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  1. It's a bit late in the year but never too late to wish everyone a happy event!
  2. Why do I have negative mycents? It makes no sense to me. I haven't done anything wrong at all. I make sure I have quality and this happens. Who has charge over me loosing mycents? This seems silly.
  3. That's a good question. I enjoyed seeing all the interesting ones. On the other hand, I'm very original. My first name is just plain "Ruben"
  4. I'm sorry that I haven't been active for a while. I've just been so busy. My simple question is about a website I will be making for a school project. It's part of GPS2 or Global Problem Solving 2. My topic is homelessness and poverty. The site I will be making is going to have lots of links and even more info. What should I use? I already have a great host. *hint hint Xisto* I was thinking something along the lines of Joomla!. What do you say? thx
  5. I know. Some things are unnecessary, but this could be cool!!!! I'm on verizon, so 411 will cost me money. Now, verizons 411 is better, but I don't use it too much, so really, THANKS GOOGLE!
  6. Actually, we are trying a record DNS. So far it has been over three days, so that is looking too good. Well, I'm glad I have a year. Got to look on the bright side, but since it looks like a record wont' be working, any other suggestions?
  7. Well, if you are big on music, I suggest the iPod touch. I don't have one, but my sister does (wherever she is). She loves it from what I hear. I use an apple, so when I was in the apple store I looked at one, and I must say it is a great way to listen to your music and more. But, if your not really into music I suggest the Panasonic TH-50PZ800U. Perfect for baseball!!!!
  8. Ruben

    A Poem

    Oh, wow. That was absolutely amazing! Are you a writer? Trust me, read it to her, and well... I think she might feel differently after you read that to her. Sounds like you really like this person. I wish you the best, and best appreciation of your wonderful poem!!
  9. Hey guys, I have found a great 411 service from google. It works on any phone in the world. It's so cool! And, it is really simple. When you need an address, phone number, local business, or a text message of all of that you should check out google 411. You simply dial 1-800-goog-411, or 1-800-4664-411. It's really neat, I also suggest watching this youtube video. http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/
  10. I really dislike the iphone too. Actually, I was looking at it for a while with the omnia and Blackberry storm. After much research and a trial with it I decided that it was actually a very bad phone. I think it is getting great reviews simply because apple made it. I think it is the only thing that apple did wrong, and I suggest windows mobile. I think windows mobile is the best thing windows has done, and the iphoen the worst thing apple has done. I totally agree.
  11. HI, satunes. I suggest the samsung omnia. It's awesome. I have it, and was looking at pretty much the same phones you are. The blackberry storm is really bad now, but I bet their next version in a few years will be great! lol It's a start. It has wifi incase you were wondering too. Hope this helps, any questions on the omnia, and I will be sure to help.
  12. What do you mean? We can't just back down! If we didn't go to war with them, they would think they could do anything to us. We have to tell them that if they mess with us, we'll mess with them. We are well respected, and I think that is mainly because we will fight back if fought-en with.
  13. RED SOX. I don't mean to spam, but not too much to say other than that. Well... I am the only person who choose them, so to everyone, no hard feeligns. Nice topic idea.
  14. They are making me hungy! lol Thanks man. Always good to be informed. Too bad I could never cook those correctly, and here I could never find them. I'll have to stick to my old stuff, but boy do those look great!!!!!!
  15. Mine would have to be the whole family together. Everyone lives so far away, and plane travel can be hard in many ways. So, that holiday must have been great. I only wish it could happen again.
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