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  1. Looks like it's back! Thankfully it was only down for about a day.
  2. Maybe it's just me, but whenever I've tried to log into Xisto - Support.com/billing today I get an error that reads "License Validation Failed." I looked at it a little and apparently it has to do with WHMCS, the billing system used, but I checked through WHMCS and that error shouldn't happen if it's a legit license of WHMCS, which Xisto - Support has. This is preventing me from getting into my account. Is anyone else having the same issue?
  3. Wo http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ post started a long time ago. it's like history :PAnyway this is actually a really interesting topic now that I think about it. I remember when the first real reality shows started coming out like survivor and stuff, and it was cool...cause it was something new and fresh, and now half of the stuff on TV is just taking random people and putting them in some unusual situation and filming it. I guess it's a good idea from the standpoint of production costs being ridiculously low, but I think it's kinda ridiculous how popular the genre has become, and how it's to the point that there aren't any new ideas anymore. I really liked survivor when it first came out, but I don't even watch anymore because it's the same old thing, and the people keep getting flatter and more predictable. Most normal shows run for a few years and then end, and I think it's about time shows like survivor do the same. Another show I really used to like is The Amazing Race, and I still like it (but don't watch anymore), and I think it was fantastic, but it too has gotten old. I think that's one major problem with reality shows...they just get old after a while, and you can't rewatch old episodes really. Also, there have been reality shows for lots of different demographics, from adventure shows to romance shows like the bachelor/bachelorette and tons of other dating shows. A recent one that I've seen a few episodes of, dating in the dark, is actually pretty interesting, except I can't believe how pathetic some of the people are...on one episode a lady liked a guy but left because she thought he looked too young, and a lot of the people are really shallow, which, I guess is okay to an extent, you want your partner to look good, but they're just too intense about it and won't even give things a shot.And then there's talent reality shows like American Idol and America's Got Talent (and all the international versions)...and I still find these shows pretty interesting even though they've been going on for a while, and I think that's maybe because they're more like a once yearly competition than a show made just for production value. (Though that's important too.) And even after these shows are over, you can still see the performers in real life and so it still carries on, it's not just something made for television or whatever.I dunno, all in all I'm not sure how I feel about reality shows. I guess I'm not much of a tv watcher in general, and I think they definitely have a place. It's not something that really bothers me, I guess people watch what they like and if people like reality television, then good for them, to each his own.
  4. Mmkay, so what I'm doing is submitting some form data to a php script using AJAX. In AJAX, as you may or may not know, there's two methods of submitting data, post and get. "get" is what you see when a webpage ends in "get.php?variable=3478&value=fgf....." etc... whereas post data is hidden. Another main difference is that post can send much longer variables, whereas get is limited. I'm working on something where I have to use post because I have some long strings that need to be sent. I can get everything working with my script using "get," but for some reason when I change it to post, the php script doesn't get the values of the variables. I'm assuming my error is in the php script, but I have no idea where, cause it's just a simple email script, and should just pick up the values of the submitted variables using the $_POST command. Does anybody have any ideas of why this may not be working? The relevant part of my PHP code is just: $to = $_POST['eaddress']; $headers = 'From: email@domain.com'. "\r\n" . 'Reply-To: email@domain.com'. "\r\n" . 'X-Mailer: PHP/' . phpversion(); $subject = $_POST['esubject']; $message = htmlspecialchars($_POST['emessage'])."\n".$_POST['edata']; if(mail($to, $subject, $message, $headers)) { echo 'Email sent successfully!'; } else { echo "Error during message sending. Please try again."; } Thanks! Notice from rvalkass: Merged 5 identical posts.
  5. I seriously wonder if this word has actually been used seriously. I've heard of so many words for random phobias, but even if they DO exist, nobody's gonna call them by their greek name. Nobody's gonna say coulrophobia or triskaidekaphobia, they're gonna say "fear of clowns" or "fear of the number 13..." and speaking of other "longest words in the english language," sure there are words that are ridiculously long, but nobody is going to actually use those, even in technical things, cause the definition is shorter than the word! as for actual fear of numbers....well I think it's ridiculous but I guess it makes some sense in the case of numbers like 666...though I hope people aren't afraid of the actual number because that's ridiculous. it's just a number. fear of what it represents is perhaps a bit more reasonable, though even in religious tradition we're not supposed to be afraid of the devil, cause that's exactly what he wants...just sayin'.
  6. There are like hacked versions of utorrent and stuff that are supposed to help, but, as usual, if nobody's sharing the file, then it's going to be slow or impossible to download anyways. Assuming your firewall is set up correctly as rayzoredge described, your download speed should only be limited by the number of peers/seeds and your connection bandwidth.
  7. Basically, this articles describes how a study was published in this months JAMA that found that teens on a vegetarian diet are more than twice as likely to use unhealthy dieting practices as those on a diet including meats. Additionally, binge eating and loss of control over eating habits was reported by 21 percent of current and 16 percent of former vegetarians but only 4 percent of those who'd never followed a vegetarian diet. This shows new concerns about a vegetarian diet, which many people were already skeptical about. I personally dont think I could follow a vegetarian diet because I like meat too much and I think itd be ridiculously hard to get enough protein, even if I did eat significant amounts of beans, rice, dairy, and eggs. Its even harder to meet your nutritional needs with a vegan diet, especially as a teen when you need increased intake of Calcium, Vitamin B12, and Iron, three things that most people get primarily from meet. On the other hand, a properly managed vegetarian diet can be very healthy, though I think a properly managed diet with meat can be just as healthy. I didnt see any specific studies on this, but I think that the reason many vegetarians are healthier than those who eat lots of meat is because they watch their diet more closely. (They kinda have to.) About 2-3% of Americans are vegetarian and approximately another 1% are vegan, and a lot of other people go on a vegetarian diet during their lifetime for health reasons, so this is actually a really interesting and important issue, plus talking about it also raises nutritional awareness of meat eaters. My parents, probably the most protein-crazy people I know, even ate vegetarian for a portion of their life, and they said that in some ways it was really good nutritionally. Something interesting I found in my research is that vegans actually had the highest mortality rate out of any diet type. While I realize a lot of people are vegan for ethical reasons, I dont think that its healthy or really the way humans were intended to eat if we cant get proper nutrients without strictly planned meals and supplementation. If someone really believes in it though, I think its kinda a interesting and cool choice to make, and I think even with a diet as restricted as veganism someone can be healthy with proper dietary management. I always thought it was really weird though and this sort of thing kinda reinforces to me that it isn't natural for humans to avoid meat. I guess this article could also be posted in the health section, but I just find it really fascinating. I have several vegetarian friends and it seems to work out well for some of them but really poorly for others...I suppose it has a lot to do with how you manage your diet.
  8. Hahahahaha that is the most random thing ever... I guess it would work because there isn't much friction on a train track and what little there is gets taken care of with the rolling of the wheels, so as long as you pull over a really long time building up speed very slowly it COULD work, but this whole thing still seems ridiculous. I wouldn't want to mess with this guy.
  9. I think a lot of the very old games were fun but only because you got obsessed at perfecting your skills..like pacman or space invaders or something. Games that had more of a level-based play like some of the early dos shooters were cool because they added the accomplishment element...Though I think the real reason why a lot of people think older games were better is because they were original-they were the first of their kind. Nowadays when a "good" game like halo 3 or oblivion comes out people say it's good, but these games are just copies of earlier prototypes...we've seen plenty of good shooters before the halo franchise and oblivion isn't really a huge improvement on morrowind besides with the graphics and a few of the gameplay elements. We're running out of ideas for good games, and it's really disappointing that I'm not really able to recapture the magic in any new games that I felt when I first played super mario 64.It could also be that I've outgrown games, though I don't really think this is the case...I can still play some of these old games and see what I felt was so great in them, I just inevitably start wishing there were such games nowadays. On the other hand, I'm sure if some of today's best games had come out 5 or 10 years ago before their predecessors, people would have been amazed. As it is, I don't really feel it's right to give new games better ratings than their older counterparts because, honestly, they're just not as original.
  10. yeah adsense has a lot of problems... and it's really hard to make money with it nowadays because so many people have adblock on firefox or the like...people just don't click. I think the best way to do ads is to actually offer adspace and negotiate it yourself, that way people see your ads and you can negotiate the money yourself. pay-per-click advertising is pretty much useless because who would actually click on those ads? =/
  11. I watched slumdog millionaire last night. I had heard that it was a pretty good movie, so I figured it'd be worth watching. It was alright but incredibly depressing... I turned it off 30 minutes before the end because I just couldn't stand it. I mean, sure, it was well acted, and filmed, and technically it was great, but I don't see why anyone would want to watch something like that. does anyone really WANT to be depressed?
  12. I personally was homeschooled for the first several years of my life and have been in public school for the past 5 years, and my brother has exprerienced all teh systems...I agree with some of what you say but a lot of it is not the case at all...First, I don't agree that kids learn the difference between right and wrong in public school. I don't think they SHOULD, either, I think that's something they should learn at home or earlier on, but kids who like breaking the rules definitely don't change in public school. Also, I wouldn't say kids learn how to make choices... I mean, you can, but this isn't something that is necessarily lacking at other schools. I think even in public school most of the choices are made for you.I also think kids can be pressured just as much if not more in private school as in public school. While this is definitely an overgeneralization, I actually think private school kids tend to be more jerks than public school kids. Also...the teachers...well it depends. Some are good, at least the ones who like kids and like to teach and know what they're talking about, but you can also get some very VERY bad teachers who don't care about the students at all and just want their paycheck and fat government benefits.I definitely wouldn't call a private school a better learning environment...sure, it can be, if you're the kind of person who deals well with that sort of environment, but it can oftentimes be worse if things are stricter and more regimented and you, like me, don't learn well in that sort of environment. Additionally, a lot of private schools aren't really that different from public schools at all.I think at a private school students are actually taught right from wrong MORE than at public school...the question you have to ask is "is this the right and wrong I want my kids learning?" A lot of private schools are religiously based, and therefore your kids might be exposed to a lot of religion and religious morals... I personally think this can be good, but on the other hand it's kinda indoctrination. It depends whether you think it's good or not, I guess.I agree with the comments about money and social class at private schools...they are PRICY. I personally can't see how anyone can afford to send their kids there, or even think it's worth it, unless the public school is just a MESS.For homeschooling, I think it's excellent, especially earlier in life, that the parent gets to teach the child and work with them. This is especially good for students who are either not as developed/intelligent at a young age and for those who are very developed, because in the earlier grades the normal school system kinda keeps them behind. My brother wasn't very smart as a kid, but once he started being homeschooled he picked things right up and even went above grade level. I was always really advanced, and being homeschooled through grade school allowed me to be far ahead instead of being stuck taking basically the same stuff year after year.I think in a good homeschooling environment, there are some choices for the student to make, though not as many as in public school. Kids can also get involved in community sports, and I wouldn't say there's no social life. When I was homeschooled I was involved in the local homeschool group, so I had quite a few friends and we took various classes together outside of normal homeschool to supplement our experience. I also was able to finish all my work quickly each day, and so I had a lot of time to learn about other things that interested me that I wouldn't have learned about at normal school.I personally think that homeschooling can be great, especially for younger kids, but you want them to become social too... I went into public school in the 8th grade after being homeschooled my entire life. I was able to adapt, but I think some kids might have a harder time with it, which is why it might be better to start early. Plus, at a public high school, there are lots of opportunities and classes available to students that aren't at home school, and I think this especially becomes important in later years, as well as with college admissions after high school.Anyway, to each man his own, I guess. I personally am not a fan of private schools but I think all 3 can be good systems as long as the student is motivated to be successful in them.
  13. I was just talking with a friend about this...but basically, we're seniors in high school, getting ready to go off to college and all, and while everything I'm doing seems to be more or less okay, it just seems like we as humans tend to get stuck in cycles oh habits where we kinda just become comfortable with mediocrity...I guess this requires a bit more explanation...The example my friend brought up was how she feels like she needs romance just for the affirmation, but it never happens so she kinda just becomes apathetic about it and content with whatever things turn out to be. I agree with that, but a way I see it is in motivation/organization/job and life skills... Most people would consider me to be incredibly intelligent, driven, and responsible, but I continually fail in all three of these areas in the same ways, and they should be things I can change, but for some reason I am unable to. People just seem to be week and constantly tend towards a lower energy state... and it's depressing that we're lazy like that. We sell ourselves short by not doing what we could and realizing our full potential. I think the past year I've stopped caring as much about everything, because it never turns out the way I want it to so similarly to my friend I just stop expecting anything, and while I think in a sense this makes life easier to life it is at the same time bad because you become comfortable with things not being your way, and you stop striving for what you could have, even if things don't work out every time for you.And instead we get stuck in these cycles where the same bad things end up happening to us time after time and we slowly degrade...and it's really hard to break out of it.Anybody else know what I mean?
  14. haha I kinda agree on the clouds.nice effect...I did something similar once but it wasn't so nice. I like the blooming effect. I bet if you applied another effect afterwards you could get something smoother.
  15. your site looks great. meditation is really interesting...I've had some experience with it and it's really great. I think sometimes it's good to be patient and wait for things to work themselves out or ponder a decision, but sometimes you need to be able to make decisions hastily. Meditation won't necessarily guarantee that you'll make the right decision, but it can at least make you feel like you made the best decision you could given the circumstances.
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