are a number of kicks that you may use described below..


Kick 1: The Roundhouse Kick to the Knee:

Your target is the knee (look at the pictures below) - Your leg should be at a 45 degree angle for maximum effect, with your whole body weight behind it. If you kick from the front, the knee will break, if from the side, it will be dislocated. This kick is ideal for any fight, but especially in the case of a knife attack, as it causes the upper body to lean away from the attacker. One possible attack is to toss your coins/stars in the attacker's face and then kick him in the knee with your heavy boots.

This is the simplest of the power kicks. The target is the KNEE.

Step 1: Stand with one leg forward, as shown below:

Posted Image


Step 2: Now, pivoting (turning) on the ball of the foot of the forward leg, bring the rear leg round and raise the knee (see the image below).

Posted Image


Step 3: Now kick down at your enemy's knee with a stamping motion of your foot, with your whole body-weight behind the blow. Strike with the edge of the foot, or the heel, whichever feels more comfortable to you. The striking leg should be at a descending 45 degree angle as the kick is delivered - this makes the kick more effective. Look at the picture below..

Posted Image

This is a very effective move - the only downside to it is that it will break or dislocate the knee of your attacker (if that can be called a downside). Use it only in situations that warrant such an attack. It will break the knee if applied from the front, and dislocate it if applied to the side of the knee.

Practice this strike against a bag hung at the right height, 20 times with each leg - increase that to 50 times after a while. If you place a stone tile or a brick leaning against a wall, you'll see how easy it is to break it with this kick.


Kick 2: Haisoku Kingeri (Straight Kick) to the Groin:

The kick to the groin (especially with steel tipped toes) would instantly settle the fight, but many people EXPECT an attack to the groin. However, if an opportunity presents itself, by all means use this attack.

Look at the three pictures below showing a simple kick (known in Japanese as the Haisoku Kingeri, and in plain English as a flip kick). The three steps to executing this kick are shown below:

Step 1:

Posted Image


Step 2: Raise the knee of the kicking leg..

Posted Image


Step 3: Now, flip the attacking leg forward, catching the enemy in the groin with the instep - the top of your foot (as shown below). If you are wearing steel-toed boots, use the toe of the boot to strike with. The arms can either be held close together in front of you for defense, or spread out for balance.. Look at the picture below:

Posted Image

This kick is very simple - you just raise your knee and kick out, forwards. Note: This kick relies on speed and accuracy. You need speed for this kick because it is a natural instinct with most males to protect the groin. Your speed must be faster than your enemy's reflexes. Practice this strike against a bag hung at the right height, 20 times with each leg - increase that to 50 times after a while.


A Tip: If the kick connects, it might cause the enemy to bend forward. If he does, you can use the same kick, only this time striking him in the face with it, to cause additional damage. Or you can move in with your Yawara Stick and use several of the moves you learned with that weapon to take out your attacker.



Kick 3: Kick to Shin:

This is a close quarter kick - if you are too close to the attacker, instead of the kick to the knee or the front kick to the groin, just raise your knee so your foot is at shin-height, and swing your foot back (image 1, below), and then smash it forwards (image 2, below)..

Posted Image

With shoes on, especially weighted or steel-toed shoes, this kick can be devastating, and might even break his shinbone if applied with sufficient power. Moreover, there is a concentration of nerves in the center of the shin, so the pain will be excruciating, even if you don't break the bone. TRY your best to break the bone. Just draw your leg back and kick forward to execute this kick.


Remember, practice these moves against a bag hung to the right target height, trying to get it to swing as far as possible with the force of your kick. Sharpen your claws :( You can also practice kicks with moderate force against a stone pillar.

These are just some basic combat moves - time permitting, I will add a tutorial on medium range weapons and unarmed combat.

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This is really, really good. If you get attacked while you're on a walk or something, pepper spray is also very useful- most of the containers will spray over 8 feet, so if your attacker has a knife, you can attack him from far away...

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Thanks for the kind words, Forbez, they're really appreciated.Yes, cangor, pepper sprays are really good, just be careful if there's a strong wind blowing, it may blow some the spray back in your face. High pressure sprays are excellent, just be aware of the wind conditions and things will be fine. If you have a strong wind blowing in your face, you may want to circle a bit to the side (if it's at all possible) before using your spray.

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Forms of self-defense
Self-defense strategies form the basis of numerous martial arts, especially East Asian martial arts, which usually provide self-defense classes as part of their curricula.

The 1980's/1990's saw the growth in popularity of systems that are termed 'Reality Based Martial Arts', that are based upon traditional martial artists experience and the techniques, strategies and tactics that they have employed, or on systems used by Law Enforcement and/or Military Agencies (Such as Krav Maga, the system used by elite Israeli military units.)

Many schools of self-defense also teach theoretical strategies aimed at avoiding or defusing physical confrontations. The curriculum for such courses commonly teach positioning strategies and strengthening the defender's self-confidence in front of an aggressor, which is purported to discourage some physical attacks. Some studies, for instance, including those by David Lisak, have shown perpetrators who sexually assault acquaintances test their victims first. The perpetrator will gradually cross the potential victim's boundaries through techniques such as touching or making inappropriate sexual comments. If the victim responds with discomfort or fear his or her intrusive behavior may escalate to sexual assault. Victims who responded to these early tactics with consistent assertiveness avoided rape. Academic studies such as these are of course quite subjective.

Scenario-based self defense training
Having to physically defend oneself (e.g. blocks, punches, kicks, weapons, etc) should be considered the last line of self-defense, that needs to be used if several other techniques and strategies have failed which can often be much more effective than physical self-defense. Even if one is quite capable of physical self-defense, it is still often best to avoid being in a situation of having to physically defend oneself, because of possible:

Legal trouble.
Revenge from attacker, on not just the defender, but family, friends, or property of the defender.
Use of firearms or edged weapons by attacker.
Multiple attackers and only one defender.
It is often better to use techniques to avoid or diffuse trouble before it gets to oneself, e.g:

Stay in groups at night
Park in well-lit areas
Avoid excess consumption of alcohol or drugs which could make you intoxicated and vulnerable
Try not to attract too much attention from potential attackers
Don't hang out with violent people you can't trust
Don't attend parties or other gatherings (especially where alcohol and or drugs are being heavily consumed) where there are people (especially groups) you don't know and/or can't trust, who could become violent.
Don't unnecessarily use violent language, threats or fighting stances (e.g. fists up, especially if a potential attacker tells you to do so) (genuine or joking), because:
A potential attacker may seize upon this as a Self-defense (theory) legal excuse for attacking, even if they know there is no real threat.
An intoxicated (or generally violent) person may perceive this as a genuine attack or threat and attack you preemptively.
If attack is imminent, there are further options before physical self-defense may be required:
Escaping by running or driving away, if possible.
Attracting attention from others who may be able to help defend you or frighten or distract attackers, by:
Yelling or screaming.
Personal alarm.
Emergency telephone number (000 in Australia, 911 in the United States and Canada, 112 on all GSM cell phones, etc.)
Physical barrier, such as locking yourself in a building or vehicle.
but sometimes there isn’t a viable option before physical self-defense. An important aspect of self-defense training is teaching techniques in the context of self-defense or “attack” scenarios. One person will play the role of the defender, and one (or more) people will have the role of the aggressor. Systems such as jujutsu make considerable use of this training methodology.

Responsibility of application
There is considerable debate amongst individuals as to what constitutes an acceptable level of physical force during self-defense. Some individuals prefer a limited pacifist response, while others advocate means up to and including deadly force, such as firearms. In martial art terms, acceptable force is that which is required to prevent the assailant from carrying out further violent actions. Laws vary from country to country as to the level of force one is capable of using in defending one's self from an attacker. A responsible self-defense teacher will teach students to respond with the force necessary to defend themselves based on the situation, lest they find themselves in serious legal trouble.

Notice from BuffaloHELP:
Source: http://www.answers.com/topic/self-defense An idiot who did not read forum rules and plagiarized is someone who is taking the easy way out. Banned.

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I suggest that you never ever flee. It is just plain out cowardly. I suggest you fight no matter the situation. I hate people who. Now if you were getting bombed thats a whole different situation, if you are getting bombed then by all means, run, run for your life, run like your life is going to end (which it will if you don't run)!!!! But fleeing when there is no excuse, that is pathetic, you fight!! Fight and win!!!!

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nice tutorial pretty long and detailed, by the way does this actually work? anybody tried it yet?

Notice from BuffaloHELP:
This one-liner is considered spam in our forum. Please contribute with quality and original thoughts.

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This is amazing. I have near-sightedness so I have poor aim when using ranged and projectile weapons such as coins, pebblesor shuriken but the Yawara stick! I used to carry a long umbrella with me, to be employed as a quarterstaff should the need arise. It is, however, cumbersome especially when I'm carrying several packages, not to mention that I pay a heavy penalty in the art of flirting when I'm seen with my umbrella. I'd have carried a shorter, telescopic umbrella but I used a longer one for three reasons:


1. It is much easier to deploy against the sun or rain.

2. It is much easier to employ against criminal elements.

3. It is much more visible.


For the third reason, I found some statistics, long ago, that said rapists are less likely to go after women who appear to have some means of defending herself, such as an umbrella, a bulky-looking handbag or, heaven forbid, heavy artillery :) Well, maybe it doesn't apply to me 'coz I'm not female?


Anyway, so I'm really amazed to find out about the Yawara stick. For one, it is easier to conceal so it doesn't have to injure my outward looks; I can put it in my pocket when I'm in a relatively safe place.


Hmmn... now I'm pondering the advantages and disadvantages of my umbrella quarterstaff and the Yawara stick.


See, the quarterstaff has greater range. If the enemy wields a knife or a melee weapon, you have much better chances of hitting them before they hit you, unless they're wielding lengthier staves. Also, it can be used to block or parry bladed weapons. Also, when used properly, the farthest end of the staff can deliver a forceful blow with comparatively little effort (Something about the principle of levers, fulcrum, etc) It is highly visible too, potentially scaring off many a weak-willed criminal to some other poor, hapless victim.


However, like I said, it is not very fashionable. Also, since it is highly visible, a determined (and smart) criminal will only have to wrestle it from your hand to render you mostly harmless. It is quite easy since, due to its length, there are many places for an enemy to lay his hands on your staff (Pardon the pun, would you?)


Yawara stick, on the other hand, is short, relatively lightweight and convenient. You can hide it easily, thus gaining the element of surprise. (Whoa! This fellow sure packs a powerful punch!)


Unfortunately, it is much harder to pick up should you drop it or should it slip from your hands on a sweltering or rainy day. It has significantly lesser range and any skilled enemy with a knife could easily stab or slash you before you land a hit. Also, you have to block and parry the opponent's moves with your bare hands (and arms) so you can't just go up against enemies wielding bladed weapons.


So it seems like both has its fair share of pros and cons. Maybe I should use both? Or maybe I'll just invest in some good running shoes? :)


P.S. I was just wondering, am I a violent person for entertaining thoughts of combat? I prefer to think of myself as someone just cautious but maybe, there's a part of me that thirsts for beating the $#!+ out of someone who so much as looks at me the wrong way :(

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Hmm... very interesting guide. my english isn't very good, so bear with me. I have never actually taken a matial arts training class, but i have leanred much from my uncle in the means of self defense, and agressive defensive styles. I have devised a special fighting style, based off of what i have laened from my uncle. I live in las vegas, so it is necessary that i know such techniques if the need for self defense arises. and it has before, about 4 times.So, here is a special small guide to my/my uncle's special technique of self defense.As you have read above, physical conditioning is vital to being able to adequetly defend yourself or flee, but for those of you who are more, 'incapable' , this tactic of defense will likely serve you well.it requires the use of great agility, so you need to have a linber, fast body to properly exercise this technique.The first part of this technique includes the use of a weapon.melee aggressive combat defense:if you are walking along, such as in a park, by several enemies, use of a long weapon is useful, such as a tough, blunt staff, perhaps quickly fashioned from a fallen treebranch. use the more blunted end of the staff for stabbing attacks intead of the sharp end. this is a key tactic to this form of using a staff in defense. never give the enemies a chance to side attack you, but instead, get up close to the enemy, and use blunt attacking force. slash your makeshift staff on both sides of the enemy, freferably hitting his ribcage ara, and harmlessly knowcking the creath out of him/her. if the enemy is able to take this attack without flinching, resort a more fast paced stabbing attack. first stab your enemy with the tough, blunt end of your staff, then sideswipe his legs to take him down. be sure to be constantly swinging around to make quick jabs at the other enemies to disorientate them. if you are trapped, and the eneies are getting used to your attacks, resort to dual-weilding attacks. attempt to use two swordlike weapons in unison, and if the enemy is armed with say, a knifwe or gun, use these dual swods to grabs the wapon out of his hands and launch it into the air. then catch it and use it instead. if it is a gun, aim for your enemies' legs, as this is the most effective solution of disabling your opponent if they are very dangerous and this meathod of disabling them with a gun is normally legal in most of the world, allowing you to be able to avoid a court-matial or sueing by the opponent(s) you defended yourself from. if the weapon was a knife, aim for vital areas that will not kill the enemy, such as the lower spinal cord. in doing this, yoy will likely temporarily parilyze the enemy. in other methods, aim for your enemies' upper arms and shoulders, but aim for the back of their arms and the top of their shoulders, as anyplace else will likely ensue in massive bleeding and death of the enemy form puncturing an enemies' artery.now, onto the next part. unarmed combat:in unarmed combat, attempt to take down your enemy and knock him onto his frontside on the ground. aim for the legs in back of him to do this. once he/she is down, quickly make swift, hard kicks at their shoulders and elbows to keep them form getting back up. then, unless if your enemy is dazzed and unconcious form his arms being broken, leave him and get police. but if he is still armed to the point of still being a threat, swiftly but not too hard, kick his lower neck just below the 3rd vertebrae of his neck. this should effectely parylyse and disabel him witout permanent damage to him. although, if you attack him too extensively in this neck region, you may kill him. there are several other tacticas i haven't mentioned yet, those that include more defensive tactics that don't leave you so open to attack.

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If you are walking along, such as in a park, by several enemies, use of a long weapon is useful, such as a tough, blunt staff, perhaps quickly fashioned from a fallen tree branch. Use the more blunted end of the staff for stabbing attacks instead of the sharp end... never give the enemies a chance to side attack you

I'd like to add to this. Of course, you can't always expect to find suitable tree branches out of the blue. The most you could reall yhope for are some crispy twigs so I'd recommend carrying your own staff. A simple umbrella (the non-telescopic ones) will do. Now, there is a reason why it is advisable to attack with the blunt end in a crushing attack or a slashing attack with the pointed end instead of a stabbing attack with the piercing end.


Bashing and slashing, mainly, have the advantage that, immediately after the attack, your "weapon" is still free. For stabbing attacks, on the other hand, you'd still have to withdraw your staff (or knife, if you're using one) In the short span of time that your weapon is embedded is someone's flesh, chances are, in a one-to-many situation, his/her companions will attack you.


Slash your makeshift staff on both sides of the enemy, preferably hitting his ribcage area, and harmlessly knocking the breath out of him/her. if the enemy is able to take this attack without flinching, resort a more fast paced stabbing attack. first stab your enemy with the tough, blunt end of your staff, then sideswipe his legs to take him down. be sure to be constantly swinging around to make quick jabs at the other enemies to disorientate them.

Like Lightmage has posted, aim for the temples and the ribs. These are usually enough to stun the enemy for you to create an escape path but, in the unlikely event that you're up against a bulky, unmoving meat wagon, "stab" the solar plexus. If your opponent still stands unscathed, you're out of luck.


I don't think it is advisable to swipe a person's legs with a staff. For heavier opponents, this will require massive strength. If you lack this, don't try it; you'd only be spending a long time trying to pull down a brick wall. This precious time will, in the worst case, enable your attacker to gain his bearings and finish you off.If you have the time, though, maybe you should go for the shin or the instep? I believe this causes much pain for a comparatively lesser effort.


Whirl your staff around as needed to confuse the enemy but don't be too flashy. All it takes is a few moments to distinguish between fatal staff wielding and phoney kung-fu. A determined, trained OR smart enemy can easily knock the staff out of your hands if you flourish it too much.


If you are trapped, and the enemies are getting used to your attacks, resort to dual-wielding attacks. Attempt to use two sword-like weapons in unison, and if the enemy is armed with say, a knife or gun, use these dual swords to grabs the weapon out of his hands and launch it into the air. Then catch it and use it instead. if it is a gun, aim for your enemies' legs, as this is the most effective solution of disabling your opponent if they are very dangerous and this method of disabling them with a gun is normally legal in most of the world, allowing you to be able to avoid a court-martial or suing by the opponent(s) you defended yourself from.

I'm afraid this is something I'd have to dismiss as downright improbable and impractical outside Chinese kung-fu action movies. First is the availability of twin sword like or arnis-like weapons. Unless you really do happen to carry a pair of arnis sticks with you at all times, I don't think this is something remotely likely.


Next, it is also improbable to wrestle a gun or a knife in an enemy's hands, much less launch it upwards. The most you can hope to achieve with a pair of sticks (or even machetes) is to either swiftly beat your opponent's hands to a pulp until he/she gives up his/her hold on his/her weapon or cross the sticks to "hold" him/her by the wrist and alter his aim. The latter maneuver might prove useful against a gunman whose finger is already on the trigger. However, that is also downright stupid considering the fact that, in using both arms to disable your opponent, you have left an opening you cannot defend immediately. See, with two of your arms locked to disable the hand holding a gun, you have left your abdomen open to a speeding healthy fist.


Lastly, just assuming that, through some inexplicable glitch in the laws of physics, you have managed to launch the weapon in the air, catching it is equally risky business, which could end up killing one of you. Some highly sensitive guns do fire with just a sneeze and others also fire with just a smart rap. I need not explain the dangers of catching an unsheathed blade.


There are several other tactics i haven't mentioned yet, those that include more defensive tactics that don't leave you so open to attack.

Probably one of the world's oldest defense against unruly men: a swift kick to the groin :) Edited by salamangkero (see edit history)

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A bit late in congratulations, but, great post Lightmage.I now need to take your new information into practice. I already try to keep a concealed weapon up my sleeve for self-defence, but in public settings I rarely bring anything more threatening than a sharpened pencil. Despite the sharpness of the pencil, I shall assume that a heavy blunt item permanently on hand couldn't hurt. Preparedness trumps scavenging, I suppose.

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I've hit girls before...At a dance party some chick (who I swear I had no clue who she was) walked up to me with her friends...they were like 14 or some crap (I was about 15 at the time), and started talking crap to me, so I grabbed a few of my friends after the party closed and followed them outside and beat them up. The security guards didn't do anything about it either because it wasn't on the grounds. lol.

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well dont want to insult anyone, but the pictures of some kicks is totally wrong, the positions are very vulnerablesecondly, if someone is caught in many people and its definite that he cannot beat them, its always a best idea of escaping from there,its not like that i am some afraid guy, i am Brown belt Ninja, and had made many people unconscious on streets, but have to look on the circumstances, its not like that u have to fight every time to winwinning is not that u just beat them upwinning is that they wanted to fight, and u didnt let them fight, u win that way too!Its all about Survival, not winningour teacher teaches us how to survivethe things abt winning, and hotting, are all ring fight srt of thingsBe a warrior not just a fighter,coz being a fighter is a part of being a warrior, so make urself the better one of them.

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