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  1. I think im the only one here who uses IE im guessing? I really dont mind using it. I don't see what the big fuss is about with it being "evil and horrible and its THE WORST IT SHOULD DIE AAAARRGGH". You're just as bad as the IE lovers who're like "OMG ITS GREAT ITS THE BEST THING EVAH FF SHOULD DIE!!". I don't like using FF, but thats personal choice because I think it looks more cluttered than IE, and I cant get the same font size as IE (Yes, anal, but why change to something which slightly bugs me when its the same?) All the rest of it is the same to me, I dont even mind checking websites in more than one browser. However, saying "why does it have to different to the other browsers?!" is stupid, coz im sure IE came before FF, thus FF is different to IE, so if you're going to blame anyone technically you have to blame them. This one really pisses me off. Not that he was having a go at IE, but that people do crap like this. Because people do it with FF too, or they say "You have IE! It sucks! Get FF and this website will load faster!" People complain about IE shoving crap down ya neck (Which i've never had, and I've never been forced to install toolbars) when people do the same with FF. Hell, I even tried the website in FF. Still was crap and didn't work/load. To be perfectly honest? That poll makes you stupid...so does the bold thing I'm not planning on switching to IE8, like I did'nt switch with IE7. But thats because I hate changing/updating program xD But in all honesty, if IE pisses you off that much, why do you care about its future versions? I dont like FF, I have no idea what version we're on and dont care. And im not going to make a topic on why I hate FF and talk about it. Dont like it? just dont use it and stay away. Does anyone else see why this is hypocritical crap? You're pretty much telling everyone to stop using IE because its *BLEEP*, but then have a go at your mate because he says the same, just with something you didnt like? And no one can say "he didnt say that at all!" because... ...so given the chance, I do believe he would make it so IE doesnt work handhelds/at all. Anyways, to sum up, people should stop complaining so much about IE and stop forcing people to switch to FF. But, like wise, it shouldnt be done about people complaining about FF and forcing them to use IE. Just use what you enjoy, sod the rest!
  2. Yeah I agree but having more of a physical thing to do is much better. Punching bags are fantastic in order to get rid of extra energy and pent up rage and hatre for society =DSqueezing a silly thingy isn't very helpful at all in my books.
  3. Cool Cheers. I tried the Cool Edit trial, it sorta worked. All it mainly did was make the vocals quieter, although I could sort of live with that. But the trial only saves the first 60 seconds anyways I'll try the WinAmp one later, coz I'd need to re-install WinAmp But thank you I'll have a look at it later, looks pretty simple enough to work out That just sounds....confusing but thanks I guess
  4. I know it's very unlikely, as it's probably kinda hard for a program to pin point voice in a song and get rid of it...but is there software to do such a thing? The only way I know to do it is to get a Guitar Pro version of the song...but it usually doesn't sound anything like it then Any suggestions?
  5. I de-dusted my processor (pretty much took it and the fan around it apart) and so far its been working ok for a long time tbh, so hopefully it's helped it...for now....
  6. I'll have to check the thermal paste...I am thankful for your suggestion and help, so dont think im throwing it back in your face But, since I'll hopefully be getting a completely new PC soon anyways, I'd rather not buy any new hardware or the hassle of doing a fresh installation...unless my PC blows up or something
  7. Thanks for the advice I'll do that later on (when it next freezes xD) and let you know if it helps. I should hopefully be getting a new PC in a month or two, so I don't mind having to clean it out every two or so week until thenI froze a bit ago, so I de-dusted my PC, and all seemed to be going well for about 2 hours, then it just suddenly froze again. This time it wasn't even loading anything. It was just sat quietly and thought "screw this *freeze*" xDJust a few minutes after I posted this, I loaded up Guild Wars to see how long it would go for. Froze just as it'd loaded the login screen. I know it's not just GW thats doing this, but it seems to be one of the major things to help cause it.
  8. I've got the typical problem of my PC freezing up, and me not being able to do anything but turn it off using the power button. There seems to be no link between the freezing, except it always happen when i play Guild Wars. but it also happens when I'm not playing it. One thing I have noticed is that when it's frozen, the "loading light" on the front of my pc is always on, not flickering, but fully on. So i'm guessing my PC's doing too much work and freezes. Here's a link to the DxDiag information My setup (as I know it) is: I just downloaded the latest drivers for my gfx card...played GW for a good 20-30 minutes, looking hopefully...but then it froze again. I think it may be a heat issue, since it's always very warm in my room (The sun is facing my window pretty much whenever its shinning, although for England its not that often XD and I also have the hot water boiler (those older big copper ones with that green insulation foam thing around it) in a cuboard in the corner, opposite from the pc though) and we're apparantly going through a "heat wave" (for england anyways), but also coz it happens most during the night, after it's been on for an hour or two...sometimes it does happen in the morning pretty much when i've just turned it on. This did happen around a month ago, and I opened up my PC and gave it a de-dusting (it was kinda bad) and it stopped for a week or two, but it's started again. Anyways, all this is probably just pointless information, so if anyone has any way to help, or needs to me get some more, specific info, just let me know and how to do it and I will Thank you for listening! hope someone can help
  9. Well I heard that a shooting star passes the earth every 10 minutes and in fairness it's pretty easy to see them if you follow a few simple steps. Step one: Find a hill, a big one preferrably, the higher up you are the less buildings there are protruding your view. Stars also tend to be much clearer up there. If your really into finding a shooting star then climb a mountain that's above the cloud line... this brings me to my next point.Step two: Look on very cloudless nights. Clouds are fantastic at covering up stars and if there is a shooting star it'll be behind the one cloud in the sky. If you can try and get higher than the cloud but if you choose to do this BE PREPARED. If you are not an expert climber don't even attempt something like this. Just remember clouds are bad.Step three: Take someone with you and lie on your backs so your facing opposite directions, four people are the best bet. One for every compass point. This is a pretty unimportant step really as if you look straight up you can see more or less everything. But company is always good anyway.Step four: Be prepared to wait. It could be a long time so don't give up quickly! Especially if having cloudless skies is difficult for you. Make the most of them all.
  10. AHAHAHAA!!! EIGHT DOLLERS FOR GAS??! YOUR HAVING A LAUGH GOVERNER! Today I was on my bonny way down to't white rose. *That's a mall for you over the pond* and I hopped on the bus and lo and behold what did I see? Petrol was up to one pound twenty two point two pence! Diesel was one pound thirty point nine for a litre! That makes "gas" prices here a good eleven and a half bucks to the gallon! Eight dollars for gas is literally nothing. If you think about all the work that goes in to getting oil out of the ground shipping it to the shore shipping that to a refinery turning that into petrol or whatever and then some other stuff happens then it comes all the way to us. We are actually getting it pretty cheap considering that it's worth so much and they do so much work for it.
  11. Aren't we just animals but smarter? So wouldn't they all respond in a similar manner to stimuli just like we do except in a less advanced manner (possibly even a more advanced manner in some cases.)And by animals what are you talking about?? All animals, people excluded, insects in/excluded?
  12. I really don't see what's wrong with hotmail.I have windows live and use it every day. Windows live messenger is really what I got it for. It's just handy to also have an email address that comes along with it.Very smooth.
  13. $7 per gallon. WOW.That must be like paradise. I wish we had gas prices that low. Really now, the gas station down the road from my house is ?1.23 per litre. The current rates for dollars and pounds are 0.53 or so pound to a dollar.So in a few years when you have a terrible awful worse than anything $7 a gallon you won't even be on the same as england is on NOW. Seen as we work out at around about $13 dollars to a gallon right now. Stop whining.America is by far the richest country in the world with china coming up second and then I think russia or someone - I can't remember... Either way, America is totally the richest, THEY should be the ones that have to pay for the extrodinary gas prices! Not poor England We don't have a penny to our names!Also when I was up in scotland I remember there being a strike for some of the oil people or something liek that. And gas was up to 2 quid a litre. Shove that in your gallon/litre conversion and smoke it.
  14. The CO2 would only be scrubbed up in certain places though wouldnt it? I mean the places that there arent many trees tend to also be the places that have the lowest CO2 emissions. ie rural as hell parts of africa. People are in way too much poverty to be worrying about their SUV gas prices. A big patch of trees isn't going to help unless we do it everywhere in the world. That's the same problem as trying to cut CO2 emissions in the first place. Jackass countries aren't even trying to cut down on CO2. I doubt they'll do this either. Taking up huge amounts of their driveways just to save the planet.
  15. Why stop at 9 seconds? That's only like 11 metres a second. Times that be 60 gets you to 660 times that by 60 and your at 39600 and divide by 1609.344 (that's how many metres there are in a mile.)This comes out at precisely 24.606299212598425196850393700787 miles per hour.So what's that like under the speed limit for residential areas or areas with high amounts of pedestrians. Boring. If you weighed like a tonne and you ran that fast and hit a kid. There's a 80% chance they would live!How uninteresting.Cheetahs can hit 80 or so. They're super cool.I'm saying what if we evolve into like cheetahs or something. Will the human race actually die and there therefor be a final track time? Or will the next dominant species think that olympics are a good idea (hey, you dont know they won't). And they carry on the torch for us?
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