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  1. I think people worry so much about it because there are extremes to every situationI mean you dont see the people who live normal lives and balance everything out on the 6 o clock newsyou only hear and see the people who are "loners" and do not know how to communicate in real lifepeople are terrified or are not even capable of carrying a conversation with someone in person, because they do not know how to, or are not used to iti mean lets face it, it is so much easier to talk and speak your mind over the netthere are no commitments, you can say only as you want.. because over the computeravoiding uncomfortable situations is as easy and clicking the "block" button, or even turning your computer offI am sorry if there are any hardcore video game players reading this.. but i think it is mostly them who have the big issue, they are so addicted into their video games, actual human contact gets lost, and the years past and they are still living with their parents, with no job, no significant other, real friends, sometimes they do not really have educationEitherway i agree with you @Unwanted_Flower, friends are friends, no matter where you find them.. i might only be 18, but i can say i have amazing real life and internet friends.. ive actually met several of them in person, and i think it is completely healthy!
  2. I dont think they are the kind of aliens we imagine them to be(you know what im talking about, the bug eyed/green/short creatures with huge heads, flying discs and weird beamer light guns)but there has to be some sort of life out there, i mean think about it, the universe is hugewe have life because of a couple of things, 1) we have a sun2) we have a good distance from the sun, thus we are not all ice.. WE HAVE WATER3) and ofcourse the little layer around the earth hahaThe sun is a star so i cannot imagine there not being another star somewhere out there that has planets around it.. and possibly has life in it. Sure, if you buy evolution then you would know those humans or living things on that "earth" are going to be a little different than us, maybe a bit more behind or more ahead discovery/technology wise, and maybe not quite exact replicas of our populationbut you get the idea
  3. LOL seriously guys? who is the hottest girl in the world? i so want to start a hottest guy in the world post..but i doubt anyone will post on it.. since ITS ALL GUYS IN HERE (for the most part)but since you guys asked.. i think the hottest girl in the world, THE UNIVERSE, THE GALAXY is..MIKE ANDERSON @saintmichael =)
  4. There is always a catch. i doubt they will send anythingall they are going to do is sign you up for endless mailing lists of crap =xnothing is free in this world, and i am certain you are not going to get a free ipod onlinesorry ;)i hate people who post those little links in here and stuff. How is that in any way fair moderators? i cant post a refer link to join lets say.. social vibe, a site where sponsors such as coke etc donate money to charities based on page impressions etcbut people can post endless links even in their signatures to sites that end up giving you a virus/ are a scam?sorry if i sound angry, but yesterday i clicked on someones signature and it gave me a virus :@
  5. even if that website does make any sort of money, i would not try it!just by opening the website you can tell it is poorly designed & set upit looks like a cheap ad to mewould not trust my bank information into such an unprofessional looking thing
  6. I think Xisto.. or ok knoledge sutra should get its own twitter account.. so instead of us running to post about servers or something being wrong or down, they could update is about it through twitter!either way.. you can follow me https://mobile.twitter.com/i/nojs_router?path=%2Fgisellebebegirl%2F
  7. First of all, i thought it was rather odd you posted a post named Blah Blah Blah.. first thing i thought when i read it was KE$HA! a girl probably posted this... fun! but ok, i guess im spamming by even saying that I agree with you on the 3 line spam responses etc, im not going to lie i do it too, when i need to get a lot of mycents fast But you cannot really blame the commenter, you have to blame the poster as well Some people on here post neverending posts just to get more points/mycents or whatever, i want to kill myself whenever i see one of those, seriously the minute i get into Xisto and start going through the new posts to find SOMETHING to comment/reply/help in i end up just going to my purse, getting my debit card out, and moving on with my life Sure all hail the good posters, but seriously? Cant we just get to the point? I understand this website is run on a point system, but cant we fix that a little? Id be glad to be able to post/comment on something with a straight up/to the point setence Either way, since i read all the comments and everyone commented on the girl thing, i am going to comment on that too LOL How does that have to do with anything? not to be sexist, after all.. I am a girl, but you do have a point, there are no girls on Xisto.. It would be great if the website had more girls, well for me at least, that would bring a lot MORE exciting posts, that are not guy-point-related
  8. Well props to you for trying to do things the "legit" website creating and coding school website waybut i think what i find easier (this is how i learned to code websites) is stealing a template or a website that you like, steal an easy one that somewhat has the layout you like, and from there rearrange and delete and add codes until you learn what each element of the code does.. That again is how i learned.. i know what the css files do etc, how to include something into websites (which is somewhat easier) but what i do to setup my websites is just do a ph include of the header.php file (i put everything i want to be displayed on all pages of my website into there, even the css raw, without doing an actual css include code)I personately think that is the best way to learn.. because it is more hands down, and you learn by making mistakes.. but whatever floats your boat!
  9. I dont think there is one reason why, recently i became closer to god and the bible, and the process that led me into it was amazing, i went to church one day to confess my sins and had a talk with the priest (in the catholic religion is it said that when you speak with the priest or bishop you are in a way speaking to god)and i cannot fully explain the feeling i got afterward but it was so strong, i was happy but had tears in my eyes, like something took over me, i cannot explain itand again i was like you an atheist, i did not believe in god at all, until thatyou should try going to church, or something.. for the most part it is about morals and standards as to being a good person.. what the right and wrong things are, and becoming closer as a community
  10. hey gorgie! welcome to Xisto! hahaa i thought i would post in your introduction page/post since im finding myself posting on everything you have created..really interest posts.. that arent (i am sorry everyone reading this) completely boring and geeky or nerdy
  11. I agree with you, i think the chicken came into the world first, and it was probably a variation of dinosaur genes, since dinosaurs did lay eggs..It probably has something to do with evolution, genes and bacteria most likely got relocated and over time based on its environment and lack of males, or some sort of dysfunction on the reproductive system, that made it impossible for the chicks to completely develop inside a chicken's belly made it so the chicken by default just gave birth to eggs, that after taking care of, hatched into little chickens
  12. Do not listen to them! i Think it is very very very sexy ;)props to you! you should make me a picture like thatHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHok dont, or people are really going to think i have psychological problems
  13. HAHA i really hope it is easier to spell it out in a day or two.. or my spelling rank is really going to suffer trying to introduce and forward people into the site..i hope Xisto.com always forwards to New Sutra, i mean knoledge Sutra, or whatever we are called now haha.. because I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO SPELLanyways.. welcome! welcome to the sutra partyyy
  14. Welcome and nice to meet you!i am sure you will love.. Knoledge Sutra (i think) haha im so getting used to the new name..i have a feeling i am going to be marked down even more for my typos, with the new name change HAHAbut either way.. welcome and i am sure you will faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall in love even more when you have a website hosted here.. amazing service!
  15. Well other than the fact that i had a panick attack when http://forums.xisto.com/ kept going to http://forums.xisto.com/ because i thought Xisto.com was either a) Over or hacked by some sex website and after being 6 minutes in, the flash application is at 65% flashing circles at me.. i think Xisto, did need a name change,i do not know why though, but the new name kinda sort of reminds me of a sex/porn/sextoy store name, i think its cool except maybe you could add a html/flash option on the new homepage.. because i am sure i have a super fast internet connection, and the circle, circle, 10, 11, 12 thing is driving me insane
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