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  1. i still have black eyes it it true that you can get these contacts and change the color of your eyes whenever you want??
  2. if you like online gaming then why don't you go online and play online games
  3. the best game for pc for me would be maple storyi play with my friends and it's fun
  4. i don't really like xbox and stuff like thati enjoy playing the ps3 over the xboxyou can play games online with the ps3 tooxbox live for me is likeeeeewwwwwwwww
  5. i don't have one so i can't tell you anything about itshouldn't this be in the electronics section or something?anywaysi wanna get onecan you go on the web with it?
  6. wow, i have never heard of this until you posted about it
  7. From Wikipdeia. This game is really good, i loved it, you should try it.
  8. no, my ps2 is fine and i got it when it first came outi think it's either your disk is scratched or that your ps2 scanny thingy is broken
  9. oh my goodnessthat is sooo tight!!!!how can you get paper and make a gundam
  10. yaaaaaaaaaaayy!!i hope everyone has a happy new year!!woohoo!!!!!!!!
  11. ok thensoooo for christmas i gave away nothingbecause i usually don't i got lots and lots of dumb clothes
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