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  1. Trump is doing well in the internal election of the candidate of the Republican Party. If the voting continues like it did the last weeks Trump might win the election and Trump might be the candidate of the Republican Party. The campaign of Trump is very different from the campaigns of other candidates. His campaing doesn't follow and doesn't meet the unofficial rules and customs of the political parties.
  2. What happened to the forum? The forum used to be very active. A group of 25 visitors visited the forum on a regular basis. And this group posted lots of posts. Interesting discussions rose. In 2016 only a small group of people post. The forum slowed down a bit. Maybe the main reason for the current state of the forum is a combination of reasons. It is possible the ban a few people faced caused some trouble. And one of the reasons for the reduction of posted posts might be the illness of a very active member. The issue with the MyCents machine caused some problems too. If posting isn't rewarded by MyCents one of the reasons for posting disappears.
  3. zenia


    The shopping cart offers three options to pay the bill. One of the options is paypal. The shopping cart doesn't offer the option to pay using the forum credits. It seems a bill can be paid with the forum credits by clicking the option 'paypal'.
  4. yordan said hi to Opaque in the Shout Box. This indicates Opaque has visited the forum. And Opaque didn't give a positive reaction about this suggestion. This leads to the idea, that the forum won't be changed. It seems Astahost won't revive.
  5. Yes, zenia is sure. The quote is the first result. In the time of knowledgesutra google gave the content of the posts on the forum. According to the quote the crawler machine of google can't read the posts of the forum. Google gives this explanation:
  6. The following case occurs. A member of the forum has earned enough dollars to pay for a purchase using the amount of money earned in the forum. The website https://support.xisto.com/ has been entered. A new domain name has been chosen and is available. The new domain name is added to the shopping cart. The shopping cart leads to the check out and purchase page. The purchase page delivers three options to pay the item. The page shows three methods for payment. These three options are: PayPal, 2CheckOut and Bank/Wire. The page shows something like this: Payment Method 0 PayPal 0 2CheckOut 0 Bank/Wire The question regarding this case and the purchase of an item is: How can the earned dollars be used to pay an item? This question occurs because the cart seems to lack an option to use MyCents dollars to pay for the purchase of an item.
  7. It seems the time to edit a post is 15 minutes.
  8. reset bios password download and instructions Did you try this option?
  9. Windows 7 drivers and bios drivers Acer website The acer.com website provides a link. The description reads: It is not clear what this means.It is possible that it has something to do with recovering the password of the bios. Did you contact acer to see what their advise is? Windows 7 installs the correct drivers when Windows 7 is installed on the hard disk using another computer. Does Windows 7 Starter have power plans? A laptop works faster when the high performance plan is chosen.
  10. This seems a problem. The first hit on google gives some options that might solve the problem. Removal of the password of the bios
  11. An option is to use a cable to connect the modem to the laptop. The speed of the wired internet connection can be measured when downloading a relative huge file from the internet. Open office is a file that allows to see the speed of the internet connection. When the speed of the wired internet connection is known it comes clear if the internet has issues. When the speed of the wired internet connection is like it is supposed to be the next step is to find the problem with the wireless internet connection.The speed of the wireless internet connection is most of the times lower compared to the speed of the wired internet connection. An issue can be that the modem is connected by a usb connection. A usb connection makes the speed lower too.One way to find the problem and to find a solution is to try different settings and to compare the results with eachother. When some tests are done and when some information is gathered and collected the information can be posted here.The information about the operating program is one part of the information that is needed to be able to give an answer built on stable conclusions and opinions. To be able to give more options about the possible solutions and the possible problems that can cause the low speed of the wireless internet connection more information is needed.
  12. Off topic: It can be admitted that the first quoted post has not a very high quality. The post is not removed by the moderator. This means that the moderator doesn't consider the post to be spam. This judgement of the moderator is understandable. The post seems to be on topic. And the amount of words is not that high that the myCents will increase dramatically by the post. Suppose that 10 words make 1 mycent. The post with 5 words delivers 0.5 mycents. That is not an amount that makes it worth to put energy in the post to earn extra undeserved mycents. The post counts are not transferred into mycents. So it doesn't matter if somebody tries to get a higher post count. The Mycents grow mostly depending of the amount of words in the posts. The amount of posts is not of a huge importancy for the amount of mycents. The post is on topic. The poster asked information. In this case the poster asks where the link is the topic starter speaks of. The moderator gives an answer. The poster says thank you to the moderator. And the poster shows his admiration to the topic starter for finding this wrong link. The words the poster uses don't make this very clear. The meaning of the post is clear though. This means the post isn't spam. And the post is on topic. And the post doesn't increase the amount of mycents dramatically. Another topic is if this is the right way to point attention to a suspected spam message. And it gives a bad mood in the thread if people point to eachother and accuse eachother of spamming. There are other and more decent and more appropiate ways to notice the moderation of suspicious spam. On topic The link to Today's top 20 posters and the link to the Overal top 20 posters lead both to the same page. It is not just a matter of changing and improving the link. Because it seams difficult to make a page with the overal post counter. This means that it seems difficult to correct this wrong link. It is possible that to make the link work correctly the overal post counter has to be installed, it has to work and it has to be linked. For those reasons there isn't much expectation that the link will be repaired.
  13. Some websites offer free domain names. dot.tk and co.cc are two examples. There are more websites that offer the possibility to register a free domain name. This option is great for some purposes. Some webhosts ask for a domain name to use their services. Some free webhosts offer a subdomain. The free domain names give the opportunity to set up a website without high costs. It is possible to run a website without any costs when a free domain name and a free webhost package are used.astahost.com offers the possibility to get a domain name and hosting packages for hosting points. That means the services are free too, as seen as there is no need to spend money.The free domain names have some issues.Google blocks some free domain name extensions.It is possible that chrome and other browsers put a virus warning in their window when a domain with a free domain name extension is used.The free domain name extensions are not well known. The free domain name extensions can look odd. And the free domain name extensions can look cheap.It seems that for business purposes and for serious websites it is the best to use a domain name like .com.
  14. There isn't any mention that this part of the forum is a no post count section.
  15. The site is suspended. The website shows this message: The picture in the first post is the default message of the website forum500.com. Sometimes strange things happen on the internet. And sometimes strange posts are posted on this forum.
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