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  1. Overpopulation is a growing issue in our world that must be dealt with. But how? Animals and Humans are both organisms in this world however the things we do to animals to control their population in general wouldn't be considered humane; that is if the same methods were used on humans. Our world is growing exponentially and very quickly, million of people are born each day. Of course many people die each day too but our population is growing faster than it is declining. As a human species we have developed many different ways with dealing with overpopulation. For example War, some might not think of this as a method of dealing with it but usually during war people die. With that is this a viable way to deal with overpopulation? War is human nature, but in my opinion it really isn't a way to deal with overpopulation because along with war comes unwanted effects on the environment, pollution. Birth control is another method used by many humans to control the population, however some use this method and some don't and therefore is part of the reasons why it isn't a reliable source.How would we deal with overpopulation with the human species? I think that the best method in dealing with this would have to be developed by scientists in where they can control the amount of children one person would be able to conceive. Not letting children have children alone would be in a way cruel and in humane because its part of life to be able and have a child of you're own. What do you think would be a viable humane way with dealing with the issue of overpopulation, remember war and killing isn't the answer to this issue, because dealing with it in those ways alone could cause chaos and eventually a systematic collapse of our society. Not only would these things cause this collapse, but the impacts of overpopulation would by itself destroy everything.
  2. LOL thats kinda retarded, honestly...who would accuse someone of Wizardry when they were trying to entertain the class. Still though the teacher wasn't really doing his job, he should be teaching...not performing magic tricks.
  3. Bah I cant export of versions that old, lol that kinda blows... Oh well here is the coding im using for the button. Its a simple code, maybe if I use an older verszions code it will work better? Im not really sure how it works b/c sometimes older codes dont work so well. Anyways here it is: on (release) { //Goto Webpage Behavior getURL("http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/;; //End Behavior}
  4. What version of flash do you have? Because I can send you the proper version, that is the proper file format version
  5. Ive never really looked into other operating systems, and for that reason I don't think I ever will unless they prove that they are more useful than using an apple or windows based system. Don't get me wrong, I've taken a glimpse and read up about what these systems have to offer, but its just that I don't think they offer the same amount of features and security that windows and apple does. Unless you pay money for an operating system IMO its not really worth you're time. Unless that is you really think that an free operating system is what you are looking for, I'm just advising that they aren't as reliable.
  6. I think the best way to lose weight is to have an healthy (fat minimum diet) plus as well having a vigorous workout schedule.
  7. A supercharger more or less relies on the engine components to operate such as a belt from the engine, a turbo charger astually usues the engine exhaust to move the fan and compress the air to provide the vehicles with better performance.
  8. Yea I agree, you really shouldnt rely on making money off the web unless you have yur own website/ business set up where you sell the product.
  9. savge17

    Xbox 360

    Are you sure the xbox 360 halo bundle doesnt come with Halo 3? Maybe they forgot to put it in the bundle for some reason. B/c im pretty sure that it should come with Halo 3...
  10. I use dreamweaver as well, but thats all I really use. If I want to add some flash and something to spice the site up I also use a combination of photoshop and flash to make a more spiffy looking banner. Dreamweaver is awesome for editing, but there is somtimes some things where you have to manually go in and change the html code. So for web design I use a combination of Dreamweaver, photoshop, flash, and of course my brain for the html coding parts.
  11. Just sent you a pm with the fla file. If not here is the link again. Thank you. http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/
  12. bump. Anyone got any ideas of what could be wrong with the flash?
  13. Its weird but sometimes when you hit the forums or roster button on my flash banner it will load: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ instead of what its suppost to. It works fine, but if you mess around and click the buttons for a little bit you will notice this happening. This is a problem because people visiting the site will sometimes click the button once and be like oh I guess the link is broken and never come back, if anyone has a solution to what could be the problem it would be awesome. This is one of my first custom flash banners and im just confused what I am doing wrong =/ The banner is here at: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ Please if anyone could help it would be very much appreciated. If you need the flash file in order to help me please feel free to (pm) me in this matter because it needs to get fixed asap. Thank you. Note: Ive been messing around with it some more and I noticed that it will usually do this around the edge of the flash button more towards like the bottom edge of the bottom (so right below the letters forum or roster). Edit: added more details. & BUMP.
  14. hmm this url doesnt work for me though: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ Maybe it still needs to travel the web? Or did the name servers get changed? Because right now they are set to: Primary: ns.computinghost.com Secondary: ns2.computinghost.com
  15. oh since I heard the servers were moved I think I know whats going on. I just need to update my add on domain with the new nameservers.
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