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    To start off with, I'm a 16 year old feminazi (Noooo, I just mean I'm a firm believer in feminism and all that. No evil stuff T_T). I love to write, I play piano, trombone, sing, and I adore animals. Well, except flying insects, but that's natural, isn't it?<br /><br />I love my games and internet. Basically:<br />-Anything made by Blizzard<br /> -World of Warcraft<br /> - Isadia (60 rogue) Alleria<br /> - Grumbleboo (39 priest) Alleria<br /> - Hadoken (16 druid) Alleria (horde)<br />-Most FPS games<br />-I <3 Nintendo<br />-And I love online games, especially Battlenet.<br /><br />Current Hidey-Hole: Houston, Texas, U.S.A.
  1. While I think that prevention is better than a cure (in this case, instructing girls about unprotected sex and encouraging adoption rather than random conception), I feel that if a woman has a baby that she can't care for, the humane and ethical thing to do would be to leave the baby with people who can take care of it. A baby is a living human being and can't simple be thrown away like a piece of trash. One of the major problems with unprotected sex is that girls have very few options. They can give birth and take care of the child, give birth and abandon the child/give it to an adoption agency, or have an abortion, neither of which is an optimal situation. I feel that if we get rid of the necessity to throw babies away, repulsive as it is, through education, then we can finally cut down on the number of babies who are born to underage parents which would probably create higher levels of employment and wealth for everyone involved.Knowledge, after all, is usually the way out of the dark.
  2. Alright, time to clear some things up. When has either OpaQue or BuffaloHost EVER EVER been mean or cruel to us? The answer is never. They've constantly provided a fair and just administration of this forum that's very enviable. People on other forums are jerks. I've never encountered that here, and with as enormous and diverse a group as Xisto caters to, that's simply remarkable. You ought to be ashamed if you're putting these guys down. This is their job and they're doing it well. As for my post, I apologize. I didn't mean it to be taken in the way that it was and I'm appalled that you would quote me to bash two admins whom I have the highest regard for. My complaint was due to one large period of downtime in May when I was under a lot of stress wondering whether or not my site would ever come back. Did I make a complaint of that nature before that? Never. That post wasn't written with much tact, nor much real information about my time here at Xisto, but I assure you that my time, before the downtime hit, was remarkable. I don't think I would have made it through that stretch with any sanity left without the assistance of both OpaQue and Buffalo who have constantly been wonderful. Slow support was a result of a database failure and I know that the admins were working their hardest to repair it -- questions would have to be answered later in order for the problem itself to be fixed. Did I say it was poor support? Of course not. I've been assisted numerous times by those two and when OpaQue couldn't answer, I knew Buffalo could. That's why I stayed so long -- I knew I was in good hands. So seriously, naysayers, think about how much time and effort your admins put into your wonderful experience here. I have NEVER seen free-hosting this good anywhere else and I doubt you guys have either. /HULKSMASH
  3. Well, I didn't say that I wouldn't be back from time to time! But my main site isn't located here anymore. I loved the service while I was here, contrary to what a quote from one of my recent posts might suggest (and for that I apologize). I will definitely try to post because I know I always make room for my Internet time. This is a wonderful community and I'll miss it lots, especially those religion debates! Whoopee! <3 Biskie
  4. Hey guys! I spent a marvelous 2 1/2 years with Xisto, but I think it's time for me to fly. Since I'm going to college next year, and I'm about to enter my work-filled senior year of [edited because I'm a numnut] high school, forum-posting just got a little hard to accomplish. But my website's still the love of my life -- http://www.biscuitrat.com/rg-erdr.php?_rpo=t (a birthday present!) -- so if you wanna keep in touch with me, I'll always be there -- promise! Love you guys! Biskie
  5. First, can we agree that the "war" is an infamous fiasco?Good. Now, on with the discussion:Saddam, as I have heard it put, was "a thorn in our side." He was pretty assuredly a dog with much more bark than bite. Was he innocent? Of what? Of having nuclear weapons? Of course. Of being a general pain and a tyrant? Not at all. I answered No because I feel that his terrible rule leaves him without much in the way of good.I still do not agree with the war. It was hasty, it was ill-thought-out, it was in no way connected to 9/11, it had no real semblance of a threat and has since worsened our reputation, it has left us in the middle of a dangerous civil war, AND we still say that is was performed in the name of democracy? How much more arrogant can we be, to depose, at our will, those who we cannot otherwise manage?The trial was rather bogged down as well. Saddam knew, once he was caught, that he would not be free and would likely receive the death penalty. It is for the better that he is gone, but something my dad told me still makes me question that last judgment. According to my dad, if we had left Saddam in power, he might have been able to keep Iran in check. However, from what I now assume, had Iraq been under Saddam just a few years longer, Iran AND Iraq may have banded together in double condemnation of the United States.Our duty now is to repair what we have broken in Iraq and to return to finding Osama bin Laden (if that could ever happen). We need to ensure that both of these reasons will not be subject to violence, make sure our troops get home, and fix America's image within America and throughout the world. Basically, I want Bush gone, in case that simplifies things. The whole war feels like some shoddy ploy for revenge that the senior Bush couldn't exact during the first Gulf War.
  6. @rvalkass: First, a Web 2.0 style logo? Sigh... we have some work to do. Web 2.0 isn't necessarily a graphical style but a communicative design style. While "Web 2.0" sites may be bold, elegant, and perform neat tricks, everything within them usually has an underlying purpose, whether it's a matter of accessibility or semantics or sheer beauty.Your logo performs to none of those standards.First, it doesn't seem like much of a logo to me. A logo has to instantly display to a viewer what the product is that it is advertising (be it a site or an identity or a piece of merchandise) and the viewer has to be able to recognize the significance of that logo. Yours, however, doesn't really tell me much. I see text, I see rings, and I see a bubble. Brass Tracks Bubble Blowers? Help me out!Critiques:1) The font you used on the black ring is distracting, and doesn't look quite good.2) The font you used inside the blue circle, while its relation to music is somewhat (only by the five bars on the T) evident, fails in its execution. What's the point of having a BT in the logo at all? Why not some brass instruments, or music notes? Some people, who, like I, will read "Brass Tacks" instead of "Brass Tracks" will need to be assured that this is a music CD -- therefore, it needs to display music in some way.3) The ring you used on the outside has a pixelated edge, is cut off in some places, and because it is disconnected, hardly feels like part of the main logo at all. My eyes are drawn towards the interior of the blue, and totally away from the black. ---Lose the black drop shadow ---Shrink the image. If you are, in fact, making a logo, you definitely don't want it that huge -- then, all the impurities are evident.I personally feel that the blue bubble, if the edges are nice and sharp, will do well on its own, with a different font, some musical relevance, and something to help the viewer understand that what you are advertising is a musical CD.I can't really try my own version, but best of luck to both of you!
  7. Some people are genuinely ignorant and completely oblivious to the fact that an education could JUST MAYBE be a good thing. It frustrates me sometimes when people will turn in made up answers to questions they should have known, or complain that an assignment that they learned to do in class is difficult.This, however, does not fit either of those cases.I too have confused certain things in my head. As far as I'm concerned, as long as these students know what the Declaration of Independence stood for, and what the Constitution stood for, and are able to analyze both documents, that part of a government requirement is fulfilled. The rest is an intense memory game. I have committed the preamble to memory since elementary school -- however, aside from my Quiz Bowl team and perhaps Jeopardy, that information is seldom used. It is the same for the opening line of the Declaration of Independence. While the subject matter is ever so important, the actual line can be forgotten without too much worry. I don't like that it's being confused or forgotten, but I'm sure that I would have mistaken it, had I been reasonably distracted.It's memory, not intellect, that's at stake here. Some people can remember things and others cannot. To hold them to having an absolutely all-consuming memory is ridiculous. It's not about America, or Americans (though we are getting rather fat and lazy); it's about memory. Give these guys a break.As for the rest of what they said, my first paragraph ought to prove adequate
  8. Ugh, tables and frames. That is quite truly so many miles behind me that I can't particularly help, but here's something that may help. Put your site through an HTML validator (http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/) and see what errors come up. I'm willing to bet that many will come up on your site, but try to fix them all. The cleaner your site is, by the W3C's standards, the easier it will be to catch these errors in the future, and fix them.
  9. I definitely agree. Rock is no longer a simple genre. It has branched out in so many directions. My favorites would have to be The Beatles, but almost equal to them, in my mind, is Radiohead. Then, there's a long list of artists like Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton (and Cream, I guess), The Doors that sometimes compete for that title. And saying the "best" rock band is subjective. While what I consider to the best involves a mental criteria of vocal quality, lyrics, meaning, harmony, awesome solos, imagination and creativity, and diversity, someone else could like someone exclusively for their live performances, of which I am sorely lacking the experience of seeing. Also, I don't think Linkin Park constitutes metal at all. They seem more of an alternative group to me.
  10. They're all fake languages, and they've been around on Google forever, so this isn't exactly "news" nor are they new languages. There's also Esperanto, I believe, for you enthusiasts.
  11. I don't think it was very satirical. If you were intending for satire, you have to modify your style a little bit because it didn't come across to me as satire at all. Age difference doesn't matter. I may be young, but I can comprehend satire when I find it...if it's well phrased. The reason that it wasn't immediately taken to be satire is because there's really no way to tell your argument, if it was even that -- it's more of a statement, really, from that of someone who is actually against homosexuality for those "reasons". Additionally, I didn't take very long to think that out at all. It's my personal belief, and I'm used to shelling it out as I need to. Gee, thanks for that @_@; the policy in this forum is to remove all offensive words. Therefore, it's impossible to let one slide without considering that rule null and void. A forum is an isolated place; people behave differently online. What you said was not at all funny in the context of your post, but may have been in the context of South Park. For example, if you quoted one of the character as saying that, it would likely have been allowed. But you didn't, did you? And you insult us, now, as well? That's real fair play there.
  12. My friend sidesteps the "consequences" of her actions, as per the tenets of Christianity, by not believing in Hell. I find that a little convenient, that you can pick and choose like that. "You have to pay these taxes" "What? I don't believe in the IRS!" "Well...all right then". Also, I was telling her about the Roman "Christmas" festival, Saturnalia, which our Latin Club celebrates every year. Her first words were, "WHAT, CHRISTMAS WITHOUT JESUS?!" Yes, dear, because the Romans didn't adopt Christianity until many years after Saturnalia. Besides, you can't expect the Romans to celebrate Christmas in such a fashion, considering what Rome is notorious for, concerning Christianity. Not everyone is a Christian, not everyone believes in original sin. In fact, to believe in original sin, you have to believe in Creation, and even then, why believe that you are impure because of one completely pure action of curiosity undertaken by Eve? It seems like you're devaluing yourself, and just accepting it. As far as getting "slammed" for it, it's important for people to showcase their own views. No one said that Christians are absolutely pure in their mannerisms -- in fact, you yourself mentioned the "original sin", which turns things against you entirely. If we were making these things up, which the majority of us are likely not doing, then, you'd have a valid point. What you don't want to do is accept that there are members of all religions -- yes, even Christianity -- that are fanatical about their religion and express it in strange ways. Christianity is not idealistic at all. If anything, I'd leave that for Buddhism, etc. How are we Antichrists, mermaid? Care to explain that? We're doing nothing to destroy your religion. We're just showcasing some of the flaws of one religion, which can only be interpreted by its members, and from that point, can be transferred to the rest of society. If one or two members messes up, i.e., above, you can't just exclude them from your precious society. You, like everyone else, exhibit imperfect traits. And one of them, at this point, appears to be arrogance.
  13. Yeah, way to be a *not nice person*. There is nothing unnatural or obscene about homosexuality. You're just a *not nice word*, and you know it, trying to enforce your views on the rest of humanity like you are. You are not some sort of gospel to speak the truth to the world, so stop trying to change the ways that people act amongst themselves. If they're happy, then everything's perfect. You have no business with their business. Additionally, I doubt that Jasper worships your god; it's not sensible to say that he will be damned by a deity that has no power over him (just as I cannot be touched by the "authority" of your god, because I belong to a different religion.) What you believe is wrong is actually not wrong. You just can't accept that people would have choices in life that aren't dictated by an age-old book, or are condemned by that same work of literature. It's as if the color blue, if condemned by the Bible, would cause you to say that all people who wear blue go to THE GREAT DOWN UNDER (helping out, TrueFusion ); that's not your personal view. That's the Bible's view. So throw yourself out into the world. Don't critique something from the comfort of your religion. What you don't understand is human nature, and if we're to have any peace around here, you need to learn what it is. It is part of human nature to love, unconditionally, certain things, certain people, certain habits. A homosexual relationship does not always translate to a sexual relationship; it is more about companionship (and I can't elaborate, because I've never experienced one) and the same things that belong to other relationships. So, WaterMonkey, condemning homosexuality as wrong is condemning all relationships. If you are married, or if you ever get married, keep that in mind. Homosexuality is the same tradition of love with a man/woman instead of a woman/man. Demonatashadow, you're amazingly opinionated (in a bad way) and ignorant. Not everyone likes girls and not everyone likes guys -- THAT is natural. If we were all instantly attracted to people of the same sex, that would eliminate the process of choosing that makes us human. First, you cannot ask people to stop preferring a sexual orientation because you don't like it. It's their choice, not yours. It doesn't affect you in any way, shape, or form. Second, saying that "they should just go ahead and die"...that's so immature of you. There's nothing wrong with homosexuality and you have failed to detail anything that might be ACTUALLY WRONG. Third, just because you don't believe that there's virtue in something, doesn't make it wrong. If you personally don't choose to be gay, that's your own business, but don't you dare interfere with the people who find some comfort in homosexuality. I'm totally serious when I say that you are defying nature by trying to interrupt the natural course of things. If you believe that everything happens for a reason, accept this as one of those things. I can't stand *not nice word*! Gah! Notice from jlhaslip: Let's tone down the personal remarks in this thread. Thanks
  14. Nothing's happened to me concerning Taco Bell before, and I'm an avid customer. Of course, I only purchase the vegetarian meals, so that puts me at lesser risk, but I have faith in my local Taco Bells that I hope will never change. Good food, cheap prices = match made in heaven.
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