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  1. nah! i think that would be cool.but what's weird is that...
  2. i made my first site about 9 years back. I think it was on geocities or bizland...one of these...I posted links to my favourite sites, and freebies, mp3s, screensavers and all! it was fun. It felt good to have the presence on the web...!Yep...those were the good 'ol days
  3. i want to help people accomplish their new year resolutions.those who want to drink beer, i give them company.those who want to mess with their boss, i become the angel so my friend looks like he is real messed up.Lol, those who want to learn different languages, i teach 'em Latin - abbcbs sdfds dfjjj!no hard feeling
  4. I would say asking him out would be risky business.But then someone has to take the first step. If he doesn't, then maybe you should! I mean you gotta find out...you gotta know, whether 'you and he' will workout or not...on a lighter note, and i hope i don't sound harsh!, these will the moments in life you'll remember and have a laugh 10 years down the line
  5. lol! did he actually do something like that to get you to go with him as well??!man! that's pathetic.
  6. I think that if they allowed people to upload larger files, then their servers would get too busy handling just one client/upload. their servers must be handling the requests based on some kinda algorithm...like First In First Out or sommething. So obviously you don;t want the server to be busy handling a single 1GB upload request You might argue that they would have like a thousand servers. But they also have like 100 thousand requests coming from the 1000 thousand subscribers! About how much space they have...i can only imagine! wow! I'm sure they may not be owning all the websapce, and may be outsourcing it to smaller web-space providing firms. Its too much of a business risk to own everything. And outsourcing i believe would bring in security/privacy issues...and the debate goes on................. cheers!
  7. i started cooking not by choice but by compulsion anyways, now i need a recipe book in front of me, and i can cook anything. ya baby! anything. the other thing is when i come back from work, i'm too tired to cook. how do you guys manage that? do you feel like cooking after a long day at work?
  8. I found this amusing. believe it or not, there is an evil bit in the IPv4 header, more info: RFC 3514 Notice from mayank: I would like to thank you for posting the link from where you copied this material...You saved me from some search work . Please make sure that you have to add QUOTES to all that stuff...which you copy from diff. sources...even if it is your own website you have to quote it. Quotes added, warning issued.
  9. nice tutorial. It helped me speed up a little bit on a windows machines...every little bit helps! hey! is there any help available on how to configure the rest of the options? viz BOOT.INI and others?
  10. You guys must've heard of this word - smiles...it's pretty long since there is a mile between the 2 s letters
  11. I thought i should point out the incorrect use of the term 'artificial intelligence' here. Intelligence by definition means 'the capacity to acquire and apply knowledge'. Artificial intelligence refers to a non-living being able to display intelligence. Often techniques like 'data mining' and very smart programs are mistaken for artificial intelligence.You see, when a website like Amazon ® () suggests a user items to buy based on his profile, it is doing that on the basis of data mining programs that recognize rules/patterns in similar data.When a program is able to recognize your voice based on previous recording, it is called a very smart program but does not necessarily qualify to be artificially intelligent.All of the above programs are based of pre defined algorithms. They don't think. They process information and give outputs.Ofcourse artificial intelligence would also have a base of algorithms, but what i'm saying is that such a program would be able to increase the scope of it's processing based on inputs/outputs/and it's environment.Sunny in i-Robot was an artificially intelligent program! It was able to dream even though it was not programmed to.Do i sound any convincing?
  12. Awesome! I will not be the one to invest in the airline industry in the future ! who knows...people might start their air taxis and all...airlines travel will be hit!
  13. Oh! have you already bought the phone?How big is it compared to Razor V3? and cost?
  14. Did they really offered 300GB when they came in?? I joined gmail some time in June last year. I only remember them offering 1GB to begin with...Anyhow, yes 2.6 gb is enough for me. I still delete some of my mails to avoid cluttering the inbox. Maybe i'm not yet comfortable with the idea of keeping all mails and using the search box to look up emails...
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